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Benghazi ma…

Posted on: May 10, 2013

That’s “Benghazi water” in Arabic (that’s a long “a” in “ma”). Every good American scandal has to have water in its name — there was Watergate, Whitewater, now Benghazi water. Just goes to prove, every really good scandal needs to be hydrated or something like that.

Benghazi mapA funny thing happened to the “All Benghazi — All the Time” network — other news that they love to hype inconveniently happened — the Jodie Arias trial, the Cleveland kidnapping recoveries, Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation declaring immigration reform dead based upon the statistical work of a guy who wrote his dissertation on why nonintellectually gifted immigrants need not apply.

Bret Baier of the “All Benghazi” network had a special three-part docudrama on the subject and practically soiled himself each evening. The run-up to the hearings on Wednesday was nothing short of a Super Bowl Pregame Show — the only thing lacking was a commercial where Go Daddy spokesmodels were having their way with unsuspecting Snickers bars.

Here’s what we learned — not much of anything. No smoking 3-D printer replicated guns — no vast political intrigue — nothing other than the robust and over-developed self-estimation of the star witness, Gregory Hicks. If tooting your own horn is an art form, scoot over Kenny G, Gregory H is in da’House.

And I quote Mr. Hicks:

I earned a reputation for being an innovative policymaker who got the job done. I was promoted quickly and received numerous awards,” Hicks informed the lawmakers. “I have two master’s degrees.. . . I speak fluent Arabic. . . . I fast became known as the ambassador’s bulldog because of my decisive management styles. . . .Incoming charge Larry Pope told me personally that my performance was near-heroic.

The long and short of this: Two dead foreign service officers and two CIA contractors — brave men all with stellar reputations, doing courageous jobs, and as a country we owe them a debt of gratitude. We do not owe them a sideshow media circus pitched under an opportunistic tent of partisan politics.

These four men join some 60 or so who died in attacks in Turkey, Greece, Syria, Yemen (2 attacks), Saudi Arabia (2 attacks), Pakistan (3 attacks), and Uzbekistan during the Bush Administration. No outcry for the victims then, let alone a Huckabee radio séance where he foretold of the President being on a short road to impeachment.diplomatic-attacks4

The usual suspects are conjuring their conspiracy theories, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, the Drudge Report, and the fairly unbalanced “All Benghazi” network. Of course, the viperous progenitor and disembodied voice of car alarms, Darryl Issa, has had to have every suit he owns scotch-guarded because he seems so excited he’s about to molt his serpentine skin.

We’ve seen this play before — Whitewater was the epitome of the Gingrichesque scorched earth politics of destruction — $70 million and six years to investigate a failed Arkansas land transaction only to uncover an untoward fellatio transaction in Washington. What Whitewater did was to severely hobble a second Clinton term agenda, institutionalize Congressional paralysis, and convert both parties into acolytes of the religion of personal destruction.

But Benghazi offers a twofer — cripple Obama’s second term and potentially cripple Hillary for 2016. Pretty good strategy if it wasn’t so fatally flawed — put simply, there’s no there there.

As usual, the self-certified brainiac pundits say that Bronco Obama loves it when the House Republicans get “out over their skis” on issues like this, thereby looking petty, vindictive, and overly political. That’s all good and uber-Zen’ish, but continuing to ignore this festering sore is just emboldening the “Tea Party kookus” and impeding 2014 efforts to rid the Capitol of the Tea Party infestation.

What no one seems to realize is in order to believe even one scintilla of the Fox/Issa/Beck/Jones/Tea Party fiction, you have to indict the Joint Chiefs and the $750 Billion a year Pentagon as either incompetently ineffective or inextricably complicit in the conspiracy. This issue needs to be neutered before Speaker Orangeman appoints a Special Select Committee or even worse, there is a Foster Friess funded movie — I’m sure there is one already in production. Undoubtedly Mr. Hicks will see himself as the star being played by Jon Voight and if he isn’t available, Ted Nugent will most likely get the call.

This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "Benghazi ma…"

Great post Prolix, as usual with you sir. Excellent.

Check this out over at HuffPo:

Darth Vader sez to subpoena Hillary! Part of me really would like to see that.

OMG! They’ve got Dancin’ Dave on Morning Schmoe. 🙄

I have for the most part stopped the Sunday am shows because they are an ongoing version of the Big Lie. Simply repeat things over and over again until they become truth-y.

Expect to see Benghazigate to continue unabated.

The Congressional Republicans are losing ground hour by hour on their egregious economic lunacy — Krugman is winning. I’m starting to see more and more articles that are calling out the dark side or should I say, the orange side.

In any event, this Benghazi morass (more a$$ is so appropriate when talking about Issa and come to think of it, Issa’s name is an anagram, “I a$$”) oops, a little flight of fantasy there, let me start over…This Benghazi morass is the equivalent of yelling squirrel in the movie “Up” — only now, Hillary will let these guys hang themselves before she hosts a testicle festival with their dubious man danglies.

I guess it is Flighty Friday — sorry if I offended anyone — I promise I’m not high.

I guess it is Flighty Friday — sorry if I offended anyone — I promise I’m not high.

I don’t believe you; please share.

This is just too rich to pass up on this a Flighty Friday.

Harken back a few days, the Heritage Foundation under the stewardship of that paragon of intellectual midgetry, Jim DeMint, released what he considered a knockout punch to immigration reform putting the cost at somewhere around a gazillion dollars. One of the authors was a gentleman named Jason Richwine (aptly named). Just so happens Mr. Richwine had written previously on immigration — that IQ should be a determiner of immigration eligibility. He didn’t stop there, he has also authored some pieces for what is termed as a “White American Think Tank” out of Montana.

His thesis was entitled “IQ and Immigration Policy.” In it, Richwine provided statistical evidence that Hispanic immigrants, even after several generations, had lower IQs than non-Hispanic whites. Immigration reformers were fools if they didn’t grapple with that or so said Richwine.

Richwine resigned today from the Heritage Foundation — it seems as though Mr. Richwine is the first casualty and sacrifice to the gods of Jim Dementia.

Maybe we should coin a new phrase here at the Widdershins today — all things associated with Jim DeMint henceforth shall be known as: “Jimentia.”

I can’t believe we are still talking about Benghazi! Is anyone listening? I mean, they keep talking about it. It seems to me the public just can’t bother to care. But then I do live in NYC, which is not like the rest of the country. So what is the rest of the country saying? Does anyone care?

Issa was on Bill Maher a couple of months ago and all he talked about was Benghazi. “So what do you think about global warming?” “Well, you know Benghazi was a big deal and they knew and should have known it was going to happen as it did and they did absolutely nothing” Ben Affleck sat next to him and said: And George Bush had a file on his desk about Osama bin Laden wanting to crash planes into tall buildings and Bush did nothing, but you never wanted to talk about that.

Republicans in Congress also voted against additional funds for security of US embassies. But they don’t want to talk about that either.

The fact the Rove is going after Hillary in 2013 means they are scared shitless she will run in 2016.

Jimentia! What a fantastic neologism!

Fantastic post, Prolix!

DYB, well said.

Prolix@8 &9, that’s hysterical…love it!

but you never wanted to talk about that.

Heh, they never want to talk about that.

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