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Remain Calm, Etc: Happy 4th

Posted on: July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July, Widdershins!

Today we are 235 years old.  We were born as a great experiment, with all (or most of us) being free, and all (or most of us) being equal in the eyes of the law.  At least, all of us who happen to be white males who also happen to own property, that is.

Democracy is a messy, time consuming process, no doubt about it.  We have made many strides forward, and an equal if not greater number if steps to the side.  Sometimes I wonder if some of those side-steps are actually more like reverses.  Nevertheless, we forge on.

Before we all disperse to our day of picnics, barbeques and fireworks, I’d like to just take a quick minute here to share some birthday wishes for our nation.

I wish that equality were more than a stated concept.  Government of the few, by the few, and for the few is just not consistent with our founding principles.

I wish that we would remember that our own people need things.  It’s fine to build power lines and schools in foreign nations, but our own need some updating as well.

I wish that our government would be equally concerned about our general state of health as they are about women’s reproductive systems.  Seems that the famous “government interference” just does not apply in this particular instance.

I wish that politicians would remember that safety is more than reading emails and making people take off their shoes at the airport.  Safety also applies to domestic violence, guns in the hands of abusers and the mentally il, and a decent place to live..

I wish that more Americans would vote.  We would have far fewer bozos in office if more people got to the polls.

I wish that the Americans who do vote would actually listen to what politicians say while running for office.  Be a little discriminating, people, and try to work your way past the slogans.

Anyhow, my wish for y’all is for fair winds, sunshine, and basted chicken on every grill.  Have a great day.

This is an open thread.


17 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Happy 4th"

An anthem for Independence day:

@2: Feeling better?

Good to hear.

Pat said: I should give it a name

I agree. How about ” little bastard”. 😉

You know…y’all are making me feel bad about the “white male” stuff.

Don;t take it personally,

Happy 4th dear Widdershins! Interesting thread as always. Pat, am glad to hear you are on the mend.

Fredster, you know we all think you’re a sweetie! And there are lots of great men everywhere. It seems that somehow the assholes are the ones who get elected.

Have a great day everyone. Have company coming, so won’t be back til late tonite! xo

Socal said:
It seems that somehow the assholes are the ones who get elected.

Ain’t that the truth! 😆

Great post Chat! Just brilliant.

Pat, so glad you are on the way back to being the daily voice of sanity to so many of us.

To pick up on Chat’s theme — I wish more people were as reflective as the denizens of the Widdershins’ little corner of the cybersphere.

Happy 4th everyone.

I wish more people were as reflective as the denizens of the Widdershins’ little corner of the cybersphere.

Shall we foment some rebellion? I don’t have anything better to do.

I hope everyone is having, or had, a calm and restful 4th. We are having tropical humidity here, so I am hanging out in the aircon waiting for the Capitol Fourth show on PBS. Now if that isn’t a typical old lady thing I don’t know what is. Boston is a little on edge this year. The traffic all week has been killer driving even by our standards, so I’m glad to be able to stay home for a bit.

Pat J., do you remember in the early days of the esplanade concert when the Pops always played Gershwin? It was a yearly ritual to play either Rhapsody in Blue or American in Paris while a few people sat on the grass. Then came the 1976 “celebration” with the switch to Tchaikovsky and 100,000 people that year. Now the whole thing is so commercialized I can’t stand it.

I could listen to Rhapsody in Blue forever. 1812 overture, sick of it!

Really if the city is going to have a few hundred thousand people out there, how about a little musical education? Like say, Rogers and Hammerstein? Cole Porter? Kern? No, Lenny doesn’t count, they already know West Side Story. And dare I say it, Sondheim? Is that too advanced for the average person’s musical taste? And I don’t mean “Send in the Clowns”. He has about 200 other pieces. (Yes, DYB, I know he wrote the lyrics to WWS. I was thinking more, “Sunday” or one of the many other beautiful pieces from “Night Music”? “Night Waltz” would be perfect for this evening, as the story is from a Bergman film about midsummer called “Smiles of a Summer Night”.

What is wrong with Keith Lockhart and the BSO board that they have so totally sold out to the commercial music industry? And where is DYB when I need him to post something from the real American musical theatre?

Rant over…for now.

@maryluke: Well I kinda liked the 1812 with the Pops and having the live cannon coordinated with the piece. Of course that’s just me, Mr. Instrumentalist. I do hate that I can’t see the entire thing anymore on PBS. What happened with that?

That’s not to say I wouldn’t mind some Gershwin, or Cole Porter or Sondheim.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the July 4 Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular will not be televised nationally.

The Boston Globe reports ( ) that CBS declined to renew a contract with producers of the show, which will appear locally on WBZ-TV.

The show’s executive producer, David Mugar, says ratings for the Independence Day event have fallen in recent years.

The Boston Pops concert and fireworks show draw more than 500,000 visitors to the Charles River Esplanade, free of charge.

The show has featured stars such as Jennifer Hudson and Martina McBride. This year, it will have a more local focus, headlining Massachusetts native and blues singer Susan Tedeschi and Ayla Brown, the daughter of former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

Happy 4th, everyone! You all look fabulous! ( Jerome Kern thinks so too. )

@15 Fredster, I’ve been channel hopping between Boston and Washington, and for the third year, I think Washington is doing a better show.

Keith actually conducted the orchestra in Sondheim’s “No One Is Alone”, which was dedicated to the bombing victims and first responders. When the orchestra actually plays real music, it is one of the finest.

I don’t know why they lost the national contract but I think there are only so many times people are going to listen to the same piece.

D.C. had Megan Hilty, whom I like, singing “Someone To Watch Over Me”. Only thing is, Kelly O’Hara sang it better last year. Gershwin wrote lots of songs, organizer people. Apparently it was meant to honor the Boston first responders, some of whom are in D.C. for that concert.

Well maybe next year, someone will sing “Our Love Is Here to Stay” or “But Not For Me”. A girl can dream.

Egads! D.C. decided to play the damn 1812 for background music to ITS fireworks. I can’t escape the thing!!!

@16 Thank you Beata!

I’ve decided the 1812 is my musical equivalent of Pat’s “TEP”.

Mary Luke@18: 😆

I’m watching The Walking Dead marathon. Could that possibly be our Congress?

Hey Beata!!!

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