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Lazy Sunday Music: Give and Take

Posted on: July 14, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

This is my last post before vacation, but Mad will be back, and Fredster, Prolix and Fuzzy will be keeping you up to date.  I thought that we might consider the musical thoughts of “give” and “take” today.  My search turned up a bounty of tunes, and I’m certain that there will be plenty from which you might choose.

My five are listed below in no particular order.  Feel free to add your selections to this otherwise open thread.

(1) Take Me Home – Phil Collins, 1986

(2) Take It To the Limit – The Eagles, 1975

(3) (Take Another Little) Piece Of My Heart – Janice Joplin, 1968

(4) Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones, 1969

(5) Never Give Up On A Dream – Rod Stewart, 1984

Have a great day, and I’ll be back soon.


19 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Give and Take"

Have a great vacation chat!

Thanks, D. I will do so.

Chat, hope you have an amazing vacation. These songs in the post and thread are perfect.

Have a wonderful time, Chat!

I love hearing Randy Meisner sing Take It To The Limit. He was the most amazing singer, and our favorite of the Eagles. You should see him now, its so sad, destroyed by drugs and alcohol, a shell of his former amazingly talented self. And now that poor young guy from Glee is dead. Wades cousin has worked on that show since the beginning btw. So sad. I hate drugs.

This is an obvious one on the “take” thing.

What great songs, all. I used to play that Country Roads song when I was a kid! Eddie Money is another old singer that lives in our neck of the woods, have known him for like 30 years. We’re heading out to the beach. Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday.

Completely off topic but it’s also Bastille Day and yes they have a celebration in nola. So, a little piaf.

Okay, I’m done with the French.

I once stood next to John Mellencamp at a drugstore magazine rack. He was really short and had dyed black hair. He was reading “Rolling Stone”. I stood there a few minutes, pretending to read “Better Homes and Gardens”. He never looked at me or said a word. Then I left. I had to catch a bus.

I’m going to stack my dishwasher now. Have a nice day.

You never said a word?? Nothing eve a “hey” ??

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