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Posted on: June 24, 2013

hernandezx-largeI’ve always maintained that it is a “good thing” to be a cleric, politician, celebrity or a sports figure. You are almost guaranteed to get away with anything.

Take the current murder ongoing investigation in North Attleboro, MA that has ties to a New England Patriot that is replete with lies, possibly sex, and videotapes.

Aaron Hernandez has been questioned in connection to the death of a “friend” whose body was found in a car ½ mile from the his home in North Attleboro, MA. What led the police to Hernandez was finding that the SUV was one of 3 leased vehicles in his name. Not one, but three.

During the investigation so far, law enforcement found that security tapes surrounding the Hernandez home had been destroyed. Word is that Mr. Hernadez had also done the same to the computer(s) hard drive as well. The question would be “why” this elimination of evidence was necessary.

Commonsense would suggest that someone had something to hide.

Aaron Hernandez was signed to the NE Patriots last year with a salary of $40,000,000. However, prior to that signing, Mr. Hernandez was also credited with taking part in some serious “pranks” during his college career. This was followed recently by him having been accused of shooting out the eye of a guy who was considered a suspected drug dealer who first filed a complaint but then withdrew.  Fourty million dollars can buy a lot of silence.

However in the wake of a possible homicide taking place in MA, these charges have been reinstated. Apparently, as with many overly celebrated athletes, Mr. Hernandez is often accompanied by an entourage and a gun. What could go wrong?

Aaron Hernandez is 23 years of age. He seemed to be enjoying a long future in football due to his athletic ability to bring home a “win” to the francise. That 40 million says it all.

So far the events of the murder have been kept under wraps. Mr. Hernandez’s home has been searched at least twice. Missing from the murder scene is the outside driver’s mirror which seemed to have become detached from the nurder vehicle as some time during the evening when both the victim and Hernandez were seen together in a Boston nightclub.  This could play a key role in the murder itself but so far it has yet to be found.

But here is the question: why was he allowed to continue to play football when he had be charged with attempted murder in February where the victim, a known drug dealer, lost an eye from being shot in the face? How did those charges end up being dropped? Where was the management of the Boston Patriots who would have sent this volatile young man out onto the field carrying a 40 million dollar contract which translated to bad behavior even then?

The investigation into this murder is murky with details. The manner of homicide has been withheld. The suggestion is that an arrest warrant against Mr. Hernandez is forthcoming. The charge is “obstruction of justice”. This is all we know except for “hints” that a woman may have been the catalyst that led to the murder itself.

Again, another “prized” athlete is being cosseted by law enforcement, his team, and possible witnesses due in large part to his “celebrity” on the field. The destruction of vital evidence leads one to believe that a cover-up is now in place.

But the silence so far, which would not necessarily be accorded to anyone other than a well known sports figure, is leading to all sorts of speculation. Some people are offered more leeway due in large measure to the role they play in society.

The Pats may have Tim Tebow “praying” for victory but they are also stuck with Aaron Hernandez representing the other side of the coin. After all, he got away with shooting someone in the face which caused the loss of an eye  that was originally thrown out by the court.  It is also indicative of a pattern of behavior.

Get away with it once and it becomes a habit and an entitlement since “I am a star!” overrules justice.

We shall see soon enough if my cynical approach will prove to be true.

For the record: the victim’s name was Odin Lloyd.  I mention this now because history dictates his name will fade into history while all eyes will he on Aaron Hernandez from this point foward.



I’ve been kind of following this Pat. As they say, “curiouser and curiouser”.

Now they have Tim Tebow, who may well be a very good tight end. The Pats denied Hernandez entrance to their facilities, per ESPN.

Celebrity justice. Pat’s post is just one instance. Celebs get away with unbelievable crap here in socal 365 days a year. You know what they call the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept? Sheriffs to the Stars.

socal@5: Yeah, I bet they do a lot of covering up there.

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