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Posted on: July 27, 2013

Waldheim Gardens near Covington La

Waldheim Gardens near Covington La

Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  I hope this finds your Saturday going well.  It looks like we’ll be having a bit of rain during the day but I hope it won’t be as bad as what we had last week with flash flood warnings.

Today I’ll throw out a few things that have caught my eye the last few days while roaming around the net.  Nothing too serious.  No heavy lifting today.

Well, we are now in the middle of the summer, heading toward what is usually the hottest period of the season.  Time to head out to the beach for some sun and fun and swimming, eh?  Maybe, not so much.  Each year the Natural Resources Defense Council creates a list of the cleanest and not so cleanest of our beaches.  The EPA creates a list that t says a beach is safe for swimming if only one out of every 28 beachgoers gets sick.  Yuk!

Every year, the Natural Resources Defense Council compiles its “Testing the Waters” guide to the cleanliness of beaches on the coasts and the Great Lakes. And every year, the results vary: Some of our beaches are consistently pristine; others, very much not. We took the data from this year’s survey (documenting 2012 testing) and made three maps of the most popular beaches. The first shows the NRDC’s star ranking, which includes both test results and the notifications posted when a beach tests poorly. The second shows how often tests exceeded the national standard for allowable pollutants (which we’ll describe more below). The third shows the change in that figure between 2011 and 2012. And the fourth shows how often those beaches are tested for contamination.

And guess what those beaches (or more appropriately, the water) is contaminated with?  Here is the NRDC’s criteria for when that beachwater exceeds the standards.

More than 80 percent of closings and advisories were issued because bacteria levels in beachwater exceeded public health standards, indicating the potential presence of human or animal waste in the water.

Again with a “yuk”!  What the Atlantic Wire article says is “That standard is set at a level that allows 36 gastrointestinal illnesses for every 1,000 swimmers. So there’s just enough pollution allowed to ensure that only 35 people out of every 1,000 get upset stomachs from ingesting human or animal waste.”  Okay, a “bleh” for that, and we’ll move on.

So, do you remember Charles Ramsey?

If you recall, Charles was the gentleman who helped in rescuing the three women who were kidnapped and held in Cleveland for over a decade.  People were so ecstatic about his assistance in helping the young women that they sent him money.  A lot of money.  He got speaking engagements.  He’s slated to possibly make around $50k from all of the exposure.

Sources tell MailOnline, however, that Ramsey’s income in the two months since the girls escaped is around $30,000, including fees from lucrative corporate speaking engagements and $15,000 donated by well-wishers. He has been booked in for another four speaking slots and can expect his earnings to reach $50,000.

Okay, well that’s not too bad.  However, it seems that Charles let the money go to his head and he’s broke.

The Daily Mail got an exclusive interview with Ramsey in which he confirms that he bought a BMW with some of the money he received and is now penniless. He also claims that he is homeless.

Ramsey says no one will hire him and that he’s resorted to borrowing money from relatives. Ramsey clarified that he didn’t take any reward money from the three women who escaped from their captor, Ariel Castro, but that the money he received was from a private donation.

But at least he won’t go hungry.  Since he was eating at McDonalds at the time he helped in the rescue, they (the McDonalds local franchise) has offered him free food for a year.  Note to Charles:  Mickey Dees does offer salads and wraps now.

Note to Prince William and Kate:  Do not let Aunt Anne near the baby!

It seems that Princess Anne is not especially thrilled or even interested in her new grandnephew:

Princess Anne doesn’t want any of the royal baby spotlight on her! Prince William‘s aunt sent well-wishes to her nephew on the birth of his first child, but did so rather begrudgingly.

“Nothing to do with me, but it’s very good news,” the Princess Royal, 62, said on the birth of her grandnephew. Prince William and wife Kate Middleton welcomed their their baby boy on Monday, July 22 at 4:24 p.m. London time at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

I wonder if Anne even sent a gift or anything?  Eh, probably not.

What’s in a name?

Well, if you’re the good guv of Louisiana and you are looking at the Urban dictionary, it is apparently not anything good.

(verb) To get your 15 minutes of fame and royally f*ck it up, especially on national television.
He jindaled that speech so badly that even Fox News trashed him.
To really screw up a big opportunity.
Good luck on that job interview; I hope you don’t jindal it!
To flame out on ascent; to crash and burn on the way up; to end one’s chance too early.
Boy, just when I thought we had a chance, he had to jindal it with that stupid speech.
If I had only prepared a bit more, I would not have jindaled the interview.

Some cute youtube vids

Just a couple of youtube vids I came across that I though were cute.

A couple of divers almost become whale lunch

This one involves a sea otter apparently playing tag with an Australian Cattle Dog in what looks like a marina.

And lastly, don’t ever buy a Japanese car at auction that’s been transported on a Russian freighter in what appears to be a winter storm at sea.  It seems that the idea of securing the cars to the deck or even storing them in the hold was not an option.

Okay Widdershins, what’s going on in your world today?  Let me know in the comments below.



Good round-up, Fredster.

If the royal baby was a horse, I’m sure Princess Anne would have been thrilled. I’m betting if she sent a present, it was a re-gift. Pure class there.

As for me, I’m off to Panama City for the weekend on Audrey Airlines!

Beata@ (YAY-ONE!) Hey Audrey Airlines looks better than Putin Airlines if this safety video is any indication.

@Beata, you have a point about Anne and the horse thing. Probably totally true with that.

Oh I really hate to see this but:

R.I.P. Corrine “Lindy” Boggs 1916-2013

Congresswoman from Louisiana for over 18 years and Ambassador to the Vatican, appointed by Bill Clinton. Link is here.

If you are a woman and got credit in your own name, thank Lindy for not being discriminated against based on gender.

During her second year in congress, the Banking and Currency Committee was considering a bill outlawing the denial of credit based on race or creed. As Mrs. Boggs told the story, she discreetely added in her own hand the protected categories of gender or marital status, passed out copies, and silkily assured other committee members she was certain they had meant to include that in the first place.

The bill became the landmark Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974, which forbade the denial of credit to women based solely on gender.

Of course the stoopid young pups at the Tiimes-Pic left out an important part of her biography: Lindy’s ties to Louisiana ran deep – she was the great, great, great grandniece of the first elected governor of Louisiana, William C.C. Claiborne.

Folks, if you have time to read the piece on her do so, she was a great Congressperson while still having the ability to be a genteel lady.

Good stories Fredster.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m hearing, “Why the long face Princess Anne?” Also, “Princess Anne, I’m having trouble hearing you, are you a little hoarse?”

Everyone have a great weekend!

Prolix said: I’m having trouble hearing you, are you a little hoarse?”


I’ve heard of Lindy Boggs! Thanks for all the great info Fredster. Enjoyed the vids. That Russian freighter was insane. I thought all freighters kept everything battened down. I lived twice in Bellingham WA, and occasionally Russian ships would come into Bellingham Bay and let the locals on. We took laker on a 300′ Russian sailing ship when he was little, but it was very tidy and shipshape, like most boats.

socal@7: Miss Lindy was truly a gem of a woman. Even after her district went majority AA she always won with a very comfortable margin until she decided not to seek reelection.

Yeah, that video on the Russian ship was crazy. Why those cars, even used, were sitting on deck, I have no idea. Of course, I loved the dog with the otter too.

Glad you enjoyed the vids. 🙂

Hi there, Dear Dear Fredmeister! Reports of me being alive and well are not exaggerated at all!

Where’s my blog wife??? I do not want a divorce!!!

Uppity said: Reports of me being alive and well are not exaggerated at all! I am delighted to hear that.

Your blog wife, I’m afraid, has gone MIA, no, not to Miami, but the other MIA. i think the working life has taken control of her. 😉

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