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Posted on: May 11, 2013


Hello Widdershins.  It’s Saturday so as is my habit, we’ll look at some of the lighter things in the news that caught my eye.  No serious thinkin’ required today.  And also, no “B” words today either!  😉

Some people should not be given microphones

Ted Johnson formerly of the New England Patriots has a radio talk show in Houston.  However,  he might need to put the mic down for awhile.  Now, I’m not saying that Ted is a dumb jock, but I don’t think he’s quite gotten the grasp of the idea that Google, the internet, Twitter, etc. will easily repeat what you’ve said or written.  You see Ted violated an age old rule:  Don’t talk bad about another man’s wife.  And especially, don’t talk bad about Vince Wilfork’s wife, when Vince looks like this.  And here is what Ted said:

You know what, I’ve got it,” Johnson said on CBS Houston when a caller asked him to identify the player with the least attractive wife (audio here). “And this is a big, big man. This guy had his way with the Texans this year. He won’t hear this — Vince Wilfork.”

Now Ted is no slouch either when it comes to the big and brawny but ole Vince can probably take him easily.  Quoting some more from the article:

Thing was, there was no way Wilfork — who played on the 2004 New England team with Johnson — wasn’t going to hear that awful response…

And once he did, let’s just say that Johnson was lucky Wilfork didn’t book the next flight to Houston to teach him a thing or two about respect. (Would anyone here have blamed him if Wilfork forcibly fed Johnson his microphone?)

Wilfork instead took to Twitter to point out just how wrong Johnson was.

You can go to the link to see Vince’s response.  And it’s really sad that Johnson said anything like this.  Being a fellow team mate I’m sure he had to be aware of this:

 Bianca Wilfork has always been very public with her support of her husband and the couple runs The Vince Wilfork Foundation, which raises money for diabetes research. She may not fit society’s traditional definition of beautiful but she’s clearly beautiful to the only person whose opinion matters — Vince Wilfork.

Ted here’s a scoop for ya:  Not everyone in the world can be Tom Brady handsome and Gisele Bündchen gorgeous.  So until you Ted can engage your brain before engaging your mouth, as the Soup Nazi said:  “No soup for you.”

Everyone gets graded “F” here

The scene is a United Airlines flight going from Denver to Baltimore.  On board are a couple and their two children ages 4 and 8.  There is an in-flight movie, Alex Cross, that will be shown.  The movie is rated PG-13.  Mom and Dad were concerned about the violence in the movie so they asked the flight attendants if it could be turned off.  The flight attendants said no.

The parents, whose children are 4 and 8, believed the film to be too violent for their kids. “Alarmed by the opening scenes, we asked two flight attendants if they could turn off the monitor; both claimed it was not possible” and would be a nuisance to the people behind them.

At this point, according to the letter, the people behind the parents spoke up and said it would be fine with them if the movie screen was closed. “Both flight attendants, and later the purser, claimed that they have no authority or ability to change or turn off the movie. The purser did, however, agree with us, as did many more of the passengers around us, that it is patently inappropriate to expose children to such content.”

The parents wrote that throughout the discussion, no voices were raised and everyone was civil and polite. The parents apparently accepted that the movie was going to be shown. They attempted to distract their kids from the “horrific scenes on the movie screens,” they wrote.

Okay.  I get that the parents were concerned about the “violence” in the movie.  By the same token, however, if they were concerned about a movie, perhaps they should have done a little further checking with United online to see what movies would be playing onboard the aircraft.  It seems that United has some aircraft that are “mainscreen equipped” while others have the personal viewing screen channel seats.  Even though the other passengers were in agreement about the movie themes suitability for children and did not mind having the movie stopped, what if others had not been willing to do so?

What isn’t discussed in the Yahoo piece is that the parents asked if the pilot had the authority to have the screen raised and movie turned off!

We asked if the captain has the authority to address this issue, but received no response. A few minutes later we asked for the captain’s name (I failed to make note when he welcomed us on the PA system), and was told, by the purser, that we will have to ask him ourselves when we disembark.

So now at this point apparently they have one pissed-off pilot they’re gonna deal with.  In fact the pilot was so p.o.’d that he announced that due to “security” concerns the flight was being diverted to Chicago O’Hare.  To quote from these two aggrieved parents:

After landing a Chicago police officer boarded the plane and, to our disbelief, approached us and asked that we collect our belongings, and follow her to disembark.


After we were interviewed (for less than 5 minutes), our identities and backgrounds checked, we were booked on the next flight to BWI, and had to linger in the terminal for hours with our exhausted and terrified little boys.

Now wait a minute because there’s more from the two outraged, offended, and concerned parents.

To us, this incident raises two grave issues. First, the abuse of power by Captain [XX]. We understand that airline captains can and should have complete authority. However, when this authority is used for senseless, vindictive acts, it must be addressed.
Second, and of even greater concern is United’s decision to inflict upon minors grossly inappropriate cinematic content, without parents or guardians having the ability to opt out. Had this been in a cinema or a restaurant, we would have simply left if the content were too violent, or too sexual, for a preschooler and a 2nd grader. Cruising at 30,000 feet, leaving was not an option.

Okay obviously the pilot was a jerk, but then so were these two people who were so overly concerned about a freakin’ movie!  Lady and sir:  If you were that concerned about your two precious  young’uns’ sensibilities, then as I wrote above, you could have checked United online and found out what the movie was going to be and thus plan accordingly.  It is up to you to make these decisions for yourselves and not to expect an airline to accommodate you and your kids in a situation like this.  I’m of the opinion that the content of the movie wasn’t going to affect the preschooler very much and for the 8 yr. old, didn’t they bring anything to occupy the kid with while on the plane?
I put this in my “lighter fare” post because for me it’s so “light” I lmao’d when I read the article.   So here’s a hint for the young man or woman or both the next time they are going from Denver to Baltimore:  Take a train, bus or car.

Now lastly I give you Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Wittness News where he or a staff member go out in public and take the pulse of the American public on vital issues of the day.  The question of the day here is what did folks think about Obama’s appointment of Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.  (sigh)  Sometimes I’m afraid of the gene pool.

So what’s on your minds today Widdershins?  Tell me in the comments below and also, a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow for all the moms around.


21 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Vince and Bianca have been together since he played for The U. I believe that she will still be there when he leaves the league and stops bringing home a blue million dollars per year. Not all athletes can make that claim.

I saw the photo and couldn’t read the post. I immediately wanted that plate of things I really like. Give it to me. Now.

chatblu said: I believe that she will still be there when he leaves the league and stops bringing home a blue million dollars per year.

That’s true! I did not know they had been together that long. And as I said, so she’s not Gisele…big deal.

Upps: you can have *some* of what’s on the plate and there’s not much wine in the glass so you can have that. But, you have to *share* the plate. Do you know how difficult it was to arrange that plate for the pic as I kept “sampling” the things I was putting on there?

It does look yummy.

chat@5: Yeah, that one was a tempting pic when I saw it.

Stop posting pictures of food I can’t eat!

Beata@7: I’m sorry!!! 😦

The plate and wine are drool-worthy.
Re: the incidents in the post, its a shame that Johnson had to diss Wilforks wife. Low class.
Re: the plane incident. If it did happen the way it was described, then I am on the parents side. I don’t know, maybe they were loud and abusive. But if not, then diverting the plane and having them hauled off like criminals for complaining about the damn movie is outrageous. More airline bullying. I am sick of it. Also, think of the expense to the airline, O’Hare airport, and the inconvenience to the other passengers. The Captain should have just told them “No” and to be quiet about it. Landing the plane to show his displeasure was way overboard and frankly, makes him look ridiculous. He’s captain of an airliner and he can’t handle a complaint? FGS.

Fredster, I traveled with laker when he was little a lot! He never cried or was intrusive and I have no memory of any movies on any of the flights we were on. When I fly back east or to Hawaii or someplace, I like to fly redeye, so I can sleep through the tedium of flying, so we haven’t had many in-flight movies. When we have, I never got the headsets. I always bring my own stuff, books, etc. and for laker books, colored art pencils, his gameboy. Also, I can’t imagine thinking of checking what movie is going to play. Besides, how do you know they might not change it? I think the airline shouldn’t show stuff thats violent, whether or not there are kids. The fact is, on most flights, there will be kids. Annoying kids bug me too, but I have been bothered way more by annoying adults on planes than kids. There are all kinds of G & PG or non violent PG-13 rated movies they can show, if they must show movies. If I wanted to watch a movie on a plane I would do so on my laptop and watch what I want. Also, unless the parents covered their kids eyes at the objectionable scenes (and how would they know when they were coming?), the kids will look. They will always look at something they are told to not look at. Its like looking at an accident when you drive by.

Flying is so stressful nowadays that I take a xanax beforehand. Maybe these people had a bad time going thru security and the bad movie was the last straw for them. Who knows really, we’d have to hear from others sitting nearby to really understand the situation.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. We’re going to the beach tomorrow.

Socal, thanks for sharing.

Most of the airlines have it on their website what’s playing “eastbound” and “westbound” on U.S. flights. They describe it that way because they don’t show movies (at least on United) on flights of less than 3 hrs. Further, most of them have it in their inflight magazine that they shove in the seat pocket of the seat ahead of you so there’s a way they could have found out what the movie was once they were on the plane but before it started.

These folks sound like the types that check out everything in my opinion. I have no idea of how violent Alex Cross the movie is or was. I do know I can’t imagine Tyler Perry playing Alex Cross from the couple of books I’ve read, but that’s another story.

I still doubt the 2 yr old could have seen the monitor it was being shown on unless he was riding in a parent’s lap or something and then it is simple; turn him around facing you. And I doubt the scenes in it would have really registered with him. The 8 yr old, maybe but, as you said, no gameboy or even an i-pod for him to listen to or an ipad to play with?

I’ve been on a total of two flights that had movies being shown. And to tell the truth, don’t even remember what they were. But I’m guessing you won’t find an “R” rated movie being shown, probably at the most PG or PG13 as this one was. I bet that United, Delta, American and the rest probably contract out obtaining the movies that are shown and I doubt they even know what half of them are about, leaving that to the company that supplies them.

I said the pilot was a jerk, no matter how much the parents may have also been jerks about asking for his name and whether *he* had the authority to stop the movie from being shown. After pulling the stunt of diverting the plane to O’Hare, he should of been suspended for a time, at the least.

>The Captain should have just told them “No” and to be quiet about it
He very well may have tried that and they wouldn’t shut up. Still, diverting a flight is overkill. I did say everyone deserved and “F” on this one! 😉

Have fun at the beach!!

Okay, this is waay old but I bet most of it still stands today.

Airlines know what film, or on long flights, films, will be shown about four weeks in advance, so it is possible to find out what will be screened on your trip by asking the airline. (Airlines, by the way, do not show the same film on both eastbound and westbound flights, but they may show it on eastbound United States flights one month and on Europe-bound flights the next.) The schedules are not likely to be decided more than a month ahead because the airlines want to get new movies as they are made available.

Most movies shown in flight have been edited for all the airlines by their distributors, and though a film might be rated R in theaters it has been sanitized or otherwise altered by the time it reaches the aircraft. Some passengers do not realize this, and complain in advance to the airline about film content. In fact, movies on planes don’t have ratings, but in general they are edited by the same standards as are films shown on television. Language that is considered offensive is redubbed. Sex, nudity, violence, religion and politics may be subject to cutting. Films are also cut for length, but if the airline wants, it may rent the full version.

Yes, you did say they were all jerks, and it sounds like that is the truth. The parents should have stopped certainly. I buy my airline tix online & I choose based on price, date and # of stops. Movies aren’t mentioned and I never think of them. This is why I like flying red eye, which I did with laker even when he was little. People are asleep, its peaceful, and I can sleep thru it.

I’m old enough to remember when airline travel was the opposite of what it is today though. We dressed up for it like we were going to church. The FA’s were called stewardesses and they were amazingly pleasant and served hot meals and brought you all kinds of stuff. They also didn’t cram as many seats in a plane so it wasn’t as claustrophobic. I remember they’d give us kids things like packs of playing cards and little coloring books. And no security and xray scans and gropings. I loved traveling when I was young.

I remember once we flew home from Singapore via Tokyo and at the layover at Narita (Toyko), there were 5 nuns with 5 Korean babies. They were bringing them over to be adopted. We were on the red eye, like a 12 hour flight and there was a lot of turbulence and I remember the babies crying in the back of the tourist section. My mom and grandma were back there helping the nuns the whole night. So that redeye wasn’t exactly peaceful! Still, happy memories!

They also didn’t cram as many seats in a plane so it wasn’t as claustrophobic

That’s the killer right there. The last trip I made was from nola to san diego and since it was my first vacay in a looong time, I charged the damned ticket and flew first class. It was relatively comfortable and the attendants were nice. Had a drink before takeoff, in a **real** glass, plus the hot towel thing and all of that. It was great too to be able to go to the front of the line at a separate check-in and all of that. It was pre 9/11 so security and all wasn’t as bad then. Now, I’d have to think twice about flying. Just too much crap involved with it.

5 nuns with 5 Korean babies

OMG! That would have been it for me!

Fredster, I wish you were here, I pulled a roast chicken out of the oven half an hour ago! It came out perfect, all hot and herby with a little lemon and garlic. I was going to make it for dinner, but hubbie took me out instead, so I decided to cook it anyway. I’m going to make a chicken salad for our beach picnic tomorrow.

Ah well, the nuns seemed nice and the babies were cute. The nuns I’ve been around have always been nice, but I didn’t have to go to Catholic school either.

Oh Gawd that sounds wonderful. (wiping drool off my chin!)

In case you didn’t notice, I changed my gravatar back to Chloe. I decided I’ve had her cooped up long enough so I’ll let her out for awhile.

I think I’ll call it a night or a morning. Have fun at the beach later!

Yes, I have to hit the sack also! Hope you have a very pleasant Sunday! Sports! 🙂

Love Chloe!

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