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Chris Matthews, WE HARDLY KNEW YOU? A guest post by Fuzzybear

Posted on: July 25, 2013


Good morning Widdershins.  Today we have another guest post from our favorite bear, Fuzzy!  I know you’ll enjoy this one too ~ Fredster

Note:  Fuzzy had a youtube link here but it went to a song I don’t think he meant for the link so I’m going to let him add it in down below in a comment.

…now you are trying to jump on the Hillary Clinton 2016 Bandwagon…After Donna Brazile’s change of heart now its your turn to join in on all the fun. A respected journalist like you of the highest order-errr um Hack- knows a good story and when to rope your wagon to it.

Like the end of the cold war the thaw started after the 2012 election with this:

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was at her best today appearing before both Senate and House Committees on Foreign Affairs,” Matthews said. “She showed acuity, eloquence, humanity and charm. To the reasonable question, she offered candor and humility. In place of a hardline defense of the State Department’s handling of the Benghazi horror, she admitted to the limitations of the intrepid diplomats heading into dangerous terrain. In response to hostile questions, she came back with strength and a challenge of her own.”

He speaks glowingly of how she faced the Benghazi investigations in both the House and Senate. In case any of us here need reminding here is here a piece of Hillary’s great defense on what was clearly an attack on America and not a scandal by the Secretary of State and the Administration. We know the Republicans were really trying to make this Terrorist Attack into “Benghazigate.” Here is the live testimony.

In tennis we would call this Game Set Match-Clinton. No one after this attempted and FAILED Republican hatchet job could ever doubt Hillary’s ability to stand up to Republicans and shut them up. So different than the current administration’s Neville Chamberlain policy of Appeasement that Mathews at first touted and now seems to reject.

Here is a piece where Chris lauds Hillary during a piece on Margret Thather’s death. Hillary could have a Sally Fields moment over this “You Like me you really like me!” stuff.

Yes Cheney Bad Hillary Good! Wow it only took 5 years Chris. I wonder how she has not sent a tingle up your leg …yet. I am sure it is coming. Here is more proof his “conversion” to Hillary Clinton…The Best SOS Evah will win big in 2016!

Chris as I told Donna last week we Hillary’s 18 million Loyal followers are in awe of her, it is an awe that predates the 2007-2008 primary campaign that was earned and is well deserved because of her 35 plus years of public service. You are in awe of a woman that after defeat (read betrayal by pundits like yourself and that “thrill that went up your thigh” when she rolled up her sleeve and went to work hard for her former opponent being the most successful member of President Obama’s cabinet in his first term.

Now Hillary has millions of new fans that realize and are now convinced she would be a better President than Mr. Obama. Yes she would be confrontational and that is not a bad thing Chris. Hillary has proven as SOS she is a master of the game in Carrot and Stick Politics abroad. I think the Republicans know this, and after 8 years of Obama’s soft sell approach they are terrified of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. They are unprepared For Ms. Clinton’s more “activist approach” with the legislative branch.

Chris could that be your reason to for this new found love fest of all things Hillary even promising:

Chris are you afraid that she won’t grant you that Career capping interview? Afraid of the Clinton payback? If I were you I would be more afraid of the Clintonista’s Payback…

Well Chris we know how to do this too and we are ready for folks like you that may turn on a dime because we realize that your love for the Future President Clinton (should she choose to run) is a mile wide and an inch deep. Chris you chrisMatthewsBrainhave to prove your loyalty to us and we are gonna be tough and if you fail us and Ms Clinton is Elected President you may see a million letters in the MSNBC offices calling for your head. If that occurs no apologies like this will be accepted:

Trust me Chris, I and my friends at The Widdershins will not rest until you are doing commercials for men’s bladder control and never see the inside of another newsroom again. Our memories are sharp and they are long…

Just because I love this video:

“I weep for what might have been even while hoping for the future.”

This is an open thread.


11 Responses to "Chris Matthews, WE HARDLY KNEW YOU? A guest post by Fuzzybear"

Hey Pat! How are you feeling? Hope you’re better.

Of the MSNBC krewe, I will watch Maddow the most of any of them, but sometimes I even have to change the channel on her. Matthews lost all credibility with me along with K.O.

Chris Hayes just needs to go away…puhleeze!

Fuzzy, I hope you like the graphics I picked out for your post.

@Edna Wall: I would have loved to let your comment go through except for the fact that you’re linked to an advertising site. Sorry, but those don’t go through here.

Here’s a piece about a useless piece of work who takes up the tv airwaves.

Oh Tweetie. He’s one of the worst and most useless. And one of the main reasons I don’t watch MSNBO. He’s a disgrace to the profession of journalism. And what is it with all these newfound fans of Hillary Clinton? I keep seeing facebook friends joining the “Ready for Hillary” campaign. And I think to myself: “Oh you’re ready! That’s nice! Too bad you’re too late.”

“Oh you’re ready! That’s nice! Too bad you’re too late.”

Got that right.

DYB: What you said! Exactly! (Not to mention that RFH is all about vacuuming up numbers of FB “likers” many of whom are haters who should be banned and whose vile comments are not deleted from the page.)

still@10: Wow, I didn’t know that about RFH. I was getting emails from them and now those seem to have dropped off. Of course I didn’t give them any $$s so that may be the reason.

Fuzzy, fabulous post!

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