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Remain Calm, Etc.: Your Republican Party, Gangnam Style

Posted on: May 30, 2013

Good Thursday, Widdershins.

The Republican party, for bitter or for better, has been a never-ending source of entertainment for quite a while now.  Lately, they have absolutely outdone themselves, leaping and contorting in a manner that would make Psy proud.

In a  recent (and über rare) interview,  former Senator Bob Dole stated that he would have no place in the current party structure, nor would the now-sanctified likes of Ronald Reagan be welcomed.  Dole further opined that the entire party needs to be “closed for repairs”.   Senator Dole seems to be a really nice man, and despite the fact that I rarely agree with his opinions, I must admit that he absolutely nailed it this time.   Even more so, the party is in desperate need of new management, as the lunatics appear to be in full control of the asylum these days.

Where do I begin?  In keeping with latest Repub tradition of denying victims of disaster any assistance from FEMA unless offsets (usually from other needy people) can be found, both Senators Inhof and Coburn of Oklahoma would be happy to deny their Moore constituents help at this time.  Coburn said that there was plenty of available money, and called attempts at further allocations a “scam”.  At least he is consistently Scrooge-like, as he has been ever thus going back to the time of the Murrah Building.  Representative Peter King (R-NY) and Governor Christie of New Jersey have indicated their general exasperation with him, and I profoundly agree.  What good is government at any level if it cannot look after the people who elect and fund it?

Moving along, let’s consider the federal courts.  Confirmation of candidates has proceeded with the speed of a glacier with this Senate.  Yes, there have most certainly been delays in the past, but previously the process has been less than a month and is now nearly six months when successful at all. Candidates are beginning given hundreds, and in one case, more than a thousand written questions to fill out, and vacancies abound.   Finally, Judge Srikanth Srinivasan was confirmed 97-0 for  a seat on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, on which there are still several vacancies.  Who knows, perhaps the Republican party has given up on educated women, Hispanics, and African-Americans, thus attempting to embrace the South Asian group instead.  There are now 4 Republican appointees and 5 Democratic.

The fact that more vacancies exist and Obama is still President just does not sit well with Senator Chuch Grassley (R-Iowa).  The good Senator has apparently had an epiphany by which he decided that there were just way too many judges, and their numbers should be reduced.  (Oddly, he did not seem to feel that way when George Bush was in office……..)    The Prez has announced that he will fill the existing vacancies, and right on cue, Republican objections fill the air.  Both Grassley and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have leveled accusations of “court packing”, which was indeed attempted in the Roosevelt administration where FDR wanted to expand the number of Supreme Court justices in order to ascertain that Democratic policies would be around for an extended period of time.  Nope, this is  the President exercising his prerogative to nominate candidates for the federal bench, and in the immortal words of Dubya, “Elections have consequences”. Indeed they do, and if Harry Reid is smart, he will insist that they actually filibuster rather than phoning it in.

My personal favorite is the sudden, passionate embrace of the heretofore loathed “individual mandate”.  Dear old Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) has decided in his infinite wisdom that those people who are here illegally must be compelled to purchase insurance in order to remain in the country, and that this one particular exception is fine and dandy because those folks should not be a drain on public finances.  Now, Mario is Cuban, and I assure you that when Cubans make it to shore under “Wet Foot, Dry Foot”, they are issued a Social Security number, food stamps, and a Medicaid card upon arrival.  I have seen this more than once when rafters arrived in my ER – Haitians were issued a complementary  orange jumpsuit and a ride to Krome Detention Center, and Cubans received the full boat of benefits.  Interestingly, those here illegally do not qualify for payment support under the ACA, and since many undocumented people work for minimum wage, I hardly see how his is a practical solution.  Nevertheless, the idea is catching hold in Republican circles.  Stay tuned.

I’ve saved the best for last:  Rep. Michele Bachmann has decided not to run for office in 2014.  Whether it was the close call in 2012 or the FBI investigation into her campaign finances I do not know, but all I can say is “Ding, dong, the witch is dead”.    However, I must admit that she has been most amusing at times, including her signature statement regarding the shot fired round the world in the wrong city of Concord.  Her tussles with geography continued when she confused the hometown of John Wayne Gacy with the hometown of John Wayne – close, but no cigar.  Apparently history is not her long suit, either, as she stated that the Founding Fathers (including John Quincy Adams) worked tirelessly to eradicate slavery.   Then there was the time that she insisted on singing “Happy Birthday” to Elvis, on the anniversary of his death.  Her forays into medicine have been even worse, when she insisted that the HPV vaccine had serious side effects (no, it doesn’t and all three of the grandmonsters have had it), and that swine flu broke out during the Carter administration (actually, it was the Ford administration).  The list goes on and on.  Good riddance, Gentle Lady.

So, whenever you see Psy dancing around “gangnam style”, just picture the luminaries of the Republican party bouncing along with him.  That thought will get you through some grey days, especially the Super Bowl version.

This is an open thread.


16 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc.: Your Republican Party, Gangnam Style"

both Senators Inhof and Coburn of Oklahoma would be happy to deny their Moore constituents help at this time.

See this is what REALLY gets me going. How in the world can a political affiliation excuse any sense of public responsibility? These people are completely without souls.

Today’s Republicans seem to have one mission only: to hate on the poor, the sick and the female, and use the federal and state government to make their lots in life as painful as possible. I do believe that Ronald Raygun had exactly the same mission, but he hid it better.

Oh, I completely agree. While I do have a bit of a Libertarian streak, these guys appear to have taken that premise to the level of “I’ve got mine, so buzz off.”

@1: They are without souls. It’s frightening to realize we have come to this place in our country’s history. Goddess, help us.

Nice choice of music, B. It fits, Such a contrast to their profession of Christianity, no?

This is a happy day for Pat! Bachmann is leaving!! Congrats Pat!

This whole disaster relief denial just blows my mind. Can these guys win reelections or do their constituents agree with them? I wonder.

@5 I cannot imagine that. Florida voted for Daddy Bush in 1988, and for Clinton in 1992. Hurricane Andrew had much to do with that.

The Okie twin Senators are going to have a sh!t fit when they see that the Corps of Engineers has done their due diligence and said that a levee system called “Morganza to the Gulf” is economically feasible because the cost to benefit ratio is positive. One way it is economically justified is that once the system is built there will be less flooding and repetitive flooding when a tropical system goes through that area. Of course it still has to be authorized by Congress and then funded.

The entire idea of “disaster relief” goes back to the 1927 Miss. River Great Flood. it’s very simple: when a disaster is so huge and devastating that it overwhelms the local government entities, it takes the Feds to step in and help. One way the Feds could help in Moore is to provide grants to help them build underground safe rooms in the schools. Its going to be terribly expensive to build those in the schools and the best time to do it would be when they rebuild. However, doing something that would save the lives of kids and teachers is probably not in the worldview of those two Senators. 👿

If anything, this adds credence to the National Cat Fund theory. Somehow, everyone thinks that all disasters are Southern coastal hurricanes/ The past ten years should have long destroyed that concept.. A well-funded Cat would negate the need for the begging and posturing that goes on each and every time.

@2, Chat, for compassionate conservatives, the slogan is, “I’ve got mine, sorry about your luck.”

Great post — every example gets me fired up.

chat said: A well-funded Cat would negate the need for the begging and posturing that goes on each and every time.

Excellent point!

It’ s such a simple concept. Historically,, Congressmen from inland states have considered this to be a coastal problem, but a few good EF4 and EF5 tornadoes should have caused them to see it in a new light.

Well I COMPLETELY support a national Cat fund. A cat in every yard!

Better than a chicken in a pot.

Hee, I knew you’d know what I meant, Chat!

Seriously, the idea is just brilliant. Obviously we nawtherners cannot pretend we don’t need the fund for ourselves, not after Sandy!

BTW my next project is in Atlanta. Thank yew, thank yew so much (as Brenda Leigh Johnson would say)

Atlanta is a wonderful place, although home to our in-state rival Georgia Tech. The aquarium is lovely, and be certain to go to Underground Atlanta, where the fire marks are still visible from the WBTS. (I especially like Dante’s Down the Hatch. It’s been there for about 40 years, as I spent a lot of time drowning my sorrows during nursing boards. My daughter stops by whenever her work takes her to ATL.) Lots of great dining as well. If you are going to be there in October, the Stone Mountain Highland Games are some of the biggest that we have. Be sure to stop by the Clan Gunn tent, as Lex and Charlie always have a wee drap of the good stuff to share.
PS – not too bad on the Southronese there.

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