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RobertsonIf you listen to Pat Robertson – and who doesn’t? – men cheat because it is part of their nature but it is the fault of women that they do.

A woman who does not make herself “sweet and pretty” at all times is putting her marriage at risk because what man does not deserve the combination of Martha Stewart in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom to keep him happy?  Anything less can be placed at the feet of those women who refuse to be both.

For years we have been entertained by the lunatic meanderings of this fool who happens to own his own television station and is free to pass judgment on the rest of us. When he is not expounding on the gays he can be counted on to “explain” the latest natural disaster to illustrate god’s wrath.  Ignorance knows no bounds when it comes to Pat Robertson.

Apparently Huma Abeden, Jenny Sanford, and Elizabeth Edwards, along with scores of other wives whose husbands have strayed far from their marital vows, are the culprits in these events. Had they only listened to Pat they may very well have shifted the course of the infidelity their mates indulged in by “letting themselves go”.

In other words, ladies, expect your spouse or partner to “cheat” because that is in their nature.  It must appear somewhere in the bible otherwise why would Pat say so? There is no greater authority on that book than Robertson himself when it comes to “interpretation” of “the word”.

And if your wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s by all means find yourself another willing partner in the meantime according to Pat’s thesis.  That too must be written somewhere in the holy book because would Pat say so otherwise?

It must be “heart warming” to the men out there who may be tempted to stray from hearth and home because the wife no longer holds the same appeal she did on their wedding day. Not their fault that child bearing and age have played havoc on their body and appearance. Permission has been granted by Pat Robertson to seek their pleasures elsewhere when the wife cannot be bothered to slap on the makeup just when her Prince Charming comes home from a long day at the office. Shame on those who refuse to make the effort!

This is the stupidity we have come to expect from Pat Robertson. A simplistic fool who had made his fortune scamming the public out of their earnings while living the life of a millionaire in spreading lies and indulging in his own brand of bigotry and calling it “religion”.  A con man extraordinaire.

Why anyone bothers to pay attention to him is beyond my comprehension.  This man is an idiot.


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