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Posted on: July 20, 2013

seared scallops & pea relish

seared scallops & pea relish

Good morning Widdershins!  This will be a short post because I also have to do one for Sunday for Miz Chat and then come up with something somewhat interesting for Monday.  Oy!

Mine is bigger than yours?

So how much is big enough when it comes to your own personal mega yacht?  Apparently there is no such number or idea when it comes to yachts.

azzam-super-yacht-At 590- feet long, the Azzam is 57-feet longer than Abramovich’s mighty Eclipse — previously the largest yacht on the waves. The hulking superyacht is significantly longer than a football field, larger than the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and more capacious than many popular cruise ships.

Just building the yacht cost a staggering $605 million — a fee which doesn’t even begin to take into account the sky-high costs of its annual upkeep. In his book on the Lady Linda superyacht, author G. Bruce Knecht said that, “operating and maintaining a yacht is at least 10% of what the thing cost.” By which estimation, just keeping the Azzam on the water could cost as much as $60 million every year.

Conspicuous consumption much?

The Cow jumped over the moon

or it landed on the sleeping man.

Police say a cow fell through the roof of a small house in southeastern Brazil killing a man and narrowly missing his wife.

A police officer in the town of Caratinga says Joao Maria de Souza and his wife were sleeping when the one-ton cow fell through the asbestos roof and on top of the victim. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the press.

The officer said Souza died of internal bleeding at a nearby hospital. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

He said the cow apparently was grazing on a small hill above Souza’s home.

A morning news cast that just rocks

Seems these morning news folks were in the middle of their show when apparently something just rocked their world.

KIII-TV’s studio anchors became the news last Friday morning when a nearby explosion shook the TV station, as well as its crew.

It was already an early morning as our three anchors readied themselves for a weather report at 5:30 in the Friday a.m. Almost two miles away a home explosion occurred, the blast of which was apparently felt all over town.

The KIII-TV station was literally rocked by the explosion, and all three anchors became visually perturbed as they waited for the shaking to subside.

And we have video of it too!

A few more youtubes

I thought this one was just great.  A service member returns home (can’t tell which branch, the video is kinda dark) and his “girl” just goes nuts when she hears his voice.

Henri Le chat noir has a new video and he’s as morose as ever.

Okay that’s all I’ve got today folks.  In addition to having to do three posts in three days (I don’t have that much to say), I’ve also gotta go practice my dance moves.  I’m pretty good even if I say so myself, but you can check my moves out here.  Stole that link from a friend of mine.

So what’s going on in your world today?  Let me know in the comments below.


11 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

I haven’t looked at the cat video because I’m still weeping over the doggie one! All I can say is “Awwwwww!”

No word on the condition of the cow?

Prolix@2: Short ribs, sirloin and ground round.

That yacht is obscene. Remember when a 60 – 100 foot yacht was considered obscene?

Aww, that doggie is so sweet! When it was sitting on the guys lap, and howling for happiness, his tail was wagging the whole time! Dogs r so amazing.

Prolix & Fredster, LOL!

janicen: That poor lil girl is just so happy to tell her daddy about how bad it’s been while he was gone and she’s just talkin’ and cryin’.

socal said: That yacht is obscene. Remember when a 60 – 100 foot yacht was considered obscene?

I know! Like the article said, it’s longer than a destroyer! 😯

I see no one has commented on my dance moves. Did anyone check it out?

I checked it out! It was great!

Yes, sad about Helen Thomas. A true pioneer.

socal@10: My goodness you came back late (spoken by the one who is still awake right now!).

I liked the “Elaine stole this from me” dance. 😆

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