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Posted on: May 4, 2013

Baked Salmon

Good day Widdershins.  If it’s Saturday (and it is) it’s time for some of the lighter side of the news.

I saw something nice yesterday, courtesy of Uppity Woman’s blog who got it courtesy of Still4Hill.


Hillary and Bill were in Little Rock Arkansas for the dedication of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock AR.  You can find some nice pics of the Big Dawg and Hillary here, along with a video of the event and Still4Hill has some other photos at her place too.

Someone with a *serious* sweet tooth

Is apparently running amok in Maine and they are literally tapping the trees to satisfy that sweet craving.  Apparently they are taking a tap and hitting up the trees for the sap that can be turned into that wonder Maple syrup!

Syrup is big business in Maine between late February and mid-April, when conditions are just right for sugar makers to extract sap from maples and boil it down to syrup over wood fires. The state last year produced 360,000 gallons, tying it with New York as the No. 2 syrup-producing state. Vermont, the top state, produced 750,000 gallons.

At $50 a gallon or more on the retail level, Maine-made syrup is pricey, selling for 13 times the price of gasoline. The price varies slightly from year to year, but it has not been showing an upward trend in recent years.

Syrup-related thefts are nothing new. Just this week, a Vermont syrup-maker reported the theft of equipment from his sugarhouse.

Another bad part of the thefts is that they are using larger drill bits than what are normally used and thus ruining the trees since they are also appreciated for fine furniture making.

They’re also using PVC piping that gouges the trees, and putting four taps in trees that should have only two, thereby creating undue stress on the trees.

With gouges and large holes, the trees are more susceptible to decay and disease. And they also carry less value in the marketplace.

The best maple trees are highly sought-after for veneer used in making cabinets and furniture or as logs that are suitable for processing at a sawmill. But when the trees are damaged they’re only suitable for less-profitable uses, such as pulpwood for pulp plants or for biomass plants.

“If you’re talking dozens of trees with illegal taps that have suddenly been lowered potentially to firewood, the impact on the landowner’s wallet could be in the thousands,” Liba said.

And apparently the thieves don’t have many religious scruples or respect for the dead because they are even hitting trees in the cemeteries.

In eastern Maine, taps showed up in trees at a cemetery in Calais.

“That was the first year they’d been put in trees at the cemetery, and that’s what ruffled people’s feathers,” said Carmen Small, of nearby Robbinston. “Doing it at a cemetery is sacrilegious and disrespectful. It freaked my husband out because his family’s buried right under one of the trees.”

The taps were removed after Calais city workers left a note asking their owner to take them away.
[Hey, at least they were considerate after the workers left a note for the thieves!]

There’s getting even and then there’s really getting even

Okay it’s one thing for couples to have an argument or fight.  Sh*t happens, yadda, yadda.  But sometimes people just go a weeee bit too far with it and I think Michelle Thomas of Greenwood S.C . took it just a little too far.

Police in South Carolina said a woman arrested on a domestic violence charge allegedly stabbed her boyfriend and threw his prosthetic leg into the yard.

But Michelle wasn’t done quite yet.

Thomas said she armed herself with a knife and threatened to stab the man, but he continued to come at her threateningly, so she swung it at him and cut his hands in self-defense.

The woman said she took her boyfriend’s prosthetic leg and a spare prosthetic leg and threw them in the yard to immobilize him.

Now Michelle says this all started when she threw a pack of cigs to her boyfriend and then he started to hit her.  The boyfriend says she started it for no reason.

The boyfriend, who had cuts on his hands and his leg, said Thomas had attacked him in the bedroom “for no reason.”

Police said Thomas was arrested because the boyfriend’s hand wounds were consistent with him trying to shield his face.

Thomas was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. The boyfriend was not arrested.

Okay this last one is just too funny and I’m just going to paste it all in; can’t help it.  All I can say is poor Shermain Miles, who flunked out of a mental health program (as a patient!) but wants a second chance…or is it a 397th chance?

Is Shermain Miles a changed woman?

She has been arrested 396 times in Chicago since 1978, but she told the Illinois Prisoner Review Board on Tuesday that she deserves another shot at freedom, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Miles, 51, said she found God in prison and is now a role model for young inmates. “I don’t want to be a big monster,” she said.

But she also admitted she refused to take medication for mental health issues in prison. And “her compliant tone instantly changed,” the story says, when she was asked about a recent arrest. Miles was accused of chasing an alderman through Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood last summer. She ended up in prison for a possible parole violation in a previous robbery case.

Miles explained the alderman incident by saying, “He lied on me and said I pushed him.”

Prisoner Review Board chairman Adam Monreal told Miles at the hearing that he planned to inquire about her eligibility for a program of intense supervision, possibly in a community setting, under the supervision of a specialized mental health court. “If we can provide her with the opportunity to get back on the right track,” he told the newspaper, “then that’s what we’re here for.”

A day later, prosecutors in Cook County, Ill., revealed in a court hearing that Miles was in the mental health program last year and flunked out, the Chicago Sun-Times reports in a separate story. Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Sobczyk told a judge presiding in the alderman assault case that Miles shouldn’t get a second chance in the program.

Lastly, Ellen had Gwyneth Paltrow on the show and had to congratulate her for being selected as People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World in a way that only Ellen could do it.  😉

Okay Widdershins, it seems that something has gone wacky on me and I cannot get the comments turned on.  I’m letting MB and chat know to see if they can figure out what’s going on.  If comments aren’t showing when you first get here please try again later.  The comments thing has shown up and then disappeared.  Not sure what’s going on.

13 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Thankfully, my aging Stratus does not run on maple syrup.

I wonder if the Maine sugar daddy who had his equipment stolen would rent out his sugarhouse for the weekend? It would be sweet!

Prolix@2: LOL!!

chat: Isn’t that the truth on the price of the syrup. Yikes!

Someone over at Uppity’s place said that the locals in Little Rock are already beginning to call the airport the HillBilly Nat’l Airport. (groan)

(sigh) It’s Talladega race weekend here and all of the Ricky Bobbys are out in force. 😦

Also the Kentucky Derby. Perhaps Mitch McConnell will OD on mint juleps. @5: Are you speaking of my homeboys?

Are you speaking of my homeboys?

Well if the Nascar fits, uh..yeah. 😉

Remember that NASCAR is an outgrowth of the moonshining industry and I am Appalachian.

Oh I know and my father’s side of the family is from Kentucky and mom’s side is from Alabama.

Just got an email from Socal. They are back at their place and she says everything is much better today but ash is everywhere. She said the people who had to be evac’d are back and that the fire is about 30% contained now. Good news for them!

Glad that they are safely back home.

It’s 60% contained now, and they expect it to be fully contained Monday. The air is now coming in off the ocean, instead of the hot dry Santa Ana winds off the desert. So it’s cool, more humidity, there was even a tiny drizzle this morning.

But it burned my two closest and most-used hiking spots to a cinder. 😦 Just a couple of months ago I did a blogpost about air pollution that shows the shooting range which burned up. Maybe I’m being uncharitable, but it strikes me as kind of odd that the Navy Seabees (Naval Construction Battalion, fercryinoutloud) apparently didn’t have the equipment to keep one small shooting range safe from the fire. ??

The firefighters (and building codes!) did an amazing job of keeping people’s homes safe.

quioxte: Yeah that’s kinda odd that the Seabees couldn’t handle that.

I saw a piece on ABC news last night and it mentioned and showed the folks who had cut back brush, built with the fires in mind and such and their houses survived.

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