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Concrete and reprehensibility…

Posted on: July 12, 2013

Good morning Widdershins. I hope it is a glorious one for you.

This morning I find myself thinking about the glories of concrete. Yes, that stuff of sidewalks and patios. Once for work, I found myself becoming way too educated in the science of concrete and I’m here to tell you, the stuff is amazing! It really is a sophisticated chemical reaction. You can add ingredients to make it harder, more brittle, much denser, more stratified, even flakier.

Early Roger Ailes scouting picture of Elisabeth...

Early Roger Ailes scouting picture of Elisabeth…

Now why am I talking about the wonders of concrete? Well, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has taken flight to Fox. Now talk about adding the perfect ingredient to sexist Brian Kilmeade and doofus Steve Doocy for something denser, more brittle, more stratified, and quite a bit flakier.

Unlike well-educated Gretchen Carlson who had to pretend to look up word definitions to fit the day’s Fox narrative, Ms. Hasselbeck will need more than a little training on proper dictionary operation. Blonde and unburdened by facts, with a moral certitude carved from unflagging opportunism, Ms. Hasselbeck, just like concrete, can set up quite nicely amongst the Fox stable. I wish her well.

Yesterday, Chat had a wonderful post about an aspirational challenge for us all about being more tolerant. I had already planned on writing about essentially the same thing today, but from a slightly different vantage point. That vantage point is having a United States Senator who pals around with and employs people who are at best segregationists, and at worst, race-baiting bigots.

Rand Paul, (R-KY) (while virtually synonymous, the “R” stands for Republican not “Race-baiting”) has found himself in a bit of a pickle. A pickle even the all-knowing, all-seeing Aqua Buddha can’t wash away. It seems as though his ghost writer for The Tea Party Goes to Washington and “new media” senatorial staff person used to have an alter-ego — The Southern Avenger.

In case you are wondering, officially the Southern Avenger is the one in the middle...

In case you are wondering, officially the Southern Avenger is the one in the middle…

The Southern Avenger, aka Jack Hunter, used to don a Confederate flag Mexican lucha libre wrestling mask for public appearances when he was a radio commentator. Also a member of a group advocating for southern secession, among his more memorable musings were these:

  • He compared President Abraham Lincoln to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and suggested that Lincoln would have had a romantic relationship with Adolf Hitler if only the two had met.
  • “A non-white majority America would simply cease to be America for reasons that are as numerous as they are obvious – whether we are supposed to mention them or not.”
  • He lamented a “racial double standard” that meant “Not only are whites not afforded the same right to celebrate their own cultural identity – but anything that is considered ‘too white’ is immediately suspect.”
  • A 2004 post declares that “not only was Abraham Lincoln the worst President, but one of the worst figures in American history” while arguing that “John Wilkes Booth’s heart was in the right place” when he assassinated the president. He bragged about annually celebrating the birthday of Booth.

While these are quite egregious, there’s even a bigger “aha” moment for me. Jack Hunter, in addition to his “new media” duties, is advising Rand Paul on foreign affairs — yes, you read that right — freaking foreign affairs!

Aqua Buddha channels Ryan Gosling, "Hey Girl..."

Aqua Buddha channels Ryan Gosling, “Hey Girl…”

Ever faithful, Rand is standing by his man. You see Rand and his Pops Ron found a very lively and spirited fundraising base in the reaches of certain quarters of the antebellum-loving South. Asked if he was going to return funds from a group with white segregationist leanings, the quote from Pops Paul was, “Why would I want to return the money to them, they might do something bad with it.”

Of course, Jack Hunter has evolved on the subject of race — they always do once they are caught? And Jesse Benton, a head kettle in the Tea Party movement and son-in-law of Pops Paul, brother-in-law to Rand, campaign manager for Rand, and now campaign manager to Kentucky’s senior senator, Mitch McTurtle, said, “Rand Paul has done more to reach out to African-American and Hispanic communities in the past six months than his detractors ever have.”

Yes, that is quite a revisionist interpretation of Rand’s actions of late. He went to Howard University and essentially tried to rewrite the Civil Rights history of the last fifty years. As for his contributions to the Hispanic community, he is the tip of the spear in trying to reformulate an immigration policy containing no path to citizenship, but allowing non-nationals to work, pay taxes, and most importantly NOT vote. In addition, he fully supports the militarization of the southern border complete with a domestic drone air force he was so quick to filibuster.

Rand Paul is a philistine charlatan whose genetic makeup is half Crisco and half chameleon. He really isn’t libertarian although lazy journalists have pegged him with that label. He is a Tenther, a believer in the infallible righteousness of the Tenth Amendment and an acolyte of the weaponization of nullification.

Rand Paul Spokesman by day and Headbanger by night...

Rand Paul Spokesman by day and Headbanger by night…

A brief history — in 2009, Rand’s then spokesman and part-time headbanger, Chris Hightower, had to “resign” after it was discovered he had years-old posts wishing America, “Happy N—–s Day,” on Martin Luther King Day. Not one to leave any doubt, also on his site was a featured photograph of a lynching.

After his election to the Senate, Rand appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show and questioned the efficacy of Civil Rights laws relating to public accommodations. In other words, he saw little use in businesses being required to serve Americans of color. After the moral paucity of his statement became apparent, much like his ghost writer, his feelings on the Civil Rights Act “evolved.”

Widdershinners, here’s my hope and it is going to seem a bit incongruent — I hope Rand Paul runs for Presnit in 2016 — the same year he is up for reelection to the Senate. That is the surest way to retire him from the Senate and banish him from any public role in this country. In baseball and in political life, three strikes of the magnitude of this racial insensitivity should guarantee he’s OUT!

This is an open thread.


27 Responses to "Concrete and reprehensibility…"

It is my dream that the Repubs nominate Rand Paul.
That said, the otherwise ridiculous Southern Avenger does have a point when he inquires about a double standard. Indeed, what would be said if “white” organizations were to proliferate? Some of my colleagues started a chapter of the Black Nurses Association and left our local American Nurses Association, thereby cutting our numbers and our clout by half. Had I started the White Nurses Association, I would have been promptly dubbed a racist and rightly so. Nursing is nursing, people. There is no color-based difference in practice. Even when nursing schools were segregated, they wrote the same board exams. Black nurses are as likely to be found in administrative positions as white, at least where I have worked.. So, why bother? Better to separate, if you must, by specialty than color; as there are distinct differences in that arena.
Have you ever heard of a celebration of historic white colleges? The Society for the Advancement of Poor White People? Sadly, the latter group is likely needed as much as the NAACP these days.
We have class issues more than color issues, and as long as black fights brown who hates white and vice versa, this will not end. If any of us are to flourish, we need to find common, colorless ground. Otherwise, we will fight each other over crumbs, which is useful to those who would keep us down.

Thank you for another insightful, thought-provoking post, Prolix.

Yes, let Rand Paul become “the face” of the GOP in 2016 so all the ugliness that lies within can be exposed. He is a disgusting throwback.

Hillary in 2016. She’s a keeper.

I saw Republican strategist Steve Schmidt on the teevee. When asked about a Paul candidacy, he replied that Paul would need to be “de-kookified”, which pretty much nails it.

@3: “De-kooking” Sen. Aqua Buddha will indeed be a difficult task. Who could be hired to perform the job? Perhaps Dr. Schreber from the film “Dark City”. He can extract our memories and reprint them with new ones.

@4: LOL!!! Might just work/

Ah, chat was watching Rachel Maddow last night. I enjoy watching Steve Schmidt. He is at least a Republican with some common sense. That was a good piece and so was the one about the Las Vegas “Red, White and Blue gala” sponsored by the Southern Nevada Republican Womens’ Pac. Alas I can’t embed it because it’s not a youtube clip so you’ll just have to go here to watch it. One of the guest stars uh honored guests will be…Rand Paul along with a plethora of birthers.

Correcting this to say that Rand will be at another right wing shindig in Vegas called Freedom Fest. Why do they always call these things freedom something? More like “freedom for me but not for thee”.

Prolix, a great post as usual my friend, congrats! I don’t know who to feel more sorry for: you and Kentucky with Rand and McTurtle or us with lil Bobby and Diaper Dave. 😦

@3 and 4, sadly, I fear that Rand the man may never be dekookified. I fear his kookification is both genetic and environmental.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a professional person who gets so worked up about a professional association that he just up and starts his own. Rand did that — started some kooky offshoot for ophthalmologists. To date, the national membership of the organization is 1. So far no audit has been conducted to see if he pays his dues. His father-in-law is the President of the non-profit — that is another recurring theme in Rand’s life — it is Tony Sopranoesque in its familial connections.

I have always wondered about that with Rand. To be that upset about a grandfather clause is pretty strange. Of course…….

@7, new fundraising numbers were released yesterday and McTurtle has over $15 Million in the bank. He’s already buying heavily on teevee and radio.

There is a columnist who writes a weekly piece in the Lexington Herald. He’s always tongue in cheek and his piece last week was about McTurtle pandering about the “war on coal,” “EPA,” “OSHA,” “mine safety,” blah, blah, blah. Truth is, there’s no war on coal — there is just a newfound celebration of natural gas, cheaper, more plentiful, and even with fracking, easier to get out of the ground than the dwindling seams of dirty burning eastern KY coal.

The columnist was talking about avenues for success for Allison Lundergan Grimes against McTurtle and he said, “Wouldn’t it be brave and refreshing if Ms. Grimes went into the coalfields and told the miners the truth. Told them the truth that McTurtle’s braying is about the profits of mine owners and not the safety or futures of the miners themselves.

The columnist continued, “Allison might as well be brave and tell the truth because McTurtle and his crew are going to turn her into Barack Obama’s Monica.”

No truer words were ever written — the McTurtle ads are about Obama, not Allison. This race is going to be nasty even for a scorched earth politician like McTurtle.

Hah! I win. I have Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and the dumba**es who inadvertently criminalized computers, smart phones, and personal gaming systems. Not to mention George Zimmerman and the Miami PD……..

Prolix, any idea of how much the national Dems are supporting Allison? I’m hoping they are bringing in some $$s.

Hey, I have Governor Mike Pence, State Treasurer Dick Mourdock, and Senator Dan Coats! Don’t I get an honorable mention?

Beata@13: Oh yes indeed. I forget that you in IN have your own share of the kooks. My apologies.

Brilliant! And completely agree with you, hope that he runs in ’16. Lets give this revolting person the spotlight he so craves.

First, Chat — Rick Scott raided and shuttered Humana in Louisville before he moved his Medicare Fraud operation back to Nashville. So Rick Scott has cut a pretty broad swath through the south. He is a viperous thug with an unlimited supply of money to lay bear all that is decent and right. He’s a mean human and I’m trying to be nice with that.

Beata — have to admit, Mike Pence, Mourdock, and Coats — that’s more than dishonorable mention my friend. Of the three, Pence is the most dangerous — he has a way of making the craziest ideas seem almost palatable to low information voters.

Chat @1: Good points, that’s a shame the nurses chose to split off like that.

Now Scott is doing his best to raid and shutter an entire state.

@15, thanks Annie — what Rand learned in 2009 and then in 2010 is that these hiccups don’t have legs. He has learned, like a biting dog, to hide until the opportunity arises. From what I read from Salon and Slate there are reporters trying to feed the flames on this, but both Pops Paul and Rand “there’s a varment living on my head” Paul, are hunkering down.

There’s some good fundraising in them thar secessionist southern hills.

@18, yes he is pulling a raid/shuttering and it is right out of the Humana playbook. Promised everything, keep the headquarters in Louisville with 1,000+ plus jobs, get all the state and local money he could, promise to keep University Hospital’s commitment to the indigent, etc. Then six months later…

In the dead of night, up and moved it all back to Nashville. Cut many of my friends loose — dried up the indigent funds that were always a part of the University Hospital deal — with six hospitals in Louisville, immediately started starving under served areas because they were not “adequately profitable.”

His unceremonious departure from HCA came with too little scrutiny, too little fanfare, and much, much too little jail time.

Prolix@16: There was a Humana Hospital in N.O. East way prior to Katrina that started out very well. Great staff and employees, very nice amenities for the patient rooms. The momster was there a couple of times. Then it started changing, maintenance was deferred (you could tell by looks) and before too long it was shut down and then taken over by a larger hospital in the area. That must have been when Scott got his hands on the company.

Prolix said: In the dead of night, up and moved it all back to Nashville

I shudder when you mention HCA. Years ago, after building a great hospital Tulane University basically sold the larger portion of it to HCA which still runs it today. Cut to Jefferson parish which has two great community hospitals, East Jefferson and West Jefferson Medical Centers. They are seeing the headlight of the oncoming train approaching with Obamacare and are looking at larger partners to merge with. HCA is supposedly on the short list. I hope they have enough sense to stay away from HCA.

@22, Fredster, Rick Scott and his debacle at HCA was in large part the reason Bill Frist left the Senate. He went back to retake the reins at HCA. There was a world of difference between the way David Jones and Wendell Cherry managed Humana (they had built it up from 6 nursing homes) and the way Rick Scott managed HCA (he was a typical business person attuned to churning profits). Night and day.

Prolix@23: So are things improving with HCA? I may be having to look for a physician at East Jeff for my primary doctor. I hate to do that since it’s across town from where I’ll live but we don’t really have any docs worth a chit. It wold be East Jeff or go across the lake 30 miles to Slidell to find a decent doc. When you are feeling like cr@p and want to see your primary doc it’s kind of a pain in the backside to have to drive that far. My choices in Chalmette/SBP would be the one my dad called the quack and then the other guy who had his script writing permissions revoked twice by the DEA. Not good. 🙄

@24, Fredster, I’m not competent these days about HCA and their current management. Sorry.

No community NFP hospitals available?

chat@26: Well there is a small community hospital in the parish but they are somewhat limited on what they can do. They won’t be cracking any chests there or anything like that. Appendectomy or gall bladder probably but I don’t know how much more they are really capable of doing. It’s only a 40 bed hospital.

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