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Ready to Make Nice? A guest post by Fuzzybear

Posted on: July 18, 2013


We have a treat in that we have a guest post today by our favorite bear, Fuzzy!  I know y’all will enjoy the post so be sure to show him some love!


Well, Well, Well,  What do we have here?  Ms. Donna Brazile rears her head.(quiet Fredster I know using the word “rear” and “Donna Brazile” in the same sentence  is just asking for trouble but lets try to contain ourselves)  Why after years of near silence is she doing this?

Ms. Brazille recently posted this “for immediate release”.  (I’ll provide some snippets but you can read the entire article yourself at the link. – Fredster)

At the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago, an interviewer asked Bill Clinton, “Before I let you go, any chance that we might see another Clinton in the White House?” The audience chuckled and the former president got an impish look on his face.

“Chelsea’s still too young,” he grinned.


When asked to speculate about 2016 and her own party’s potential candidates, Dole replied, “You know, it’s very early right now. It seems like we just finished the last one.”

Dole is so right. President Obama’s second inaugural was a little more than five months ago. Yet no one will shut up about 2016.

I will tell you I was shocked…. Donna has decided to put her two cents in on the current Hillary Love Fest…which with each passing moment is becoming more like a Hillary Tsunami  sweeping away all contenders.  It appears her 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling are now working hard to get one more chance at breaking it.  This time many of her supporters are coming armed with a big sledge hammer.

It appears that Donna Brazille is ready to make nice with the Clintonistas* and Hillary. Ms B has come to the realization that should Hillary chose to, she will be the nominee.  Realizing that Political Paybacks can be hell Donna Brazile has yielded to the inevitable for the singular purpose of saving her own political skin.

*(def: Clintonista n.  mod eng,  1. those Democrats who realize that The Clinton Presidency of 2008 was stolen and not defeated and have been sharpening their knives and tongues  for our next fight. 2. Liberal Democrats that believe that the best living choice for president in the Democratic Stable is Hillary Rhodam Clinton 3. Michael P Varvel)

From her editorial:

“It’s no joke, though, that the Clintons are a powerhouse couple. Separately, Bill and Hillary are each worth millions of dollars; together, they have a joint foundation, which they can use to promote public policy initiatives if they choose. Right now, Hillary Clinton is far and away the leading presidential candidate for 2016 — so much so that it’s assumed the Democratic Party convention will be a coronation.”

Thanks Donna for that lovely quote.  but here is where old Donna starts to rear (sorry again) her ugly head:

“President Obama’s second inaugural was a little more than five months ago. Yet no one will shut up about 2016.”


Donna_b-fingah “It is awfully early to be taking about an event three and a half years away when so much can happen in the upcoming 2014 midterms.”

Wow,  Donna fans, here comes the fake an almost backhanded complement because we have learned to read between Donna’s lines:

“Maybe we also should simply support Hillary’s fine initiative. Or even follow it, by focusing less on idle speculation and more on helping the next generation get a firm foundation during early childhood. And we can give Clinton a breather to think about 2016.”

In other words she is saying wait give me another chance to find another Obamaesque “surprise spoiler” to represent us in defeat in 2016.  Yes, Donna we know what you are doing. Trying to stop the organizing, the Hillary Super Pacs, the Donna-Brazile-lookPrimary and yes Caucus ground work.  Her worst nightmare is a Hillary For President 2016 war chest of $100 million dollars by Labor Day 2015!

Sorry Donna that Train has left the station…oh and I think Donna knows it. So hidden in this editorial  is an Olive Branch to the Clintons asking them not to can her ass and forgive her for this:

Yes Donna we remember the Betrayal of May 31st, 2008 and it still hurts.   It hurts bad and  while Hillary and Bill may forgive you right now we want to remind you of that bus you threw us under in 2008. Right now we are driving it and we are aiming for you.  For what we have planned Donna, it is best you just resign and skulk off to the KKKarl Rove’s Camp for Political Operative Hasbeens because this is how we feel:

This is an Open Thread.



31 Responses to "Ready to Make Nice? A guest post by Fuzzybear"

Oooh la la! Kick ass post Fuzzy! I imagine she’s going to feel more and more uncomfortable, and act more and more fake, as the months roll on.

My mama taught me never to trust Donna Brazile.

Great post, Fuzzy! You nailed it.

Pat do not right off 2014 Bill and Hillary are planning to Work Hard For Democratic Congress Critters and Senators running it will be fun to watch who Gets Bill & Hill’s blessing in the Midterms and who is left out in the cold.

If Hill is Running in 2016 Bill Knows a Democratic Majority in the House and Senate is crucial to her first term success. Hillary will not piss away a majority like Mr Obama did.

@4: I would love to see Bill and Hillary actively supporting Democrat Shelli Yoder for Congress in Indiana’s 9th District in 2014. Yoder is a liberal and, if elected, would be our District’s first-ever woman Representative. She lost in 2012 to a do-nothing Repug incumbent whose name escapes me.

Pat, I’m not going to write off 2014 yet. Case in point: Mary Landrieu of my state. Mary has always had tight races to run but then she wins. This time she has two announced Repub opponents. One is Bill Cassidy from the House and the other who is some obscure Tea Party guy backed by the more conservative Repubs in the state who don’t think Cassidy is conservative enough. They are both against Obamacare while the majority of the folks want it. Mary is hardly a Mass. “liberal” so she has to tack right for elections and then goes back more to the center. Although a large number of the A.A. voters in the nola area did not come back from Katrina, there has been a huge influx of young entrepreneurial types who have flocked to the area and they seem to be of the Dem persuasion. Hopefully the two Repub candidates will split that vote and Mary will get back in.

Fuzzy, let me know if you like the layout the way I did it. I just had to put that big ole pic of D.B. on the top with her snarling like a pit bull. 😉

Fuzzy, great post and exactly my sentiments regarding Ms. Brazile.

I think it is funny that she would release a statement, any statement, and mark it for “immediate release.” I dare say no one on the planet is awaiting words, much less thoughts, opinions, philosophy, strategy, insight, gossip, innuendo, or sniveling from Ms. Brazile.

There really is such a thing as the Brazil Nut effect in packaging — the biggest nuts always find their way to the top. See, Brazile, Donna.

Fredster- That is just how I remember Donna form 2008…..

Prolix said: I think it is funny that she would release a statement, any statement, and mark it for “immediate release.”

In her mind it was of earth-shattering importance. 🙄

I sooo hope they find a way to get her out of the workings of the DNC. She’s just no longer needed.

Fuzzy@9: Glad you liked it.

Great post Fuzzy!! I don’t know what to make of all this early intense support for Hillz myself. Are we being set up for the old bait and switch? Are people fairly certain that Hill won’t run but want to get all her peeps on board and ingratiate themselves to the CGI? Idunno. I am suspicious. The only things I know for certain are that I don’t give a shit what Donna has to say, ever, and nothing she says can make her relevant.

Well said Sophie. Good to be suspicious, we’ve been burned before.

OT, a Norwegian woman gets raped in Dubai & is sentenced to 16 yrs for sex outside of marriage, oh, and drinking. Unbelievable. I will never step foot in a Muslim country again.

fredster, I think i’m in moderation?

@12: Very good questions, Sophie. I don’t know what to make of it all yet either. Donna’s a nonentity. I’ll wait and take my cues from Hillary.

socal: Yep, two links in one comment will do it. It’s out now.

SophieCT said: The only things I know for certain are that I don’t give a shit what Donna has to say, ever, and nothing she says can make her relevant.

Got dat rite!

Beata: I thought you might find this interesting. I did not know that Mitch Daniels got picked as Prez of Purdue Univ. Poor Purdue.

@19: Mitch Daniels took over as Purdue’s president right after he left the Governor’s office. It was a very controversial move by Purdue. Daniels is a politician with no experience in academia. From what I have heard, professors at Purdue are VERY unhappy about him being in charge.

Beata said: professors at Purdue are VERY unhappy about him being in charge

Heh, I can only imagine, esp. when it seems he doesn’t have any regard for academic freedom. Putz!

Hillary will not piss away a majority like Mr Obama did.

That’s for sure! She knows how to get things done, and even more important, she wants to. Obama never really wanted to get anything accomplished except sit in the WH.

NW Luna: And don’t forget golf!

@22: But he’s historic!!! He doesn’t actually have to do stuff!

If you can sit thru the beginning nonsense before the actual video starts, this is the hilarious interview Stephen Colbert did with Mitch Daniels a few months ago. Colbert is what I can only describe as “gleefully vicious”! This is Part 1, you can click on Part 2 there. Fredster thanks for fishing me out!–1

Beata@24: Damn we forget about that historic stuff!!

socal: No problem. 🙂

I want historic like FDR, not historic like Carter.

Betcha Hillary will set the record for least vacation days taken of any POTUS.

Hilarious post, Fuzzy! Thanks for the kind words everyone. Vacation was fabulous.

Am still trying to get home after leaving the office @ 4 pm CST. Oy!

I would feel sorry for pathetic hangers-on like her, except she finds a way to make others share her misery!

Am still trying to get home after leaving the office @ 4 pm CST. Oy!

Oh good grief! 😯

socal@25: I just watched the two Colbert videos with Daniels. I love how he says he has to be impartial but man he wants to get rid of those “liberal” faculty members.

Like Sophie, I have been wary of some of the organizing from the get-go. We Clintonistas made a lot of noise for Hillary to run in 2012 from late Summer/early Fall 2011 through late winter 2012 partially because WJC himself told us to encourage her. (See last part of this post.)

We initiated write-in campaigns, joined and promoted Americans Elect, joined draft movements, and shared articles and op-eds encouraging her to run. We had been ready for her (really) since 2004 and certainly since 2007.

Now we hear from Brazile, Pelosi, McCaskill and a host of others whose resumes boast of their success getting Obama elected and reelected who now, finally, say they are ready for Hillary. This from the party that hijacked her delegates on 5/31/08. What is to guarantee there will be no bait-and-switch? Look at the names being floated: Gillibrand, Warren, and now Klobuchar. Not enough experience? Well that glass ceiling was shattered in 2008.

I cannot get past the feeling that they are capitalizing on her name and will pull a different “magic name” out of their collective sleeve in 2015.

A year before my friend spoke with WJC, Hillary had made the statement here.

She resisted her husband, and she resisted us. Sometimes we just have to put down the Clinton decoder pins and take her at her word. Maybe she doesn’t trust these Dems either. Why should she?


Hi still…
Your post went to moderation since this is the first time you’ve posted here, I suppose.

You bring up some very valid points. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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