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Posted on: June 17, 2013

Seal_of_the_United_States_Congress.svgA recent poll declared that congress is “enjoying” a 10% approval rating. That figure seems pretty high to me considering that this body of lawmakers has pretty much done nothing over the last few years on behalf of the public they have been elected to serve.

These people have essentially sat on their collective butts, ignoring their own constituents in favor of party affiliation. As the public looks to congress for a measure of fairness, the congress has looked to their donor base to form their decisions.

As “Citizens United” becomes part and parcel of the elective process the smell of money has superceded the will of the electorate. One need look no further than the recent vote on gun control to validate this theory when it was shown that most of those who voted against had received donations from the gun lobby itself. While 70% of the nation approved the measures offered up in this bill, the Senate was unable to reach the 60% majority that would have made it possible to place restrictions that called for background checks.

Not sure who makes up the 10% that “approves” of the way democracy is played out in DC. But it does appear that these people are not paying attention.

Any business that suffers from an approval rating of 10% would be closing its doors. The same goes for an employee whose annual review was no higher. But we seem to continually re-elect the same candidates whose job approval ranks this low then whine when nothing ever seems to get done.

Commonsense dictates that we would fire the guy who mows our lawn if he merely mowed 10%. We would avoid the stores that only stocked 10% of their shelves. Or the dentist who only cleaned 10% of our teeth. But when it comes to our elected officials we seem to be unable to rid ourselves of those who not only refuse to do the job they were elected to do but find excuses to send them back for another round.

The congressional calendar suggests that for all intents and purposes, democracy itself is dying a slow death. We are at the mercy of special interests and a nasty political power play that has nothing to do with the will of the people but the wants and needs of those who can afford to “pay to play”.

The sad fact is that nobody gives a rat’s ass and the few that do are buried somewhere within the halls of that once proud institution that hardly exists.

It is up to the 90% who recognize that this form of leadership is getting us nowhere but I have my doubts that anything significant will change in the next 20 years.

All the money in the world cannot buy “approval” but it sure is a guarantee that you get what you pay for when the bill comes due.


8 Responses to "10% IS STILL A DOUBLE DIGIT!"

Let’s see – Congressmen and their families, employees and their families, lobbyists, employees and families, and the upper 1%. Then there’s the outer fringe of the Tea Party. I don;t see 10% either.
Remember the scathing commentary regarding Nancy Pelosi and her 29% approval rating, aka “the good old days”?

Pat wrote: The congressional calendar suggests

That calendar suggests they are far more interested in getting back home so they can fundraise. They might call it being in “the district” but it’s so they can gladhand their heavy hitter backers.

Pat wrote: the Senate was unable to reach the 60% majority that would have made it possible to place restrictions that called for background checks.

And I blame that solely on Mr. Reid of Nevada. He had the chance at the beginning of this session to change that and he decided not to. His reasoning was that it would be a “bad thing” if the Dems were in the minority but you can’t operate like that. Putz.

Okay, when you look at the members of Congress, the 8,000 + employees, their extended families, the mistresses and gigolos, the bartenders, the liquor industry writ large, the Capitol Hill restaurants, the District offices of the Congress critters, and the Depends lobby — I can see 10% — yes, I can. Oops, had a Barry moment there.

I heard their approval is soaring to 10.00000099% since that last poll!

Oops, had a Barry moment there.


Fuzzy @5: They’re on a roll!

We really need to send a few of them packing but the number of them asking Bill & Hill to campaign for them is getting red

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