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Posted on: July 13, 2013

Waldheim Gardens near Covington LA

Waldheim Gardens near Covington LA

Ah yes it’s another Saturday Widdershins and time for some light fare.  I must confess though Widdershins, that even with the light fare stuff I do believe I’m in the doldrums.  And by the by, do you know where that term came from?

The doldrums is a colloquial expression derived from historical maritime usage, in which it refers to those parts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean affected by the Intertropical Convergence Zone.


The doldrums are also noted for calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, trapping sail-powered boats for periods of days or weeks.

The Pacific doldrums were notably described in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner:

All in a hot and copper sky,
The bloody Sun, at noon,
‘Right up above the mast did stand,
No bigger than the Moon.
Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, no breath no motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

Now that we’ve had a literature lesson let’s move on, shall we?

So do you remember Margaret and Helen?

They are the two older ladies who have a blog which is included on our blogroll over to the right.  I’ll admit I haven’t checked them out much lately but a friend sent me a link to a post that Helen did that’s just about perfect for our friend in Texas, Mr. Goodhair Perry.  It starts out like this:

If my Vagina shot bullets, could I conceal it from Rick Perry and John Kasich?

Margaret, if my vagina could shoot bullets it would have fewer regulations on it.  Plus, it would be easier to conceal from idiot politicians like Rick Perry and John Kasich.  And while that might be a bit graphic for even me, it’s a sad but very true statement.  We women in Texas (I can’t speak for the women of Ohio) are madder than hell and I think it’s time again for another Ann Richards to come make things right – God rest her soul.  Years ago she said that government should “open the doors and let the people in.”  Well ready or not, here we come.  And this time, we’re bringing a Harvard grad named Senator Wendy Davis.

For years now, Governor Perry has waged a war on women based on conversations he has with God and his pastor.  It’s a given that Rick’s god speaks to him in a male voice.  I am sure he has never considered the alternative.  According to his god, women can’t be trusted to make healthcare decisions.  As a result Perry has decided to make it hard for poor women (and soon almost any woman) to even have access to healthcare at all – problem solved.  When you gut funding for family planning, force doctors to perform unnecessary procedures on women (and only women) and then shut down dozens of women’s health clinics… well let’s just say it’s not a stretch to suggest that Rick Perry hates women.  But as far as his desire to end abortion, he doesn’t have a clue.  All of his efforts will simply decrease the number of safe, legal abortions and increase the number of unsafe, illegal abortions.

It’s a righteous post and spot on.  It also includes some more zingers like this one on Mr. Goodhair:

That boy hasn’t had a light on in the attic since someone in kindergarten told him he had nice hair

It’s a great post which I urge you to go over and read in its entirety.

Congrats on your graduation – here’s your cat

Poor Laura Gambrel was ready to quietly celebrate her graduation from Indiana University.  As she was going right back in the fall to grad school, she did not even take her graduation walk.  However, since her graduation was around the time of a couple of other events they did decide on a small celebration.

“I just graduated college, it was my sister’s birthday and it was Father’s Day,” Laura Gambrel said. “My grandparents were visiting from out of town, and we thought we’d knock out three holidays at once. So my mom thought it would be funny to get a face cake.

So Laura’s mom went to order a face cake and asked them to put a small “cap” on Laura’s head.  What she got was a surprise.

It was one of those young kids behind the counter and he seemed a little distracted with someone else ordering a cake a foot away from us. We went through the school colors and everything, and I said, ‘Oh, could you draw a cap on her head?’ And he gives me this look.”

He gave her “that” look because “this” is what he thought she said:

Don’t know if you can see it clearly but Laura has a graduation “cat’.  Click on the pic and make it bigger.   graduation cat

These gay folks in L.A. finally get a prom they want to go to

Gay couples finally get their prom night

I’m just going to paste in some of the piece here, but go read the entire piece if you can.  It’s quite heart warming.

For his high school prom in 1942, Robert Clement bought a white orchid corsage in a fancy plastic box.

He gave it to a female staff member who organized the dance. Others would think it was a kind gesture, that he was just a considerate young man. In truth, Clement didn’t have anyone else to give it to.

He liked boys. And he couldn’t take a boy to the prom. Especially not seven decades ago in a small town in Pennsylvania.

“Proms are a rite of passage,” Clement said. “A heterosexual rite of passage…. But it wasn’t mine.”

Last weekend, just one day after gay marriage became legal once more in California, Clement found himself getting dressed up for the prom again — the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s senior prom.

Was it the Miss Gay San Juan contest or a WWE match?

A gay beauty pageant in Peru turned ugly after a fight broke out between two rival drag queens.

The claws came out and the competition descended into chaos when the newly-crowned Miss Gay San Juan 2013 was attacked by a runner up, following a dispute over a judging mistake.

According to local media, the runner-up disagreed with the decision and accused the judges of favouritism when the result was announced in the northern city of Tarapoto.

In the 30-second video posted online, wigs can be seen flying as the sparring contestants thrash out their differences on stage.

Reports suggest it took some time for security to separate the fueding drag divas.

You can see a 30 second clip of it here, but you have to sign in on youtube to prove you’re an adult.  Ho -hum.

It’s shark week on Discovery

And Lordy I know it’s terrible, but I can’t help but laugh every time this commercial comes on.  I apologize in advance.

And the same thing for this one

They still don’t know exactly who pranked whom on this one.  One thing I read said a radio station called in to the tv station pretending to be from the NTSB while another story says the tv station called the NTSB, got an intern on the phone and he thought it was a prank call and agreed that these were the names of the pilots.  I know, I know…it’s making light of a serious situation but really I had to laugh at the anchor person or “talking head” who just kept reading these names off the teleprompter.  How clueless was she?

Okay, that’s all I’ve got today.  If it’s all a bit on the lame side I apologize.  I have the doldrums.  So what’s going on in your world today?  Let me know in the comments below.


32 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Not a reply but a purloined paragraph from a blog called “Margaret and Helen.” (Look for it!)

Margaret, last night there was a rally at the Texas State Capitol to let Rick Perry and the Republican controlled house and Senate know that Texas women have had enough of this backward ass war on women. And do you know what those crazy asshats did? They confiscated everyone’s feminine hygiene napkins at the door. Now there is some good bullshit if you ask me.

Have mercy! Imagine a fusillade of sanitary products! Of course, if these damn women would just get and stay pregnant as the Lord intended………

“I have a tampon and I’m prepared to use it!”

@3L LOLsob!

Molly@1: Not so much purloined, but borrowed. Now if you had put blockquotes around it, it would have been a quote and would not even be considered purloined.

Sorry i didn’t see the updated blogpost. I tend to have these things bookmarked ahead of time for the Saturday posts and only had the previous one saved.

With Helen residing in Texas I’ll have to frequent that blog more often to see what she has to say in the continuing saga of Perry & lege vs women.

@beata & chat: well we could start a running contest for purloined literary quotes inserting the word “tampon” as they did over at Uppity’s place. 😉

From over at Uppity’s place I guess from yesterday:

According to a tweet from Stand With Texas Women, the Department of Public Safety has stopped confiscating tampons and maxi pads. According to Burnt Orange Report, state Sen. Kirk Watson convinced the DPS to stop confiscating the items.

At least one state senator sees the not-so-subtle irony here.

chat@8: True, but still pathetic situation; the bill passed. I hope there will be a shiteload of lawsuits filed. 👿

Hope springs, even in the doldrums.

(fixed by fixit fairy) 😉

Oh and KTVU apologizes about the Asian names thing. Seems there was a fubar by both the station and the NTSB. But still how in the hell did the “reader” not stop and say “are these right?”

Well the Republicans in the House are going to wait and tackle food stamps later. At least the program will stay the way it is for now.

Don’t you just love Margaret and Helen? I hope they beaucoup grandchildren they can give the benefit of their wisdom.

Am I the only one who finds it a little too convenient that the Repub House caucus called a confab in the Capitol basement on Wednesday evening ostensibly about immigration and then…

At 8:00 p.m. they reported out the Farm bill — telling their own membership it was essentially the same bill as before without the SNAP program. Truth was, it was 600 pages, without SNAP, but choked full of additional pork barrel for agri-business.

Now, under the freaking House bill, a farmer is GUARANTEED, guaranteed, with government supported insurance, to always have 90% of the income they had the year before. Yet, last year with a record drought, farm profit and income hit an all time high.

They timed this act, just as sure as I’m sitting here typing this, to be covered up with the deluge of the Zimmerman trial.

These Tea Party people are disgustingly unaffected with any type of human decency — pour billions and billions more into corporate farming largesse and not act on 47 million people who depend on food stamps and $131 per month to survive.

They have no soul.

Sorry, had a little rant there — this is supposed to be light fare and I just peed in the punchbowl.

Prolix: That’s okay, rant away. I usually call it light fare for the stuff I try to dig up, but hell the first item was about Margaret and Helen and the abortion mess in TX, so no biggie.

pour billions and billions more into corporate farming largesse

That’s the kicker about it. This is not for the “family farm” as we have known it from a Norman Rockwell painting or something but the large companies of “agribusiness”. 👿

The repubs rant and rave about the SNAP program and how much it has increased but seemingly don’t get the correlation between unemployment, underemployment and the ability to qualify for this assistance. Let them try to live on what the average SNAP enrollee has to live survive on.

@2 You got it Chat.

Hi folks, I have working, sick, and last night watched three horrifying hours of the livestream from the Texas legislature, which I urge everyone to take a look at if you want to know how really far over the cliff this country has gone. And the Texas legislature seems to be inhabited by a goodly number of pretty haired, attic light out, good ole boys in very expensive suits.

“been working” And watching those morons left me more terrified for our nation than I have ever been.

Mary Luke@15: Hope you are feeling better now.

I did not even realize they were streaming the live feed from the Tx statehouse or I would have put a link up here. Unfortunately I found out about it too late. 😦

Oh and this was from several days ago when they had the commenting period over the bill. This young woman give ’em hell!

@15 and 16 — a few minutes ago I saw the young woman who was given the bums rush out of the hearing by the Texas Capitol Police. She’s quite articulate.

She had a Texas star made out of coat hangers. She is someone who is emblematic of what has to happen in TX and around the country to retire these “pretty haired, attic lights out, good ole boyz with ill-fitting expensive suits.”

@17 — Fredster, you must have posted that as I was writing my comment.

Prolix: I had one version of this bookmarked and then it was removed by the user so I had to find another copy of it. There are plenty out there, trust me! It’s a shame that Sarah says she’s moving to New York, because she’s exactly what they need there in Tx. And Mary Luke, let’s not forget some of the women in that Tx legislature who have been just as complicit as some of the men in passing this cr@p.

(sigh) All they need to do in Tx is to get a few more Dems in the lege and then they can reapportion the mess that Tom Delay made and those good ole boys (and gals) will be sent packing.

Oh and another thing. I’m sure this had absolutely nothing to do with Guv. Goodhair being behind this “law”. 🙄

Salon link

@17, 18 Yes, Sarah is the sort of leader Texas, and the country needs. Fredster, I was repulsed by the woman chairing the Senate who spoke over Sarah and had her expelled.

There were a few others of her ilk sponsoring this abominable piece of legisgarbage last night.

@18 Not merely ill-fitting, Prolix. One senator expounded his well-informed views on female fertility while sporting a Crayola-blue suit.

Remember this name: reports that the female Texas State Senator who talked over Sarah Slamen and ordered security troopers to forcibly remove her from the legislative floor is St. Sen. Jane Nelson.

@6: “I regret that I have but one tampon to give for my country”.

Mary Luke@23: Remember what Madeleine Albright said:

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

God help us in the state of Florida. We have just advised every cop wannabee that it is just fine to get a gun, hunt strangers, hit themselves in the nose and claim self-defense.

chat@26: Well this won’t be the last of it. I fully expect the Justice Dept. to look into a federal civil rights case.

I wish I was surprised, well, I’m surprised they took less than two days. Think about it. If you cause an auto accident and someone is killed you will certainly get manslaughter and usually do time, have your license taken away, probabtion, etc. But this guy shoots an unarmed teenager in the heart, claims self defense with not a single witness to back up his contention that the kid had attacked him first, is on tape as stalking him and calling him names, and freaking walks. He couldn’t even get manslaughter for shooting someone he had no business going after in the first place. What a precedent. And huffpo has the story up of the black woman in FL that fired a gun in the air as a warning shot and got 20 years for illegally discharging a weapon?!?!

Oh, also, they couldn’t wait to give this animal his gun back.

I don’t know if the prosecution used this interview the cops did with GZ, but they punch his story full of holes, and when he gets testy, they say, “we’re working for you…” and let him go and casually wish him a good weekend:

socal@28: I actually heard the story on MSNBC about the woman getting the 20 years. SMH (shaking my head).

FL is basically two states: in the north they are really, really red and in the south (Miami, Ft. Lauderale/Broward County and Palm Beach county is where most all the Dems live is the blue part.

I kinda thought they’d give him manslaughter as I thought the case as presented was weak for 2nd degree murder. But, you never know. But as I said above, this is far from over. I fully expect the Feds to open up an investigation into a violation of Trayvon Martin’s civil rights as the way to get to Zimmerman. Also, don’t forget that Travyon’s parents can also start a civil case against Zimmerman although Lord knows how or what they would get from him in a civil suit.

Yes, the judge said he was free to leave Florida and just like Casey Anthony that would probably be his best bet for now. He’s never going to have a normal life there.

The Martins can obtain a judgement that will preclude him from ever getting a loan of any sort, and possibly a job of any sort, ever again. Cold comfort, I know.
Actually, this jury at least deliberated. I remember back in The Day where all white h=juries would vote acquittal in less than ten minutes. Then the Feds commenced the civil rights suits,
Florida is more like three states -red to the north except for the areas around Tallahassee and Gainesville, blue to the south except for the Keys, and purple along the I4 corridor (the Orlando area)
I was betting on a hung jury, and apparently they were hung for awhile. That said, the defense attorney O’Mara and his race-baiting speech afterward did lot of damage and likely laid the predicate for further action.. If there ever were a time to mumble something and leave, that would have been it.

I hate to mention the name of a-hole Dan Abrams (yes he’s employed again, now by ABC) but he said this:

An investigation had previously been opened by the Justice Department, and the department said Saturday night, “The department continues to evaluate the evidence generated during the federal investigation, as well as the evidence and testimony from the state trial.”

ABC News anchor Dan Abrams said it is unlikely the civil rights division will file charges against Zimmerman “because they can’t win.”

“There will be a federal investigation. They will publicly discuss it. The civil rights division will not file. ” Abrams said. “They won’t win, and they know that.”

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