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Morning Widdershins: The Boston Massacre

Posted on: April 16, 2013

No, I’m not talking about the one involving Crispus Attics and his contemporaries.   That one occurred on 5 March, 1770.  I’m talking about the one that occurred 15 April, 2013.  The Boston Marathon became the Boston Massacre when bombs went off next to the finish line.

The best that I can tell, bombs went off in a trash can near the finish line.  Bombs placed at that level do a great deal of damage to lower extremities.  While officials are being very closed-mouth, I did hear a Rhode Island state trooper who was finishing up the race state that he saw a number of people minus their limbs after the blast, and that would be consistent with placement in a trash can.  Apparently, there was an eight year old child who died as a result, probably because the blast was more concentrated in the thoracic and abdominal areas than would be in an adult.

I watched a police update, and the number of dead has risen to three, and the wounded are now in the area of 110 or so, mostly as a result of the first bomb.  The second bomb went off shortly after the first, which is usually a technique to kill first responders, but in this case the second explosion was several blocks away and did not appear to have the same deadly effects as did the first.  A third explosion followed at the JFK library, which may or may not be part of this event.   Some sources state that up to five more devices were discovered prior to detonation.

Other than that, there isn’t much information.  As of this writing, no one has claimed responsibility.  If I were a betting woman (which I am emphatically not), I would place my money on a homegrown group.  First, it’ was  Patriot’s Day, and second, JFK began the civil rights movement. ( That said, if one would wish to roundly annoy Bostonians, just mess with the Marathon and JFK.)  Also, as DYB righteously pointed out in yesterday’s comments, the anniversaries of Waco and the Murrah building are ahead of us on the 19th.  Further,  Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of  Columbine occur on the 20th.   This just sort of feels like right-wing terror.   That said, I would love to be wrong.   As that part  of Boston has bunches of banks, hopefully the perpetrators will be caught on camera and held accountable for this travesty.

It’s been a tough year for marathons.  First New Yorks’s was scrubbed by Superstorm Sandy, now Boston’s has been indelibly marred by these bombings.  Oh, and Fredster is experiencing an internet snafu, so you’ve got me for the day.

Boston, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "Morning Widdershins: The Boston Massacre"

The injured are now listed at 176, the dead at 3. The proximity to good medical centers has kept the death toll down/

I’ve got connectivity although very s-l-o-w and don’t know for how long.

This has been just terrible to watch and I hope the FBI and Homeland Security find the bastards soon.

Pat, as I said in my email, I’m glad your family is okay and the same for Mary Luke’s.

Pat and Mary Luke, I’m glad you and your families are safe.

Times like this, I find myself wondering how can anyone not have flashes of sanity and humanity during the time it takes to create bombs designed to kill, dismember and bring such long-lasting suffering to so many. Even a moment of reflection on the impact in human terms seems beyond them.

I wish I could believe that evil was personifiable, but evil is just the product of a state of mind capable of aestheticizing itself to morality and humanity. Thankfully, it is a condition that is the exception and hopefully, it will forever be the exception.

Again, so glad everyone is safe.

@3 = You’re welcome.
@4- Amen.

chat@5: I meant to add a thank you @3. 😦

Prolix said: Even a moment of reflection on the impact in human terms seems beyond them. Yes it does.

I just still wonder about the who and why.

@6: It was implied.

This is all so sad and senseless. An 8 year old boy murdered – what does that prove to whomever engineered this atrocity. Runners and spectators losing their limbs – what does that prove to this or these assholes? I live 8 hours away in a different country, but I think I can speak for all Canucks who are cognizant of taking care of others, this is just as bad as 9/11. Whoever did this deserves to be drawn and quartered – this from someone who ordinarily doesn’t believe in capital punishment.
Pat and Mary Luke, so glad that all your loved ones are okay. My son is just hearing about the 40 friends and acquaintances who were at or in the marathon. Fortunately none of them were injured. For those people who lost loved ones and those whose loved ones were injured, my sincere condolences.

RIP, Pat Summerall.

How many more and for what?

chat@10: Yep, great sportscaster.

He and John Madden were a great combo.

@1 I don’t know anybody who slept well last night, Pat. As Chat will tell you, I discovered her email at 4:00AM.

Thanks to all for asking how we’re doing. My family and I are all ok, thank you.

@4 Thank you Prolix.

@2, Chat I haven’t had much time to watch tv because I’ve been taking care of my granddaughter yesterday and today, but from what little I’ve seen in the evening, the trauma docs here are just awesome. And I work in this medical system all the time. I can’t think of a major Boston hospital i haven’t had a case in at one time or another. I knew we had great specialists, but i had no idea we had such fantastic trauma preparations and surgeons.

I also agree with you that my first, and continuing thought, is right wing terror. It’s also the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy assisination and there have been a number of special exhibits at the library.

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