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Posted on: May 27, 2013

shutterstock_43188916My “faux outrage” meter is running out of gas.

You might say it is a waste of time trying to keep up with all the “outrage” that is supposed to rile up the senses surrounding anything that is coming out of DC these days.   Take your pick.

We hardly live in the present.   Just about everything that is going on today is actually focused on the next presidential election three years out.    The Right is gunning for Hillary and she has yet to announce.

Bridges are collapsing.  The “sequestration” is now weaving its way across the nation thus effecting the population as a whole in the name of “austerity”.   Gun control has all but disappeared from the public forum.   Obamacare is being challenged yet again.   Congress is on hiatus until Boehner says otherwise.  And I won’t bother to even mention the topic of women’s rights to self determination.  “Leadership” in this country is a joke.

The Right is dragging forth their possible contenders for 2016.   Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, have become the staple of talk shows laying claim to the possibility of seizing the nomination 3 years out.  This allows the current issues of the day to be set aside in favor of which one of these 3 yahoos has what it takes to attract the future electorate.

For the past 5 years we have had nothing but stalemate.   Nothing ever gets done.   We are forced to live with “politics” rather than with solutions to some very pressing issues and few elected officials seem to care.

The IRS in all its wisdom has managed to resurrect the hopes and aspirations of the Tea Party.   Some of us held the belief that many of these obstructionists would be gone come 2014 when congressional races were up for grabs.   After 4 long years of hearing “no” to every issue put forth on behalf of the electorate we felt the end was near.   Not so fast.

It is becoming more and more difficult to give a damn anymore.   The same old, same old names and faces dominate the discussion, holding out for the ultimate seat of power rather than the public service they were voted to uphold.   A never ending game of “gotcha” that only manages to serve them.  Whoever “they” happen to be at any given moment.

The political landscape has drastically changed and with all due respect I don’t see that disappearing anytime soon.  It’s a game bought and sold with the smell of money and the promises that goes with it.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.  This is it.


7 Responses to "RUNNING ON EMPTY"

I understand completely/

that is so true Pat… we need to focus of kicking the Bums out in 2014. I suggest that we vote against any candidate that has an “A”, “B” or “C” Rating with the NRA. We need to encourage our friends and family to do the same.

If Hillary should run I want her to have a friendly or at least cowed Congress to assist her, she can complete true Healthcare reform and deliver on gay and women’s rights.

Finally she can make at least 2 possibly 3 Supreme Court Justices that could put an end to some of this outrageous nonsense that we have had to live with over the last 5 years.

I can say that as much as I am not a friend of “Obie won nothing” Sotomayor and Kagan have been very good Jurist on the supreme court.

i Believe if Kennedy or Thomas leave the court even under Obama we could get a few more good appointments, I would prefer them to have their appointments made by Hillary but fear 3 more years of Just-less Thomas.

Lest we forget, Today we remember the brave men and Women who have given the last full measure for their country… I am truly grateful for their service our country is here because of their sacrifice.

Take a moment of your day to remember them all.

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

i would much rather it be HRC that gets to make the nominations to the Supremes if any arise, rather than Obama. That’s assuming she runs.

I just saw an FB post from the UK Guardian that Angelina Jolie’s biological aunt, her mother Michelline Bertrand’s sister, died this morning of breast cancer at age 61. She did not know she carried the defective BRCA1 gene until after her diagnosis in 2004.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid, thoughtless remarks and criticism of Ms. Jolie in the past few weeks. Nobody here, of course. The gene may be rare, but if you have it, it’s real. I am on the warpath about this. Anyone who thinks this is a “cosmetic” vain decision needs their head examined.

The real outrage here is that more than 30 years after Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder went public with a campaign for early screening for ovarian cancer, the insurers and the medical societies in the USA still refuse to provide this screening, hiding behind the excuse, “well, the tests are inconclusive, we can’t be sure”. The medical/insurance complex still offers women no options other than to yank the ovaries out and induce painful premature menopause. There is no amount of money which can shield Ms. Jolie, or any other woman with a family history of ovarian cancer, from the physical effects of what she now must do to preserve her life. Thirty years, and no progress? We put a man on the moon is less time. We found the HIV virus, a test, and a multidrug regimen in less time.

Where is the outrage against the insurance/medical/industrial complex?

Mary Luke, it’s all about money and power. A Woman’s breasts should be her business alone. I can understand Ms Jolie’s decision as I had a friend who died, but the vast populace do not and the insurers rely on ignorance of the populace. Plus they have deep pockets and their lobbyists are paid mucho bucks to influence legislation. Government for sale is the name of the game today.
Pat I rarely comment on your government – goodness knows our current government is not much better. Your piece was well written and captures all. Well done as usual.

Pat I rarely comment on your government

Now HT, you offer up a comment or two on occasions and that’s fine; we’re your neighbors!

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