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Posted on: May 18, 2013

Red curry squash & lentil soup

Red curry squash & lentil soup

Good Saturday morning Widdershins.  It is Saturday morning as I write this, albeit a bit early.  The thunderstorms which were supposed to die off with the setting sun are being especially persistent this morning.  That being the case, lets take a look at some of the odd, funny or different things in the news that caught my eye.

It’s not American Idol or The Voice but I don’t care

It seems like the airlines are again in the news with a captain again making an unscheduled stop, this time in Kansas City.  It wasn’t movie issues this time but rather a woman who thought she might be the next Whitney or Dolly Parton.

he American Airlines flight made an emergency stop at Kansas City International Airport due to an unruly passenger, authorities said.

The woman disrupted the flight in part by belting out Whitney Houston songs. And based on the video posted by a passenger on the flight, the woman won’t be getting a golden ticket onto the American Idol competition anytime soon.

The American Airlines flight departed Los Angeles International Airport at 3:30 p.m. Thursday. It was headed to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.


“The woman was being disruptive and was removed from the plane for interfering with the flight crew,” airport spokesman Joe McBride said Friday. “There was a federal air marshal on the aircraft, who subdued the woman and put her in cuffs and removed her from the plane.”

As she was leaving the plane, she crooned, “I will always love you,” which was written by Dolly Parton. Both Parton and Houston performed the song.

The plane took off from KCI at 7:11 p.m.

I’ll let you sample her vocal stylings below.

I especially like the voice of the flight attendant shouting “no photos taken on the airplane!”.   Uh-huh, that’s why there are all of those youtube videos of people taking pictures of the outside of the airplane.  Is it perhaps a super-secret stealth airliner?

But it’s’ green energy!

Seriously, I am not knocking wind energy.  I’m really not, but perhaps we could, say, put giant screen coverings over the blades so eagles and falcons don’t fly into them?  Now I do come from an oil and gas producing state but that doesn’t meant I don’t see the benefits of wind power, so when I quote from a WaPo article below I’m not taking sides.

CONVERSE COUNTY, Wyo. — Wind farms in this corner of Wyoming have killed more than four dozen golden eagles since 2009, one of the deadliest places in the country of its kind.

But so far, the companies operating industrial-sized turbines here and elsewhere that are killing eagles and other protected birds have yet to be fined or prosecuted – even though every death is a criminal violation.

The Obama administration has charged oil companies for drowning birds in their waste pits, and power companies for electrocuting birds on power lines.

But the administration has never fined or prosecuted a wind-energy company, even those that flout the law repeatedly.


The large death toll at wind farms shows how the renewable energy rush comes with its own environmental consequences, trade-offs the Obama administration is willing to make in the name of cleaner energy.

The article is a 5 page piece and I urge you take a look at it.  I think it shows that despite the best of our intentions, we sometimes run into unintended consequences.

You see what happens when you mess around with Social Security?
or “what am I going to tell your grandchildren?”

Truth to tell, I dearly would have loved it if this had happened with Paul Ryan’s granddaddy but of course it won’t.

A 75-year-old resident of a New Jersey senior citizen housing complex is suspected of running a prostitution ring that employed some elderly residents as sex workers, NBC 4 New York has learned.
The suspect, James Parham, 75, was also accused, along with Cheryl Chaney, 66, of allowing residents and visitors to use crack in their apartments, police said.
Both are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a nuisance, and Chaney is also charged with possession of crack cocaine.
In Parham’s case, the nuisance charge relates to allowing prostitution in his apartment and in Chaney’s case, it relates to allowing drug use in hers.
Englewood Police Chief Arthur O’Keefe told NBC 4 New York on Tuesday that Parham ran the prostitution ring through his apartments, and employed a mix of young women and older residents.

Now this next part left me just shaking my head.

Kevin Thomas, who has loved ones living in the complex, said he couldn’t understand why older people were turning to crime.
“Why they wait so late in life to start doing stuff they should have did years ago, or shouldn’t have touched period, why do you wait this late?” he said.

Well Kevin, you try living on what granny and grandpa are trying to get by on and see how it goes.

Finally, I put up the picture of the soup for our good and dear friend Beata.  Beata, if you want the recipe, you can find it here.

I’m setting this to post a little bit later since it’s a Saturday and we all love to sleep in.

Okay Widdershins, what’s going on in your world today?   Let me know in the comments below.

This is an open thread.


17 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Thank you for the soup pic and recipe, Fredster. It looks delish!

The story and video of the woman singing “I Will Always Love You” ( badly ) on the plane was too funny. I’ll have to try that someday. I sing badly really well, if I do say so myself.

Here’s the latest installment of Ann and Judy at the Piggly-Wiggly for your Saturday entertainment pleasure:

Such a travesty! Old people have earned the right to be a nuisance.

Cheers to the Whitney/Dolly impersonator — when she was dropped off in Kansas City, she increased the percentage of interesting people by 100%.

Since the only thing that stops a bad wind turbine is an administration with a good wind turbine and according to the oil industry, such a beast doesn’t exist all wind turbines henceforth shall be powered from the spillage and leakage from the Keystone Pipeline. Problem solved — this environmental solution brought to you by Dick Cheney on his way to either hunt eagles or shoot his friends in the face.

prolix said: all wind turbines henceforth shall be powered from the spillage and leakage from the Keystone Pipeline.

Prolix dahling, I don’t care what the wind turbines are powered by (hopefully wind?) but I really just don’t want them making mincemeat out of duh boids. Can’t we fix that?

Putting this here just because I can. BTW, the statue lil Bobby is looking at is of Huey Long.

Inspiration? He lacks the flair.

He lacks the flair.

Yes he does. People are realizing there’s not much wunder to the wunderkind.

He’s not very kind, either.

The comments about the elderly ring is disturbing to say the least. What kind of a civilized country tosses their elders on the dustbin of history? Makes one think deeply about the state of social conscience or lack thereof.
Wind turbines have been the subject of protests here. People close to them have complained about chronic illnesses of themselves and their animals. Strange and very sad times we live in. I’m fortunate in that I have a very good pension and health benefits. I was probably one of the last of the “Not 1%” who was able to retire at age 55. My children won’t be able to unless the hit a lottery.
BTW, make no mistake – that keystone pipeline will go through – and you folks will be living with the damage and cleaning up afterwards forever. Evil stuff, tarsands oil and even more evil, the corporate CEOs and politicians lining their pockets to the detriment of the rest of the people.

I’m fortunate in that I have a very good pension and health benefits

Yes, a lot of people here have that too. My father had three retirements: soc. sec., military and the company he worked for afterwards.

I was probably one of the last of the “Not 1%” who was able to retire at age 55

State, county and federal employees have that here, 55 w/30 years. And the same for teachers. A friend retired from teaching at 54 and then after her father died she got the proceeds from when he had sold the family farm for $800,000. Her husband still works.

The article about the Dalai Lama was wonderful!

About the wind turbines and the birds: all the idiot megacorps need to do is build in bird-scaring technology. The Germans and the English have been working on it, and it can be fairly successful. I know they’re not dealing with golden eagles, but the general method is to adapt the method to whatever works on the species of interest.

As far as I’m concerned, what it really tells you is that huge scale anything is not good. Wind power doesn’t have to be massive propellor blades. The most efficient current designs are tower-shaped, but they’re most suitable for small scale distributed applications, so of course the Big Utilities aren’t interested.

Dang, I looked for red lentil recipes today. Oddly wishing for soup. I probably need meds, because it’s hot outside and I want soup. Anyways, get outta my head, Fredster.

quixote said:

About the wind turbines and the birds: all the idiot megacorps need to do is build in bird-scaring technology.

Thanks for the info on that! I knew there had to be a solution for that if they wanted to look for it.

I have state retirement. It’s not fabulous (both federal and municipal are better than state here), but coupled with Social Security, I get by.

quixote said: The article about the Dalai Lama was wonderful!

Wasn’t that!! (forgot to add it earlier) Who would have thought about having His Holiness (he has that title too) for a commencement speaker.

get outta my head, Fredster.

Nah. It’s fun to get in there and mess around. 😉

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