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Posted on: May 20, 2013

RobertsonIf you listen to Pat Robertson – and who doesn’t? – men cheat because it is part of their nature but it is the fault of women that they do.

A woman who does not make herself “sweet and pretty” at all times is putting her marriage at risk because what man does not deserve the combination of Martha Stewart in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom to keep him happy?  Anything less can be placed at the feet of those women who refuse to be both.

For years we have been entertained by the lunatic meanderings of this fool who happens to own his own television station and is free to pass judgment on the rest of us. When he is not expounding on the gays he can be counted on to “explain” the latest natural disaster to illustrate god’s wrath.  Ignorance knows no bounds when it comes to Pat Robertson.

Apparently Huma Abeden, Jenny Sanford, and Elizabeth Edwards, along with scores of other wives whose husbands have strayed far from their marital vows, are the culprits in these events. Had they only listened to Pat they may very well have shifted the course of the infidelity their mates indulged in by “letting themselves go”.

In other words, ladies, expect your spouse or partner to “cheat” because that is in their nature.  It must appear somewhere in the bible otherwise why would Pat say so? There is no greater authority on that book than Robertson himself when it comes to “interpretation” of “the word”.

And if your wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s by all means find yourself another willing partner in the meantime according to Pat’s thesis.  That too must be written somewhere in the holy book because would Pat say so otherwise?

It must be “heart warming” to the men out there who may be tempted to stray from hearth and home because the wife no longer holds the same appeal she did on their wedding day. Not their fault that child bearing and age have played havoc on their body and appearance. Permission has been granted by Pat Robertson to seek their pleasures elsewhere when the wife cannot be bothered to slap on the makeup just when her Prince Charming comes home from a long day at the office. Shame on those who refuse to make the effort!

This is the stupidity we have come to expect from Pat Robertson. A simplistic fool who had made his fortune scamming the public out of their earnings while living the life of a millionaire in spreading lies and indulging in his own brand of bigotry and calling it “religion”.  A con man extraordinaire.

Why anyone bothers to pay attention to him is beyond my comprehension.  This man is an idiot.


19 Responses to "HE SPEAKS AGAIN!"

I hate to be callous but (the ever present But) why isn’t this man dead yet? When my uncle (name only, my mother’s best friend) devolved into severe alzheimers we had to confine him to a nursing home. This klutz has more money than Croesus so is enabled to continue babbling on the airwaves. Shockingly people continue to send him money – what’s that about?

Yes Pat Robertson is still hocking the “Last Supper Lawn Furniture Set” and the “Peter and Paul” steak knife collection to the gullible and stupid. Thinking that owning a real imitation set of the Dead Sea Scrolls with autographed picture of Pat himself!

Good one Fuzzy and sadly probably true. My own Aunt sent this charleton money. Two years after her death we were still getting begging letters despite the fact that we had notified them several times that she had died. At least real biological leeches do some good so cannot call him a leech. Even parasites have a symbiotic relationship with their host so can’t call him a parasite. He’s a con man, an Elmer Gantry, human refuse with an eye to power, control and money. And millions of people fall for his schtick.

Did every one see that 500,000 square miles of America’s Red State Heartland in under severe weather bet I would be crucified if I said the Almighty was passing judgement on their Right wing Unchristian Asses, but if it was the North East Old Patty boy would be the first out there mocking and passing Judgement.

Pat this guy needs an enema he is so full of shit…look you got my dander up!

So what happened to “The devil made me do it?”

Now chat, you know that the devil dare not approach Mr whatever – his god speaks directly to him, doncha know. Of course his god also speaks directly to a whole host of insanely stupid people like sweatervest santorum and lest we forget rigidromney amonst others like ted crazynugent. Personally I think that the devil, if it exists, has better taste in it’s chosen minions. god not so much. Even that Phelps guy of Westboro insane asylum hears god – says a lot about these people to my mind.

And silly sister Sarah Palin….lets not forget her and her “Special” Relationship with G.O.D. he told her that She was going to be the First Woman Vice President.

And don’t forget Michele Bachmann. She’s got a new one to get riled up over.

The Oklahoma City area is getting absolutely hammered today by tornadoes. One of them was two miles wide.

sexy leggings Widdershins are welcoming to all as long as new people abide by the statement of principles. It might be a good idea to change your nym btw.

Fredster I’ve seen the news about tornadoes and other violent weather. I hope the people involved have gotten to a safe place. In the meantime I’m longing for a storm so that the rain will nourish the plants.

The centrifugal logic of Pat Robertson, “Since God can do anything and Jesus is God, then if Jesus wanted to do something during his time on earth and he didn’t do it since he could do anything, we are sinning if we do it even though there is nothing in the Bible about the sin — only in the logic of Pat Robertson is the sin real.” In other words, our sins are imputed by the non-action of someone whose life is really a big thirty year blank from the Holiday Inn Manger Stable until he was 30. And even at 30, his actions were not chronicled with youtube clarity.

As to the horrific weather over the midwest, in Pat Robertson’s logical processes since sin and blame are attributable to the syllogism instead of the other way around, “If Iowa is spared, the rest of the midwest is being punished for not recognizing marriage equality.”

@2 Fuzzy, I doubt Pat Robertson believes in the Dead Sea Scrolls. After all, they include those filthy women apostles.

Mary Luke those were the Gnostic Nag Hamadi Texts not the Dead Sea Scrolls which are all old testament

HT said: sexy leggings Widdershins are welcoming to all as long as new people abide by the statement of principles.

HT you need not concern yourself with this. Actually, there was nothing wrong with the comment per se. However it was spam that got through for some reason. Those of us who can will deal with things these things.

@9> So sad. There has been a scary upswing in anti-gay attacks, including in NYC. Several gay men have been attacked in public in broad daylight. One man was shot and killed just a few days ago; the NYPD has already called it a “hate crime.”

DYB: I saw that! Do you read towelroad? They had some good coverage of the New York attacks.

Fuzzy @2: ROFL!!

Damn! 51 killed in OKC and at least 20 were children.

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