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Posted on: July 1, 2013

about-300x300I am convinced that even today we still have no idea who we are as a people.

The US Supreme Court has finally considered that marriage between same sex couples is not such a bad thing.  At least we can take some pride in that decision

With the exception of Antonin Scalia but that was to be expected.

However, in the state of Texas the legislature is busy undoing any attempt to equalize the rights of women to make their own decisions within the private confines of a physician’s office.

Then we have some further restrictions on Voters Rights which is perhaps the one thing all citizens have in common. So here we are, after numerous wars fought for the sake of freedom, where human sacrifice has earned medals for bravery on the battle field, and where equality itself goes unquestioned, we are still fighting “wars” in the year 2013.

Who are we then? We appear to have been overtaken by some pretty stupid people who would rather pay lip service to symbols through flag waving and chants before we fully embrace what the US Constitution guarantees. You know, like equality under the law. For all, not some.

The gay community has had to fight to the finish in order to get their rights recognized. Women, who once thought they had won the battle, are struggling in “daily do overs” to ensure their place in society. Voters, particularly those in minority communities, are tasked with “proving” their eligibility regardless of how long they have been casting their ballots in carrying out their community duty.

We no longer care about the poor. Let them starve or perish from lack of medical attention.

The military we send so haphazardly into battle are thrown under the bus alongside those seniors who find themselves living their twilight days in nursing homes.

We are in the grip of lawmakers who fail to understand the benefit of education. Who refuse to accept that perhaps we are suffering from the effects of climate change where whole sections of the country suffers from violent storms, drought, and uncontrolled fires never before seen as often and as destructive in the last 20 years.

Idiot thinking that would place restrictions on stem cell research for some outlandish religious convictions stand in the way of progress that would benefit mankind.

Rape is ridiculed by lawmakers sent to congress to protect us. Gun control has dropped from the national dialogue because many of these politicians receive donations from the manufacturers of these weapons of mass destruction as most of the citizens fear leaving their homes.

Kids going to school in some communities do so by dodging the bullets that keep flying as “turf” wars heat up conducted by morons.

We don’t even want to finance the results of natural disasters. We don’t seem to be too concerned that our infrastructure is falling apart. Too expensive say some of these beauties who dismiss commerce as easily as they do global warming.

We tell ourselves “we care”. But do we really? It doesn’t really feel that way any longer.

It seems to me that we have come to a crossroad where the dumbest people eschewing the dumbest thinking uttering the dumbest speeches have overridden what this nation has created through its blood, sweat, and tears.

How does one reason with a jerk? How does one find common ground with an empty headed dimwit? How do we attain progress when dealing with assholes devoid of commonsense, judgment and vision?

Can’t be done. We have become almost unrecognizable as a nation that once was considered a “beacon of liberty”.

If tossing your fellow man into the streets to fend for himself is now “the law of the land” we have tossed aside the moral compass that was once the United States and have instead become a nation that does not care.

I don’t know who we are anymore. And I don’t like it.



Brilliant post! I don’t like it either. Someone needs to ask the old white men in Congress to answer once and for all. Are women human beings or property? When will we get our turn at equality?

@1: Only when women demand equality with the same clear, fullthroated voice as did the civil rights and gay rights movements. We have been far too busy diligent;y working on everyone else’s cause to do our own. As one Boomer to another, we had better get with it.

Great post Pat! You can’t reason with people who are dumber than a rock. Pass the ERA, it’s 30 years overdue.

@3 Amen, Chat!

So true. Equality and rights for some, especially if you’re wealthy.

As we sit here today, Ohio Governor John Kasich (personally I prefer the phonetic spelling K-sick) has signed into law draconian restrictions on women’s health care and over and above that, a reduction in the medical care available to poor women after a procedure. Add to that, Guv PrettyHair in TX who is flinging pooh just like an angry ape for Wendy Davis having the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say, “No, not on my watch.”

You look at the swath of red states that are the heart of the Repub party across the south — TX where almost a quarter of poor children are without health care, LA where 20% are without health care, and the list goes on and on.

Wasn’t this the season of a kinder, gentler Repub party? I guess it is only kinder and gentler to those who resemble the old white farts who are saying to whom you can be kinder and gentler.

I agree with everything y’all said.

It’s past time to make a real push to get more women elected to Congress and in local, i.e. state governments. It seems that the conservatives are making the push or attacks on womens’ rights at the state level, hoping to get a test case before the Supremes in hopes of getting Roe overturned.

Prolix said: Wasn’t this the season of a kinder, gentler Repub party?

Nah, they changed tactics again. Lil Bobby went from the “stoopid party” back to the attacks on the left.

Ralph@3: You had been a bad boy at one point and MB had put you in jail, but I let you out. 😉

I’m glad Ralph is out of jail. He’s one of the good guys!

I also agree with what everyone said. Even if I didn’t, I’m too tired to argue.

Carry on.

Look who is reporting “Hillary Clinton”- SUPERSTAR!!!!

(Pat & Friends Grab your Vomit Bucket)

You know, I don’t even recognize myself anymore. When did that start to happen?

@12: Dear Donna,

Just stay home.

Psalm 24:3-4

Yours Sincerely,

Chuck and The Democratic Base

And here is a reminder why When Hillary Wins the Nomination Ms Donna Has to GO!

(a spare Vomit bucket may be needed to get through this! Pat and Friends)

@15: Dear Donna,

Your Mama can just stay home, too.

Psalm 119:33-35

Yours Sincerely,

The Democratic Base

Pat a name your Poison Choice A night long marathon of Donna Brazille Clips or the Directors cut of the English Patient?

@7 Fredster, I am absolutely certain that is their plan. Although by the time they get finished with this state by state gutting of the law, it won’t make much difference. It’s a two-part plan. Limit access on the state level, and keep passing outrageous legislation on the theory that if they go to SCOTUS often enough, eventually they will overturn Roe. And I have a sickening feeling it’s very close at hand.

@17 Fuzzy, you are really wicked this week. What is in the water down there? Oh, you’re not drinking water?!

I can’t speak for Pat, but I would sit through two director’s cuts of EP before ten seconds of Donna. Donna had her own permanent mute button on my remote.

Mary It is Raining for the like 5th straight day and we have like 4 more to go Drought to flood in like 12 months?

It’s been raining here since March. We had more rain in one day last week than we usually get for the entire month of June. It makes a person go a little crazy.

Now something to make Pat Smile:

Mary Luke@18: Yeah, I’m willing to bet that is exactly what the right wingers have in mind. I think they figure, as you said, that if they keep hammering away that they will get Roe struck down.

Donna had her own permanent mute button on my remote.


Fuzzy@12: (Pat & Friends Grab your Vomit Bucket)

I’m going to paste in what I wrote the other night about Ms. Brazile.

From fuzzy’s link by donkey brazile:

In 2013, the vast majority of Americans have moved beyond prejudice toward gays and lesbians

Yeah, Donna. We remember your friend Leigh Daughtry who was DNC Chief of Staff in 2008.

In the same document, Daughtry spoke about a proposed change of a Democratic Party rule regarding gay delegates. In 2006, the Blade article said, Garry Shay, a member of the DNC who is also gay, suggested that there be a specified number of gay delegates at the Democratic national convention.

Daughtry did not agree, saying on the transcript that such rules are “based on historic discrimination at the voting booth, and that in order for his rule to be passed, he would have to demonstrate that the GLBT community had been historically discriminated against at the voting booth, and he had not presented that kind of evidence.”

And this from Rev. Amy :

He (Dean) acknowledged a proposal by gay DNC member Garry Shay of California to add gays to the party’s affirmative action guidelines for selecting convention delegates triggered a contentious internal debate.

Dean said some “influential individuals” within the DNC Black Caucus, such as Donna Brazile, opposed the plan because it was seen as “an affront to the civil rights movement.”

Brazile, who chairs the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute, declined to comment for this article.

Dean said the dispute grew to the point where “we had two very important groups of people in the DNC disagreeing with each other” and several DNC and caucus officials were asked to broker a deal that would make peace on the issue.

“I wanted equal representation for gay and lesbian Americans,” he said, “and I wanted to achieve it in a way that wasn’t offensive to the history of the civil rights movement.”

I hope if HRC is the nominee in 2016, that Donna is politely or not so politely shown the door at the DNC.

Great post Pat! Glad you’re back!

Socal@27: Pat is still going to be out for a bit and you’ll be the fortunate recipient of me doing the Monday posts while Prolix takes over my spot on Tuesdays.

I looked back at this thread this morning and saw that I really didn’t acknowledge or engage with the topic at all. I seemed to be having a party in my own head, which was not respectful of Pat’s hard work on her post or the comments of others here. I apologize. Yesterday evening I had just gotten back from spending another afternoon with my mother, watching her staring vacantly at the ceiling. It is painful and leaves me feeling so drained.

I am not following politics at all these days. In addition to my mother’s situation, I am having a lot of health problems of my own. When I feel at least semi-human, I want – no, I need – to spend my time enjoying life as much as possible. So politics are not a part of that. I don’t have the time or energy for outrage anymore.

This is a political blog and discussion should be about issues. Since I can’t seem to engage in that these days, I’m going to take a break. I’ll probably continue to post some videos on Lazy Sundays. And, of course, I will keep all of you in my thoughts and pray for Hillary to run in 2016.

Beata: Sorry about the news with your mom and you. I’ll keep both of you in my thoughts.

This is a political blog and discussion should be about issues. Since I can’t seem to engage in that these days, I’m going to take a break.

You can discuss whatever you want to discuss or comment on. I think we all put in a little “rider” that says this is an open thread. If you want to vent about something with your mom or yourself, vent away. You just talk or comment on whatever your little heart desires, okay?

@29, okay Beata here’s the thing — I don’t care if you recite the alphabet, I just want to hear from you. If there’s a party in your head, I want to know what’s happening at the party. If you are exhausted, I want the ability to try and give you a lift. If you are down, I want the ability to say, “That’s okay, get some rest and you are in my thoughts.”

Without belaboring, I have experienced those interminable days and nights and the loneliness they breed. It sucks the life right out of you. Reaching out was one of the hardest things I had to make myself do because I didn’t want to be “that guy.” What I found was — there is still goodness, grace, and mercy in our fellow humans. Let us prove it to you.

Beata: Exactly what Prolix said.

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