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…the needs of the few.

Posted on: June 14, 2013

If overreaching analogies were a crime, I would be a lifer in the Strunk and White Prison. Recidivism for glittering Me vs. Wegeneralities must be robustly encoded within my otherwise mottled DNA. If this post is yet another instance of my overreaching just overlook it as the ramblings of a dubiously pedigreed genetically inferior Appalachian.

This is a story that hasn’t gotten near enough play in the media. That is a shame. It is Christmas eve 2009 in San Antonio. As is often the case with young men around Christmas time, Mr. Ezekiel Gilbert, 30, went to Craigslist to secure the services of an hourly female companion.

Ms. Lenora Ivie Frago, 23, answered Mr. Gilbert’s call. When she arrived she took the proffered agreed upon sum of $150. According to Ezekiel, after Ms. Frago walked around his apartment for about 20 minutes, she announced she wanted to pay her driver who had dutifully delivered her on this house call. As yet, no canoodling had occurred.

Taking the $150 to “pay” the driver did not sit well with Mr. Gilbert whereupon he promptly took a gun and shot Lenora in the neck instantly paralyzing her. She languished in the hospital for seven months before she died.

Last week, Mr. Gilbert was found not guilty by a jury of his Lone Star peers due to a Texas law permitting deadly lethal force to be used to “retrieve stolen property at night” or to prevent “criminal mischief in the nighttime.”

Mr. Gilbert’s acquittal was despite the fact he had said nothing about feeling “robbed” during the police interrogation videotaped on Christmas Day 2009. His acquittal was despite the prosecutors explaining that coercing prostitution or rape at gunpoint was certainly not the legislative intent behind the statute. His acquittal is most likely due to very favorably drawn jury instructions where the jurors were left with no discretion.

Nevertheless, Mr. Gilbert was found not guilty, but he is not without remorse. To illustrate his burden, he complains about having to change channels when he sees a gun in a television show.

My penchant for overreaching analogies might be brought on by the numbing rage I feel at reading something this senselessly grotesque. It might be brought on by knowing Lenora’s death was empowered by a myopic pandering legislature, but whatever the reason here comes the unfurling of my librul flag in full freak overreach.

For thirty years, along with a bogus economic theory resulting in unheard of wealth accumulation and the stifling of Single doorupward social mobility unworthy of a banana republic, we have been bludgeoned by political sophistry decrying anything, except war, that carries a hint of governmental involvement. It has been the aggrandizement of the “Me” as opposed to the desultory “We.“ The collective ethos represented by government has been lampooned as the essence of all evil — government is the problem, death panels, Obamacare, welfare queens, the 47% of takers — creating the generalized feeling of victimization at the hands of the “them.”

During these thirty years, the primacy of the individual has reigned supreme in that “shining city on the hill” bathed in the illumination of “a thousand points of light.” No act or regulation of the government for the common good dares impinge upon the right of every individual to do whatever the hell they deem is in their own best interest.

At its essence, this Darwinian philosophy is imbued with an indifference to the folderol of those deemed disposable. From Wall Street to Main Street, the collective good has been cast aside as a sign of liberalized weakness like entitling the “them” to lives of largesse courtesy of $133 a month in food assistance.

The uniforms worn by those preaching the primacy of the “me” have only two requirements — socially desirable pull-uppable bootstraps and a firearm of choice since the Second Amendment is now divinely inspired courtesy of the first commandment in the holy Book of LaPierre.

This offensive Texas statute is the fringe of the fringe of the transcendence of the individual. It is instructive as to what heights the outer reaches of this Ayn Randian brand of conservatism is capable of breeding.

GardenThe supremacy of the individual to protect “himself and his stuff” thereby entitles him to be the investigator, judge, jury, and executioner. In my opinion, this express lane to “injustice” will be on full display this summer for the safari-like hunting down and killing of Trayvon Martin. Perhaps the senselessness, barbarity, selectivity, and injustice will be driven home to those whose minds are not yet comfortable with our devolution into old west brutality.

Regrettably, it will be too late for Lenora Ivie Frago, but at least today for a few minutes we remembered her and with that, we proved she was not disposable.

This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "…the needs of the few."

“Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe and forget the lost Lenore! Quoth the raven, nevermore.”
I am also a child of Appalachia, and claim a number of Texans as friends. Their norms and mores are fascinating. Remember though that these are the folks who could not bear to criminally charge Rusty Yates, the actual rocket scientist who moved his non-compliant, unmedicated schizophrenic wife and flock of children into an Airstream trailer and decided that it would be a grand idea to have her home-school them (Things would be swell because his mother would check in on them daily). Poor ol’ feller, he had suffered enough.

Once again, excellent post Prolix.

Sadly, I don’t recall even seeing anything on the news about this outrage. 😦

@1 and 2 — the thing that really got me riled up here is that the use of deadly force has traditionally, meaning for the last 600 years of English common law and even before that under Roman law, has not been available for the retrieval of mere property.

This wild west mentality is symptomatic of that new pulse of “individualism” so attractive to the politically active and intellectually vacuous Tea Party types.

You’ll notice examples like Rick Perry who went from pillar to post decrying the federal government while he was riding in the clown car known as the Republican primary, but now he is whining that FEMA won’t just rebuild West, TX where the uninspected fertilizer plant exploded. FEMA never just builds back cities, but now Rick Perry is yodeling a different “oops.”

@3: Isn’t that just freaking amazing? Texas, the unregulated home of the free, wants FEMA (aka Satan) to fix things????

@4: Rick Perry thought FEMA stood for “Fixin’ Extra Messes Amigo.”

That Rick, can’t blame him for being a bit touched what with all the oxygen deprivation due to his head being up his arse all the time. I’m surprised he doesn’t walk with a more distinctive “catch in his giddy up.”

@prolix and chat: What has always gotten me was when you see the Repub guvs, who decry the “liberal” federal govt monster at least twice a week, pose for pictures with the locals with the oversized giant check going to that local entity, but which has federal dollars guaranteeing that the check is good. Jindal did it all the time with the recovery money he badmouthed and just the other day the Bama guv, Bentley did the same thing. It really makes me want there to be a requirement that whenever the local pols do one of those publicity shots with the giant check, it should be required that they add onto the bottom of the check, in caps and bold print COURTESY OF FUNDS RECEIVED FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Oooh, excellent thought there, Fredster.

@6: Yes Fredster, the only intellectual consistency exhibited by the Tea Partiers is that there isn’t any. If anything they are consistently inconsistent, but the book upon which they tub-thump says, “Consistency is a virtue,” ergo, they consider themselves quite virtuous as they set fire to the social safety net thinking it can be seen as heating assistance in the winter.

chat@7: Wouldn’t that just gall the repub governors to death? 😆

Prolix said: If anything they are consistently inconsistent

But at least those consistent inconsistencies make for damned good highlight reels on The Daily Show.

I posted this once but I don’t guess it showed up.

@1 Chat, I’ve been waiting to hear someone besides me say that about ole Rusty for years. I’d also like to see the so-called psychiatrist who sent a woman any first year nursing student could diagnose as schizophrenic home with six small children and a bottle of Prozac do a whole lot of time. He can hang his should have been revoked medical license on his cellblock wall. Prozac- the modern cure for anything from the common cold to delusional, hallucinating Satan, psychotically homicidal schizophrenia. Nice work, doc.

@11: Indeed. I maintain that they incarcerated the wrong member of the family, although stupidity really isn;t a crime in the state where the Guv has just signed a law asserting that it is not illegal to say “Merry Christmas” in Texas.

Excellent post. I had not heard this story either, but this kind of crap is why we pay more and live in a librul state. What an insane verdict. I will probably be freaked out by the GZ trial this summer also, so should probably ignore it. That horrible crime disturbed me greatly at the time it happened. That freak actually has “fans” that spam any thread about him and has raked in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from these sickos.

@ 12: OMG!!!

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