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Posted on: May 31, 2013

Initially, I had written another post for today, but in the vernacular, “I just wasn’t feelin’ it,” so instead, here are sometidbits tidbits you might have missed.


Something that hasn’t been talked about regarding Benghazi is, “What were we really doing there?” The tally of individuals evacuated from Benghazi was 30 Americans — only seven were State Department personnel. The others are believed to have been CIA operatives. Another fact morsel glossed over is that on two occasions, Ambassador Stevens refused increased military protection. Was Benghazi a jumping off place for arming Syrian rebels? Was it a secret CIA prison as Petraeus’ latest girlfriend, Paula Broadwell, intimated? We will probably never know what Benghazi truly was, but a State Department diplomatic outpost was a distant second to whatever was really going on.


There’s a dirty little secret that no one in the media has really tackled — you don’t really need to have an IRS designation to be a “social welfare 501(c)(4) organization.” You can just declare yourself one — raise all the secret money you want — keep the records — abide by the law — and just file as a 501(c)(4). Trevor Potter, best known as Stephen Colbert’s attorney, but who also happens to be a former FEC official agrees with this analysis.

Then why all the hubbub? After Citizens United opened the floodgates, every down-on-their-luck political operative with a bad comb over wanted a 501(c)(4) committee because it meant a big “cha-ching” payday. The upside of seeking a designation beforehand is being able to assure the big money donors they can remain anonymous like shadowy cockroaches.

So you had 70,000 applications inundating a small, backwater IRS division in Cincinnati with 200 employees and a mid-level employee used keywords to sort out approximately 300 applications for further scrutiny. That’s not much of a scandal. What is a scandal is why these little organizations were scrutinized when Karl Rove’s monster death star Crossroads GPS was allowed to lumber around with $70 million vomiting up political ads like an ipecac giveaway on St. Patrick’s Day?

New FBI Director

Good on James B. Comey, the former Bush Administration Assistant Attorney General, who is being nominated as the new FBI Director. He’s the guy who stood up to the Bush White House onslaught over warrantless wiretaps. Comey’s nomination proves people of principle can still finish first.

Weather Weapon

This is fringe of the fringe kooky even for conspiracy theorists. Alex Jones, the best bud of Matt Drudge, explained to his radio audience in the aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma tragedy, about the government having a weather weapon that “can create and steer groups of tornadoes.” He was reticent to say whether or not the Moore tornadoes were a product of the government’s weather weapon, but gave a homework assignment to his listeners by saying, “Only until there is evidence of airplanes or helicopters flying in the area prior to the tornadoes will we know for sure.” How long do you think that is gonna take?

Baggage Fees

I’ve railed about this before, but last year the airlines collected $6.0 Billion in baggage and reservation change fees — a new record. The reason these fees sprouted up like Viagra peddlers on the internet, is a Bush Administration IRS letter ruling finding these fees nontaxable. Take heart the next time you get dinged by a $50 baggage fee, you are being taxed so they don’t have to be.

Finally, is it just me or is the Terry Bradshaw/Jillian Barbarie Nutrisystem commercial even more annoying than the ad for the ear wax removal gadget where the guy sticks a Q-tip into his brain and screeches, “Owww!”

Have a great weekend.


15 Responses to "Just some stuff…"

You asked some good questions about that facility in Benghazi Prolix. And I bet the only place any of that was discussed was in the closed door hearings, if there.

This is the commercial that drive me nuts:

Whenever I hear Beata Sitosteral, it reminds me of this one.

vitameatavegamin…beata Sitosteral…vitameatavegamin…

Hmmm….. perhaps I shpuld find some way to become a (c) (4).

@1: Hey, my name is Beata Sitosteral! Don’t knock it. I’m making millions off that stuff.

OMG. Joe Scarborough just admitted that “trickle down” economics simply does not work.

@4: Joe just has gas today. Don’t worry; it will pass.

I also have to wonder what percentage of the (c) (4) apps were conservative groups.

Hmmm, that’s funny. I always thought Cheney was the one with the weather machine. I would have thought his target would have been New York instead of Oklahoma…

Beata, I apologize. I don’t want to get in the way of your money making machine there.

Rachel Maddow covered the *weather weapon* thing and it was hilarious.

#6, Chat, don’t know the exact percentage, but there have been no conservative (c)(4)s turned down while there have been progressive (c)(4)s denied — go figure. When you think about it, it is the perfect conservative meme — government can’t do anything right, they target conservative groups and end up denying progressive groups.

#7 and #9 — what I haven’t been able to figure out is that when you are “steering tornadoes,” do you drive on the left or the right? Since it is the northern hemisphere I would imagine it is the right, but then when you are driving cyclones in the southern hemisphere does that change? Inquiring minds want to know.

Prolix@11: Good question!

@11 – I would say it depends on your ideology. Conservatives drive on the right, of course…

Hey Fuzzy! If you’re around or come around, how did things work out with your stove?

Great post, Prolix! Made me laugh at and be angry at the repubs all at the same time! 🙂

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