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Posted on: May 13, 2013

DonAddisOne of the worst parts of the sequestration is the fact that over 4 million seniors and shut ins are no longer receiving “Meals on Wheels”. Other seniors receiving Medicare and in need of cancer treatments have also been shut out. The Headstart Program has come to a halt. And a myriad of other programs that effect us nationwide have also been effected by cuts brought forth by a GOP dominated congress.

Logic would dictate that this is something that should be heavily covered by the press as it touches so many of the vulnerable, some who have no place else to turn.

Not so! Let’s take a look at just what the press is “obsessed” with these days.

Camped outside the homes of the 3 girls who were held captive for 10 years by a perverted monster, they have managed to “interview” as many friends, neighbors, relatives or passers by, all rushing forward with commentary surrounding the horrific event each seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

The horror of what these young women endured is nothing but fodder for these ghouls. Even their own families have broken the privacy barrier by allowing the talking heads into their homes with the hope that one of these young women will allow an interview to share her misery with the cameras rolling.  It is sickening beyond words.

Over in Arizona a death penalty trial that featured a woman accused of slaughtering her ex boyfriend became a headline grabber with nonstop coverage of the salacious details along with “celebrity status” granted to the comely murderer.  No stone was left unturned when “people in the street” were invited to chime in with their own verdict of her guilt or innocence.

Along with that nonsense was the never ending coverage of a pregnant Kim Kardashian jetting from one place to another as we are invited to watch her “baby bump” grow. Fascinating stuff along with begging the question on whether the “baby daddy” will or will not “put a ring on it”.

Then there is the coverage of Lindsay Lohan who is “not happy” being forced into rehab once again. This caught the attention of the national news media accompanied by discussions of whether or not she “will stick with the program”.  You can’t make this stuff up.

In the meantime we are discovering that these drastic “across the board” cuts are infecting First Responders, teachers, medical personnel, government workers and services, public parks, seniors, children, and women’s healthcare access.

The press is doing a great job in diverting attention away from the importance of the issues at hand.

What happened in Cleveland, Ohio is disgusting but it does not warrant the talking heads to camp out for days outside the homes of these victims and issuing hourly statements that not much is going on. Not when seniors are being deprived of perhaps the only means of nourishment they may have all day to survive in this era of “austerity”.

We have been chided for our “short attention spans” as we are continually fed the “sensationalism” rather than to address the real issues that effect our daily lives. The Boston Marathon event that dominated the news for a solid two weeks has been replaced – as we all recognize that it eventually would – by other events that have taken on a life of their own. Created for the sensationalism it produces, the “reality” goes unattended in place of the “entertainment value” that gushes forth.

Morons who deny science are sitting on the science committee in congress. Idiots who do the bidding of the NRA are hardly mentioned. States who aim to include “Creationism” into the public classrooms while banning a woman’s right to privacy find the coverage buried somewhere in the back pages. Sex assaults in the military are barely touched upon although hundreds of women have come forward to testify about their own mistreatment. These merely stand as “blips” on the focus of news outlets and talking heads looking for an audience in search of “entertainment”.

Perhaps we would be better served if the press camped outside the homes of these wealthy congresscritters who pass these hateful and illogical laws they themselves will never be forced to live with rather than to spend useless hours standing in the streets begging passers by to expound on issues that have little bearing on the rest of us.

Make sense?   Hold them accountable for their dastardly deeds that are placed on the backs of the poor and disabled which is as much of a crime as any of the others they spend time “covering”.



This says it all:

Amen Pat!

I was reading something the other day, can’t remember what, and there was the real high brow discussion on television news ratings especially about the “news” programs like Today and GMA.

These effete dilettantes were extolling the virtues of more “Jody Arias” and less Capitol Hill. In other words, forget about information essential to the effective operation of a republic in lieu of the lurid details of a murder trial that makes one feel superior to the perpetrator. Ironically, at its heart it is the same sociological caste system that is at work among prison populations.

Methinks there might be a lesson begging to be learned there.

Pat – very insightful post.
Chat – our Rick Mercer did a “Talking to Americans” segment in his shows years ago. The ignorance was astounding so the clip you posted is not surprising. If you are interested, some of his segments are on youtube – Talking to Americans, Rick Mercer.

BTW Talking to Canadians wouldn’t be any better. The ignorance and celebration of “celebrity” culture is universal and as Pat noted it’s due in large part to the media, thanks to people like Rupert Murdoch.

Pat, the media’s need to please their sponsors with ratings drive their lowest-common-denominator programming. Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Series The Newsroom dealt with this very issue. I’m glad it got renewed for this summer. Just like I pretended we had a good President while The West Wing aired, I can pretend we have good media while watching The Newsroom.

Chat @1: Fricken hysterical and oh, so sad at the same time. That’s what we’re working with as an audience and electorate.

%5: Isn;t it?

hello Pat big hugs and you nailed it for me now that I am fully back on the widdershins!

You have been sorely missed, Fuzzy.

Pat, excellent post. It sickens me how little we have heard of the fallout of these cuts.

Am glad Fuzzy is back! 🙂

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