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Posted on: June 4, 2013


Over the weekend, Saturday night,  I found a wonderful addition to my pizza as I was eating it; a big hunk of a tooth – mine.  It did not really bother me  except for some irritation around the gum, but nevertheless this entailed a visit to the dentist Monday.  Luckily I didn’t have to get it pulled but to save it I had to get a root canal and it has to have a crown put on it.  This root canal was a bit more painful than the last one I had so I am on pain meds for the day along with rinsing with warm salt water.  For that reason, along those lines of amusing yourselves, caption these pics.  Note:  You don’t have to phrase your answers in Carnack style.




Prince charles






Rand Paul

BONUS PICcantoryearbook.banner

I apologize folks for doing the cheezy caption thing but between the sore mouth from the shots and the pain med it’s about all my foggy brain could come up with today.


I sowwry.



Feel better Fredster!

I think Bush is thinking in that picture: “And I get to eat it too!”

Carson: “I noticed the growth about a week ago, Doc.”
(I) “An’ I;ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your housing markets down.”
(II) “Say whaaaat?”
(III) “It has a keyless entry, you fool.”
(IV) “Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.”
(V) “Our deficit is sooooo big.”
(Bonus) “No. I have not evolved since high school.”

RIP, Deacon Jones. Now that man was a football player.

Take care fredster!

(I) this looks like a job for Rick Perry…the old blow hard.
(II) “If mummy abdicates then I shall have Camilla’s cat Knighted as Earl of Guerney that should please Camilla….”
(III) “This does not look like my Bentley where is my Bentley?”
(IV) ” when making high fiber bread the key is to really work the Dough with your hands”
(V) “That wasn’t me that farted that was Ted Cruz folks like him eat a lot of Pinto Beans, wait is that racist?”
(VI) “Look at all my hair I still look better than a deadbeat dad proof I did get a edumacatshun!

I know epic fails sorry…home for lunch what can I say?

Hey Folks. I’ll throw out my captions for the pics.

For Carnack, The answer is: Boehner and Ryan. The question is: Name a drunk and punk.

I. I’m full of hot air; I can do this.
II. “She’s still WHAT? But it’s my turn to be da king!
III. It’s Pelosi’s car and yes I can defeat my own car alarms.
IV. After Hillary, your expectations of me should be thiiisss low.
V. I love Ayn Rand! She’s my namesake!

Bonus pic: I was sooo Joe Cool back then. Why am I such an asshole now?

Fredster, hope you are feeling okay — magic doctor pills are good things.

Here’s a feeble attempt:

1. In a rare generational event, the convergence of a Native American birth name and the unanimous opinion of historians — Bush Blows.

2. According to the royal ears, the wind direction is easterly.

3. Forever missing his cues, Darrell Issa once again misheard the porn director when he was told to work with “Slim Jim.”

4. Dateline World Economic Forum: Secretary of State Kerry’s speech was momentarily delayed when someone inadvertently dropped a Bacon Beggin’ Strip.

5. Rand Paul, for the upteeneth time, reinacted how he dove for the earth when “Atlas Shrugged.”

6. Caught on film, this was the last time Eric Ivan Cantor was left leaning — his spokesman clarified, “It was not due to philosophical beliefs, but rather to the weight of his hair and a spindly neck.”

I forgot the Carnack picture:

The answer is: A rose thorn, Larry the Cable Guy, and former VP Cheney.

The question is: Name a prick, a hick and a Dick.

Prolix: Excellent captions and I loved the Carnack one. My brain today would not let me come up with 3 items for my question. 😦

@8, Fredster, here you go:

The answer: Boehner, Cantor, and Pepe LaPew.

The question: Name a drunk, a punk, and a skunk.

To funny you guys…Love them all

The Answer is Ivroy, Francis I and Michelle Bachmann

The Question is: Name a soap a pope and a Dope….

Hey everyone! Poor Fredster, take care of that sore mouth of yours.

If you are interested, the author of “Lean In” and K. Gill are having a tawk in 5 minutes. I’m going to watch..

@12, good one Fuzzy.

Yay for Fuzzy! Good one.

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