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Instinct is the nose of the mind…

Posted on: June 28, 2013

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

                                                               Matthew 7:20

A pretty simple prescription for a sure-fire leadership test. It isn’t by their title you shall know them. It isn’t by theirWinding Road... money you shall know them. It isn’t by their Twitter followers, the size of their PAC, their media time, or their adorning, fawning posses that you will know them. It is by their works.

Would you want to be known as Gov. Rick Perry who within two hours of the gutting of the Voters Rights Act called for the implementation of the nation’s most draconian voter ID law — the very same law that had been put on hold by the Voters Rights Act; or would you want to be known as Gov. Jerry Brown who within hours of the Supreme Court’s ruling on California’s Prop 8 called for clerks to again begin issuing marriage licenses to couples who had been denied their right to marry the person they loved?

Would you want to be known as the faceless, nameless House Republicans who used the darkness and the shadows of the cloak room to propose the eleventh hour elimination of food stamps for 2 million needy Americans while continuing to funnel government subsidies to mega-billion dollar corporations like ADM and Monsanto; or would you want to be known as Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who transparently stood in the open light for thirteen hours to filibuster the passage of the country’s most onerous restrictions of women’s reproductive rights?

Spurs Game -- Sebastian De La CruzWould you want to be the pandering Tea Party darling, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) who dared speak in Spanish to last week’s Tea Party anti-immigration rally and was heckled by the crowd to, “Learn English,”: or would you want to be known as eleven year old, yes 11, Sebastian De La Cruz, the San Antonio lad who sang America the Beautiful before the Spurs/Heat game and was heckled, viciously attacked on Twitter with racist slurs, and who graciously replied, “On the positive remarks, I just want to thank everybody for their support, on the racism remarks, to be honest, it‘s just the people how they were raised.”

Would you want to be John Boehner and the House Republicans who jumped into the DOMA litigation and spent $23 Million of tax dollars to defend a patently unconstitutional act ultimately resulting in a sweeping defeat based upon the far-reaching “equal protection” clause of the Constitution; or would you want to be known as 84-year old Edie Windsor, who after a committed relationship and marriage of 44 years, had the courage and the stick-to-itiveness to take on the United States Government over an argument about fairness and win?

I’ve written this before, all it takes is one follower and you are a leader. Most likely, the people in theseThe nose knows... circumstances didn’t even look around to see if anyone was following — they just did what their conscience told them was right. They followed their instincts and as Madame Delphine de Girardin famously wrote, “Instinct is the nose of the mind.”

History will bear me out on this, but at any point when you are on the side of fairness, equality, equity, or the expansion of rights to those who have been denied, you will be known by the fruits of your efforts — all the while being able to rest easy in the strength of an unburdened conscience. I guarantee it.

Have a great weekend.

This is an open thread.


16 Responses to "Instinct is the nose of the mind…"

Beautifully written, as always.

Thanks Chat, but I sure can shut down conversation.

No, it’s not that all Prolix and you know it.

all the while being able to rest easy in the strength of an unburdened conscience. I guarantee it.

When they lay their heads down at night I wonder what goes through the minds of the “haters”, if anything.

Regarding Sebastian, I had to check the link, because I wanted to be sure of this. I saw a piece on his singing of the Anthem on ABC News and then all the nonsense directed his way, questioning whether he was a “wetback” or what, and then it came out that indeed he was a citizen of the U.S.

@4, yes, young Sebastian is a citizen, is immensely talented, and wise beyond his years. The rest of his quote (I didn’t have room in the architecture of the sentence) was:

My father and mother told me that you should never judge people by how they look. You should judge them on the inside. And the saying that I go by is never judge a book by its cover.

I think Sebastian was on America’s Got Talent last year. I am a fan.

Prolix@5: (sigh) I never watch those reality shows so I missed that.

When I think about the Rick Perrys and the folks who were questioning Sebastian, I keep thinking “y’all better make your peace with the Hispanic population because they are going to be the majority-minority in Texas in a few years”.

For those of you who are interested in context, this is a wonderfully researched and written article from the Washingtonian about Dick Armey and FreedomWorks. Now before you vomit a little bit in your mouth, this article summarizes the rise and fall of Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe, and the whole gluttonous, self-absorbed, masturbatory Tea Party gang.

While it came as no surprise, the whole FreedomWorks operation (remember the convoy of air-conditioned luxury buses driven out to Nevada to essentially euthanize Harry Reid) was a massive pickpocketing venture to relieve the unassuming and gullible Glenn Beck and Limbaugh crowd of their “get their government out of my Medicare” social security checks.

This is the first time I have seen in print that Beck and Limbaugh were actually paid to endorse FreedomWorks. It really is a good article about the palace intrigue and how easily Armey was bought off to “retire.”

@6, Yes, Guv PrettyHair must have upped his “oops” meds of late.

His comments about Sen. Wendy Davis have caused a collective flinch amongst even the most righteous Conservobots. Texas is turning more purple everyday and the last hope for PrettyHair and his horde of pasty-whites is continued voter suppression therefore, the sprint to implement the Voter ID law that says, “A concealed carry permit is okay for voting purposes, but a disabled Veteran ID is not.”

I’ve often wondered when PrettyHair and his handlers, in an effort to streamline government, will propose an amendment to the Constitution to abbreviate the Bill of Rights. In their world all they need is the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments — the rest are just in the way..

Prolix@7: I’m still reading the Washingtonian piece but I just loved this about, cough, Freedomworks:

Days later, more than 100 FreedomWorks employees, activists, and donors gathered at Wyoming’s Snake River Lodge & Spa, a 155-room luxury hotel at the foot of Jackson Hole Mountain. Tea Party stars Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were among the speakers at the 2½-day retreat.

They couldn’t have met at a local Sheraton, or Hyatt or something in the DC Metro area? I wonder who picked up the tab for this retreat? I hope it was all the schmucks who bought into their bullshite.

@9, yes, that part piqued my interest too. What I came away with from the article, much like Ed Snowden, is the overriding sense of entitlement the whole FreedomWorks operation has. I think it is important, therefore, it is. I know best, therefore, it is. I’m special and if you can’t see it, that’s your problem.

I also love the part when they are “branding” Matt Kibbe they decided to key into his muttonchops — take me back to the good ole 1950s in rights, responsibilities, and facial hair.

overriding sense of entitlement the whole FreedomWorks operation has.

Exactly. And it would not be possible without the shekels from the folks who buy into that cr@p.

I also didn’t know that the guy who started Cancer Treatment Centers was a backer of FreedomWorks. I’ve always been suspicious when i see their commercials and now I know why.

So Armey sold out for his pieces of silver and the entire organization is as phoney as I always thought they were.

My impression of them:

@12, yes, Richard Stephenson is the guy who funneled $12 million in a last minute gasp during the 2012 election to FreedomWorks through a bunch of dummy (descriptive, not pejorative) corporations. Those washy-washy laundering activities are under investigation.

It is against this backdrop that Darrell Issa is so incensed and victimized by the career IRS auditors trying to figure out a way to ride herd over these wrong-headed hooligans.

Issa needs to stop making a fool out of himself but then it comes so naturally to him.

Same for Morning Schmoe on the IRS thing. He just did not want to believe Sam Stein on this.


Prolix, this is a classic post. Absolutely excellent!

Great Post every word true.

Yes, beautifully done post, Prolix!

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