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Lazy Sunday Music: Home Again

Posted on: July 28, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

It was a loooong ride to Mississippi and back, complete with periodic monsoons.  Nevertheless, a good time was had by most, and I’m pleased to be back.

Today. let’s celebrate homecoming by featuring songs with “home” or “house” in the title.  This one is easy as can be , as I found literally a hundred or so tunes when searching for my favorites.

Post your favorites in this otherwise open thread.  Have a great day, and for those of us down South, stay dry.

(1) Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denve, 1975

(2) Sweet Home, Alabama – Lynard Skynard, 1974

(3) Our House – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 1970

(4) Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel, 1966

(5) Home By the Sea – Genesis, 1993


37 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Home Again"

“Home” – Mary Black

“Cry for Home” – Van Morrison

“Not My Way Home” – Nancy Griffith

“Makin’ My Way Back Home” – Iris Dement

“Step Inside This House” – Lyle Lovett

One of the songs I posted disappeared into the Interwebs’ ether!

@4: Iris DeMent may be an acquired taste but I like her unique style.

You were stuck in the spam filter.

@8: That is a good choice, Chat. My maternal grandfather’s side of the family came from Derry. I always wondered what it would be like to go “home” again.

One of my favorite songs: “Two of Us” – The Beatles

Where is HT? I haven’t seen her posting in a long time. I miss her music selections. Hope she is okay.

Being stuck in the spam filter is a metaphor for my life.

Have a good Sunday, Widdershins!

I don’t think any of us are ready for *this* going home, quite yet, but here it is.

Hello All finally got my Cable and Internet back… Yea! Well Today I am off topic as I ma 51 years old (51 and not yet done!)

I’m going to regret putting this in here, however…

Happy, happy Fuzzy!

Fuzzy@16: Today is your b’day?

Glad your cable and net are back. 🙂

Happy birthday, Fuzzy, our favorite bear!

Pardon my language but I hate to see how they are going to f*ck this up… but they will.

NBC is developing a miniseries about Hillary Clinton starring Diane Lane. Bill Clinton as yet hasn’t been cast. A run date has not been set.

“We just literally closed the deal and haven’t even written the script,” said Robert Greenblatt, the network’s entertainment chairman, announcing the project Saturday (July 27) at the Summer TV Tour. “So all that is to be determined.”

Politics will dictate the run date for “Hillary,” which will track Hillary Clinton’s life from 1998 to the present. NBC’s intention is to air the project before Clinton declares herself a candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

who should I cover next in my next guest post? Poor Kieth Olbermann has been beaten up so bad he seems hardly worth my time…but if I must or should I go for Candy (can I have another piece) Candy Crowley? There are so many choices….

I am so upset on a Hillary Miniseries…I will boycott!

Ed Schultz MSNBO said that Scott Walker could be the Nominee for The Republican Party in 2016… What a present to the Democrats the guy that galvanized the Occupy Movement!

fuzzy@23: Umm…it will be your choice. You have some excellent cadidates!

Scott Walker? OMG! 😯

Beata@11: I don’t know about HT. Haven’t seen her around skydancing either.

Some big-time GOPers want Tea Party fav Mike Pence to run for POTUS in 2016. He’s accomplished zilch since he became governor, which is a good thing. Lordie, even Repugs in the Indiana state legislature think he’s a wingnut and don’t want to follow his agenda. He does have impressive hair, though. Run, Mike, run!!!

Hillary 2016!

@22: Over at SkyDancing, someone pointed out that starting the Hillary mini-series in 1998 means it will be at the height of the Lewinsky drama. Sounds like a hit piece directed at Our Girl to me.


Beata@28: Oh dear Lord. It does sound like a hit piece then.

@23: Fuzzy, why don’t you write about Claire McCaskill? I’m dying to know who her children want her to support in 2016.

Beata I almost forgot about Ms Cattkiller…..She will deffo be on the Rouges List.

Fuzzy, happy Bday! Hope you’re having an extra good day! Agree with you about Scott Walker in ’16 being a gift, altho, Mike Pence should be also.

Great song selections. Also miss HT!

I saw somewhere today that Diane Lane is playing Hillary on that miniseries thing.

socal@33: Yeah, that’s what the link I had said about it. I’m trying to picture that…well hell, they do a lot with makeup.

Welcome back Chat — hope the vacay was splendiferous!

Happy birthday Fuzzy — another 51 to come.

@28, Beata
@29 Fredster

Yes, I saw the 1998 yesterday and hit piece was my first thought. And on an actual network station…not even cable. Of course, NBC is the parent corp of MSNBC, home of Chris “Tingle”, so what should we expect. But for one of the two original television networks to sink to this…where is that scene from “Good Night and Good Luck” where Edward R. Murrow warns about the potential for danger in this new medium back in the 1950’s. All of the great newsman’s prophecies seem to have come true beyond his wildest nightmares.

I doubt it will be completed with out her approval NBC better be careful

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