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Activist Wednesday: Work Like a Norwegian

Posted on: July 17, 2013

The fjords are calling…

So I’m back from vacation, and this year, hubby and I met a very nice Norwegian couple in Aruba. Guess what they told me about working in Norway?

All employed Norwegians:

  • Get 5 weeks vacation on Day 1.
  • Get a guaranteed bonus in June, of 11% of their salary from the previous year. (11%?! I was extremely fortunate to get 4.5% last year, and it was certainly not guaranteed!)

Norwegian teachers:

  • Get all of these benefits, plus ADDITIONAL vacations in fall, spring, AND summer.

This is on top of national health care, and a government based on the idea that it is responsible to its citizens.

Oh, but they must give ALLL their money to the government, right? Sorry, no. They pay about 40% in taxes, which, if you add up state, local, city and federal taxes, is probably what most of us pay (unless we are super-rich, in which case we pay .004%.)

Having these conversations convinced me all over again that as a country, we could learn a lot from our older and wiser European comrades. Things aren’t perfect in Norway, but I can’t help thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work like a Norwegian?

This is an open thread.


17 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Work Like a Norwegian"

Our fearless leader is back!!! Yay! However I freaked when I saw the “gone fishin'” post still up. 😯 However, it was just the time that was off.

Welcome back MB!! Hope you had a good vacay. 🙂

But Mad, you have to remember: those are the scary Socialist countries. Yeah, rite. Gimme some of that too.

Welcome back MB — hope the vacay was a wonderful one.

Of course we could never attain such a goal, but the national happiness index as used in Bhutan captures the quality of life as opposed to the quantity of stuff.

While this is an anathema to our conservative acquaintances who ply this earth rattling chains, does it really matter how much stuff you have piled in your garage or closets, if you are happy? That’s a question you’ll never hear asked as a follow-up to RR’s “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Liz Cheney is running for the Senate from Wyoming. This is news to the incumbent Senator. David Corn said this:

Yay! hope you are okay everyone Fredster call me if you need anything.

Fuzzy, check ur email.

Liz Cheney for Senate: Public service is in my blood. My heart is as large as my father’s.

Prolix@8: 😆

Oh my…it looks like TLC (The Learning Channel???) is running a marathon of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Yay. 😦

sorry fredster I transposed the ph# I am stupid sometimes when ever I hit a keyboard….

fuzzy@11: Oh that’s okay, we got it fixed. 🙂

I’m glad MB had a good vacay. Love the Liz Cheney slogans.

Me, I got nothin’.

Remind me why we aren’t supposed to like socialism, again?

(goes off to search for jobs in Norway…)

Also love the Liz Cheney slogans!

MB, glad you had such a nice vacation. Very interesting post.

NW Luna said: Remind me why we aren’t supposed to like socialism, again?

Yeah, me too. Seems pretty good (and fair) to me!

socal@15: And she’s running against an incumbent Republican and supposedly a family friend. Nice family. :roll

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