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Remain Calm, Etc: Ennui

Posted on: June 20, 2013

Good Thursday, Widdershins.

I absolutely had the best of intentions of writing a classy, inspirational post.  I really, truly did.  However, I have arrived at the nirvana-like realization that I do not have a single new thing about which to complain,  Not.One.Da-yum.Thing.

Bummer, huh?  The day started well enough.  I got a lot of things done,  then got into my car to meet up with a good friend for lunch and damned near had a syncopal episode, as the thermometer read a cheery 98 degrees in the middle of June.  The steering wheel was ridiculously hot, so I drive to the restaurant holding the wheel rather gingerly until the cabin cooled down some.   Over lunch we discussed the goings-on of mutual friends and acquaintances, then decried the current state of current events and took our leave.  On the way home, it occurred to me that the two of had been complaining about the same things that we discuss at TW.  Nothing was new.  Not. One, Da-yum. Thing.

Women’s issues?  Deteriorating rapidly in Republican controlled environments.

Food stamps?  The House wants to cut finding seriously in order to continue to funnel money to farms, most of which are controlled by Big Agra.  I await the passage of a law placing duct tape over the plaque on the Statue of Liberty that refers to poor, hungry, huddled masses,

Immigration?  Fiddle-de-dee.  Despite an awareness of the fact that they are seriously underwater with Hispanics and that the Supremes are overturning state laws regarding immigration, the anxiously awaited measures are dying a slow, gurgling death in various committees.  The only immigrants they want are agricultural workers and H1B visa types who will fill jobs are at lower rate of pay than American STEM graduates.

Syria?  Let’s go to war!  What fun!  “American Exceptionalism”, which appears to be the newest version of Manifest Destiny.  Y’all remember who well that little experiment went, don’t you?  I am all for going to war under the following conditions:

  • Immediate reinstatement of the draft, with no exclusions for children of the upper class.  No billets created in the National Guard (George Bush), no Mormon mission exceptions that last a lifetime (Mitt Romney).  Off you go, like John Kerry and Al Gore.
  • Immediate enactment of a 1% tax on total income for anyone earning more than $30,000 per year.  No ceiling, no exceptions, because I’m also bored insensible with the continuous deficit drivel.  War is expensive, and must be paid for,
  • Immediate and sustained outfitting and equipment of every combat soldier.  No exceptions, no insisting that the families raise the money.
  • Immediate mechanisms for sexual battery to be investigated independently by the criminal investigative branches of the various services, with prosecutorial decisions to be made by actual investigators and prosecutors.  If this proves to be insufficient, then leave the military out of the whole thing and let the civilians handle it, hormones be damned, Saxby.
  • Finally, that we have an actual, measurable, and achievable goal in mind.   A wish for world peace and democracy blooming in the desert just will not do.

Enough of this, as it has all been said before,  Please feel free, in this ultra-open thread, to express what you are tired of hearing.


13 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Ennui"

OT well they are finally gone and again good riddance to bad rubbish….

EXODUS INTERNATIONAL is now committed to history like the pet rock and double knit polyester koolocks and just as useful!

I’m tired of b.s. and “the bucket list”.

Great link, Fuzzy..
I’m beginning to agree with you, Beata.

Chat, I’m with you on there’s nothing new — same old, same old.

It really does take some nerve on the part of these Congress critters who are personally receiving all sorts of Farm Bill supports (done without any needs testing) to hold families who receive food aid hostage. I even saw that Tom Coburn has introduced a bill to change the name of the program back to “Food Stamps” because he saw polling data that “Food Stamps” doesn’t poll well and so he wants to change it back in order for it to be as stigmatizing as possible.

Now that is compassionate conservatism with a dash of Snidley Whiplash.

Fuzzy I saw that too. Buh-bye!
Oh and you have email.

Prolix@4: Yep, saw that about the food stamps and also saw that in the Senate, while the Dems want to cut them also, it’s not as much. (sigh)

I’m so tired of this asshole.

Rand Paul threatens to support filibustering immigration bill

“Unless they change the bill, I will vote on the side of not ending the debate, which is essentially like a filibuster, but it’s not the filibuster people think of,” Paul said during an interview on the “Andrea Tantaros Show.”

No Rand, we want you to do a REAL filibuster if you’re going to do one. Not this pretend crap you’re moving your mouth about.

no cuts to SNAP period Fredster you have mail.

Thanks fuzzy, will check now.

Fuzzy, you have two replies.

I may do both let me look at my calendar ….

fuzy@11: if you can’t we can work around that

Go, Heat!

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