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Posted on: July 16, 2013


And I think cousin Prolix decided to play hooky and try his luck down at the fishin’ hole.     😉

Y’all check back tomorrow.


8 Responses to "IT WAS A PURTY DAY"

A thousand and two apologies friends — what’s on your minds?

This is the ultimate in open threads.

Wasn’t the fishin’ any good today?

Prolix@1: Actually I was reading a piece at on another state rep who has changed from the Dem party to the Repubs. I’m flabbergasted because the leader of the party in the state, Jindal, has miserable poll numbers right now, the people are getting p!ssed at all the cuts to health care and education and this guy switches to the party that’s primarily responsible for that. Go figuah!

Fredster @3: There couldn’t be any serious dark money funding these kinds of decisions, eh?

SophieCT: Of course not! (cough cough!)

Fuzzy, if you come around, check your email.

Fredster, it’s cough, cough, ALEC, cough

@7: Of course. And supposedly the guy is a trial lawyer which I’m sure will go well with his Repub brethren. Ha!

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