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Lazy Sunday Movies: Spy vs. Spy

Posted on: June 16, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

There has been so much of an uproar this week about surveillance that the only reasonable topic for this post is spy movies.  I grew up on them as the spy films were a staple of the Cold War era, and Bond movies reigned supreme  during the Sixties and Seventies.  Beyond Bond, there is an abundance of wonderful flicks filled with heart-stopping moments and underscored by plots and  subplots galore.  Some of the old black and whites are among my favorites.   My initial list of favorites contained 28 films, and it was no easy task to eliminate all but five.   They are listed below in no particular order  Feel free to post yours, or anything else that you would like in this otherwise open thread.

(1) North by Northwest – 1959

(2) Three Days of the Condor, 1975

(3) The Falcon and the Snowman – 1985

(4) The Good Shepherd, 2006

(5) The Ipcress File, 1965



18 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Movies: Spy vs. Spy"

Those are all great high-quality spy thrillers. In the guilty pleasure category, I have to admit I enjoyed “True Lies” quite a bit. Here’s a compilation of some of the more outrageous scenes from the movie, prefaced by Ah-nuld admitting to his wife (under truth serum) that yes, he is actually a spy and has killed people. LOTS of people.

Oh, and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there (like Ah-nuld in “True Lies”)! Off to call mine.

I wish I could call mine. I;ve thought about him a lot lately.

Be still my swooning heart – Ingrid and Cary and Claude.

Darn, forgot the clip

Double swoon – Humphrey, Ingrid and Claude.

Not as swoon worthy as Cary or Humphrey, but Robert Donat is pretty close and Madelaine Carrol is darned gorgeous.
P.S. Notice the Hitchcock theme.

From 1938 another Hitchcock masterpiece The Lady Vanishes.
(No I’m not that old)

I’ve seen this countless times but still watch it.

Another one I liked, and Sutherland is in this one too.

Loved this one too.

All great films.

I wonder where Pat is? Rumor hath it that Kim Kardashian has had her baby.

Oh noes – Kardashian birth? The latest cash cow for the Kardashian family – brace yourselves for Kimye or Kankim or Kimkan clothes, a new line of baby food etc. A marketing dream but a consumer nightmare.
I loved Eye of the Needle – Donald Sutherland was and is one fantastic actor.
And now for another – with one of my favorite actors. Loved him in everything he’s done, including Obi Wan Kenobi (although that was definitely not his best role).

Donald never disappoints.

Oh my. LSU got spanked in the College World Series by UCLA. 😦

They aren’t out of it yet, but have to play North Carolina in a loser’s game on Tuesday.

They can yet come back.

chat@17: Yeah, they can but it’s more difficult. They (LSU) just got blindsided by UCLA and not to make excuses, but TD Ameritrade stadium is bigger than Alex Box in Baton Rouge, and balls they hit there at The Box would probably be home runs and they weren’t in Omaha, meaning they popped up and out and were caught for outs. I believe I heard one of the commenters say that Mason Katz’s homer was the first one of this year. We’ll see Tuesday how they adjust. Keeping fingers crossed.

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