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The Hatefuls and the McTurtles…

Posted on: July 30, 2013

Morning Widdershin — here’s hoping your Tuesday is a happy and glorious one.

Writing about the upcoming Senate race in Kentucky is something about which I’ve been somewhat reticent. First, I don’t know if it holds enough interest for you as readers and therefore, it would stretch my considerable talents of making the boring simply intolerable to slog through. Second, spreading the sludge of Kentucky tar sands politics to a wider audience feels wrong, almost like selling tickets to view one’s crazy uncle who lives in the attic.

With those disclaimers and a momentary passing pang of conscience, here we go.

The cast of characters: First, you have Sen. Mitch McTurtle who has been in the Senate since he climbed from the primordial Mitch McTurtlegoo and his shell harden.

You have Alison “of Wonderland” Lundergan Grimes, the 34-year old Democrat who is the current Kentucky Secretary of State — her first and only election. She is the daughter of an established Kentucky political family whose close ties to the Clintons is required to be mentioned three times in every sentence about the race.

And now we have a new comer, Matt Bevin, a Connecticut (by way of New Hampshire) Yankee who is a millionaire Tea Partier investment manager who has lived in Louisville since 1999. Among his many businesses, Bevin ran a Connecticut bell factory (who knew there were still bell factories what with the advent of 8-track tapes).

McTurtle has about $15 million in the bank. McTurtle’s hench-reptiles tried every which way to dissuade Bevin from entering the race — evidently they were all out of cement shoes at the Ohio River Haberdashery and Spay and Neutering Clinic.

For some unknown reason, McTurtle has decided he might have a problem with women voters. Now there’s some high brow political consulting advice! To remind women of his robustly anemic record, he has taken to reciting his accomplishments for the wimmenz folk. He proudly points to marrying a woman. His wife, Elaine Chao, was Labor Secretary for Dubya and given the labor record of the Bush Administration, Ms. Chao had plenty of time on her hands to be Mrs. Sen. McTurtle.

Forest Gump is Bevin's sloganeer...

Forest Gump is Bevin’s sloganeer…

To counter voting against the Violence Against Women Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, McTurtle proudly cites his “recent” sponsorship of the original VAMA twenty years ago. He also quickly points out it seems just like yesterday he voted to throw Bob Packwood out of the Senate in 1994. To further emphasize his progressive commitment to the general welfare of women, he proudly points to being one of the first Senators to support allowing women to blown from the sky by flying combat missions. McTurtle says he expects a Committee of Women to support his reelection, but so far it looks like it is a Committee of Woman, his wife.

Mr. Bevin has received the blessing of the United Tea Party, a group with 14 local chapters in Kentucky. The Conservative Club for Growth is also considering supporting him and with that support comes considerable Koch money.

Jesse Benton, Ron Paul grandson-in-law, former Rand Paul campaign manager, and current McTurtle campaign manager has been a constant pot of steaming water to the tea party crowd, but this time it seems as if there is a great schism in the Tea Party continuum. Not unlike the Montagues and the Capulets, this time it is the Oolongs versus the Jasmines. Which faction will reign supreme in the great steep off?

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Alison Lundergan Grimes

One aspect of this race is just too rich not to mention. Mr. Bevin has started running teevee ads. They are slick and well done. Over and above their production values, it is their content that shows his character. Mr. Bevin calls McTurtle, “too liberal and progressive,” “too willing to compromise,” and “too accommodating to Obama.” After reading that sentence, I know you are sitting there with the “RCA Victor dog” look on your face saying, “What did he just write?” Yes, Mr. Bevin’s campaign is centered on McTurtle being too liberal for Kentucky — much like Godzilla being too “lizardy” for the Geico commercials.

Meanwhile, Alison of Wonderland is enjoying the view. She has commitments from national fundraisers and has released a video basically telling McTurtle to “bring it on.” The video features Alison’s grandmother asking this question directly into the camera, “What rhymes with Mitch?“ pause, pause, pause, “It’s time for a switch.”

That’s about it for now, but if Kevin Costner isn’t busy, I expect him to follow-up his successful Hatfields and McCoys with The Hatefuls and the McTurtles. Undoubtedly it will be a hit for either the National Geographic Channel or Animal Planet.

This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "The Hatefuls and the McTurtles…"

Well Should Hillary be elected to the White House, Mitch might be glad to be rid of the Senate…I doubt President Hillary would put up with his Shenanigans and fake filibusters!

McTurtle would have to be much nicer to President Hillary given the affection with which Ky’ians hold the Clintons. Bill and Hillary will be campaigning often to retire McTurtle to a nice petting zoo — would that anyone want to engage in such risky behavior. McTurtle will be roached up in a K Street lobbying company before you could say “tortoise and hare.”

I don’t know if it holds enough interest for you as readers

Now cousin Prolix, first of all it’s about the Senate Minority Leader and he has a lot of interest for us as we’re mostly (I would guess) Dems or dem-leaning, and the Senator from the Commonwealth impacts us all the time.

Second…he’s mean. And it’s fun to watch someone who is mean possibly gets his comeuppance. 🙂

Third..watching two Repubs fight and snipe at each other is genuinely funny.

Prolix, we have a similar situation going on in La against Mary. Bill Cassidy, a House member is running against her and there is a Tea Party guy who entered the race also because Cassidy “wasn’t conservative enough”. La is an open primary state so i hope the two repoubs cancel each other out and Mary gets back in.

From our news feeds on the side, from Reuters:

Obama proposes “grand bargain” with the Repubs.

cut the corporate tax rate of 35 percent to 28 percent

Puhleeze! How many businesses *pay* the 35 percent rate? (I’m asking here)

@5, Fredster, to answer your question about the corporate rate — the average corporate “effective” tax rate is a little over 13%. That’s right — on average, your lower middle income family pays more. It is a complete misnomer to talk about a corporate rate because the rate isn’t what matters at all — it is the “effective” rate — what they pay after all the deductions, funneling offshore profits, and the like.

When you do a breakout of numbers of corporations, that number becomes skewed overall because of the various varieties of corporate ownership. There is a large segment of corporations that pay no income tax at all since it is passed through to the owners.

Prolix@6: I know there are lots of small, as the repubs say, “mom and pop” businesses that may pay a higher rate, although I don’t know if it is 35 percent or not. But I knew that the biggies don’t pay anywhere near that rate. It’s all such a load of cr@p.

@7, Fredster, the “mom and pop” nomenclature is a completely false narrative. First, the “moms and pops” have a full panoply of organizing options, incorporation, sole proprietorship, Subchapter S, limited liability corps, partnerships, the list goes on forever. To say that mom and pops are hurt is to say — I don’t think mom and pops have the business sense to make an economic judgment as to which business and accounting entity under which they wish to conduct business.

The mom and pops under the Repubs definition is any business under 50 employees — that includes every professional athlete, every Hollywood star, every day trader, every person with a pot full of money.

The other legitimate mom and pops have made decisions, hopefully in conjunction with their accountants and lawyers, for their best treatment under the tax code. To posit an argument like the Repubs put out there, is so say, mom and pops are forever bound in concrete to the method of business formation and its accounting regimen they have already chosen. Absolutely ludicrous!

But that argument has been around for the past 30 years in one form or another and especially in the last decade or so. It is maddening to think our country’s economic policy teeters on the personal accounting decisions of about 2 million small businesses made for their own personal profit. It is nonsensical and at its heart, it is detrimental to overall growth in terms of jobs and GDP.

So the next time you hear a Repub talk about mom and pop businesses, this is what you are really hearing: These small business shouldn’t have to pay for another trip to their accountant to figure out what is the best accounting treatment for their earnings.

And with that, these know-nothings can slither back to their red state lairs and give another Rotary speech about protecting American business.

Prolix@8: Thanks for clearing that up. I have wondered why, when that is mentioned, that these small businesses did not look at LLC’s or partnerships or something similar. However, I only took one accounting course and it was like pulling teeth when i went to the class. I would think that sole proprietorship would be the last thing a small business would want to do.

Letterman’s Top 10 list for Anthony (Carlos) Weiner.

@8: Oh, for heaven’s sakes! What is the average corporate tax rate worldwide, I wonder?

Very funny post Prolix! Maybe you should take on the Rand Paul-Chris Christie feud next.

socal@12: I bet Prolix would put an angle on that feud we haven’t seen or thought of before. 😉

@11, Chat, the average rate worldwide is about 15%. That is why this whole argument is full of the business end of fig newtons.

The whole strategy is this: Reduce the rate of 35% down to say, 28% or 15% or whatever, loose the lobbying hounds, keep the deductions, especially the accelerated depreciation schedules, and viola, corporations have an “effective tax rate” of Z-freaking-ERO. Of course, that is the Repub plan all along.

And by the way, above when I said the “effective rate” was a little over 13%, that was last year’s calculation. Last night I saw David Cay (he’s really smart) he had the new figures on the corporate “effective rate” hold on to your green visor — last year’s corporate effective rate was 12.5%.

Somewhere within the Democratic Party, there has to be someone who can explain this. All they would have to do is memorize about four sentences to get this out in the public discussion, but no, no one has the “Carlos Dangers” for it.

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