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I’m back in historical mode today. Our topic: The media and women activists! I’m sure none of the tactics I bring up will be familar to you, since they happened way back in the 1850 and ’60s.

Here are some quotes and excerpts from various media sources post-Seneca Falls. [Source: Chapter 4 of Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Women’s Rights Movement.]

“…Personally repulsive, she [Susan B. Anthony] seems to be laboring under feelings of strong hatred towards male men, the effect we presume, of jealousy and neglect.” – The Utica Evening Telgraph

If demands for gender equality are met….”a petticoat government” would result, leading to women leading armies and naval fleets, and becoming governors and politicians. – The Middletown Constitution

Regarding Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s proposals about marriage and divorce (she thought women should be able to get divorced at will), her POV was “suicidal” (The New York Evening Post), “infidel and licentious,” and would turn the world “into one vast brothel” (The New York Observer).

About the First Annual Worcester Women’s Rights Convention:  “..a motley mingling of abolitionists, socialists, and infidels of all sexes and colors.” – The New York Herald

So let’s review. We have the following tactics:

Nope, not ringing any bells.

SOME sarcasm aside, I would like to point out that the world is pretty much going to hell, and has been headed in that direction for some time. (Well, unless you’re like, really rich and/or from a royal family somewhere in Europe.) I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to try a government with a few more petticoats.

Seems like more and more people agree. C’mon, Hillary, just be our President already!

This is an open thread.


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