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Posted on: April 8, 2013

closet1Let’s not pretend any longer that the Republican Party consists of people who simply hold a differing point of view in how to appropriate public funding.  Those days of seeking common ground in service to the public no longer exist.

Instead we find ourselves in the grip of a radical movement of “social conservatism” that seeks to impose its self righteous beliefs into the lives of others through statewide legislation that inhibits the rights of others in breathtaking sweeps.

Laws in some of these red states strike down a woman’s right to self determination with ease while at the same time denying healthcare access to millions of others that includes children and seniors without a blink of an eye.

The current crop of GOP lawmakers, both congressional and statewide, wear their bigotry like a badge. No longer bothering to hide their intolerance they wear it like a badge.  Equal rights under the law does not apply as they go about inserting these beliefs into public law.

Banning sex education.  Restricting access to healthcare facilities.  Attacking Planned Parenthood. Outlawing contraceptives.  Eliminating Head Start.  Cancelling funding for school lunch programs.  Cutting mental health funding.  Forcing vaginal probes.  Opposing gay rights.  Tampering with voting rights.  Withholding government funding for low income medical treatment.

In other words, cutting back, or ridding altogether, the social safety network strives that have made us a stronger nation over the years.

What they do favor is the deregulation of every industry whose goal is to ensure our safety. fFood, water, clean air, banking, oil and gas, the environment,  all far under those current regulations.  But somehow these fools have convinced themselves that regulation is bad for business.  Hampering the powers that be who would determine the safety of what we put in our bodies is preventing these business interests from reaping more profits if only these pesky regulations were lifted and they were allowed to conduct their business without government interference.

In the aftermath of one of the most tragic consequences in the lifting the ban on assault weapons that took place in Sandy Hook, these stalwarts of “freedom” are fighting tooth and nail against any government intervention in the “right to bear arms”.  Perfectly acceptable to deny a child medical access.  No problem there.

But to go further to protect that same child from the possibility of being blown away by an assault weapon replete with a 30 bullet capacity?  No way!

The thinking of the GOP legislators serving within the confines of this nation is bizarre. They have no compunction in marching out their hateful rhetoric.  Their message is aimed at women, gays, and minorities.  They no longer seek to hide their biases but take pride in their ignorance and that in itself is frightening to behold.

Denying science.  Twisting facts. Spouting lies is the “message” of the Right who view progress as a dirty word.

Ignorance is not bliss but a national stain on the lives of those of us who prefer to move forward. Until we throw off this yoke of intolerance we will be at the mercy of those who have come out of the closet to do us harm.

One cannot help but wonder where do we go from here.


6 Responses to "OUT OF THE CLOSET"

We are regressing at a truly alarming rate. Where is the bottom of this pit? I am yet to see liberals push any part of their agenda through. I mean, even lifting DADT was done with some conservative support. Have liberals managed to accomplish anything against conservative wishes???

Agreed. We are marching backward toward oblivion.

The only optimism I can offer here is that these zealots are goose-stepping themselves and their party banner right off a cliff like so many lemmings. That is little solace to the millions, whose time is being infused with the suffering seemingly mandated by some puritanical guilt over the excesses afforded Wall Street and Big Banks.

Just like some kind of penance mandated by some unforgiving Baal, unfortunate humans must be sacrificed — those called to be sacrificed are the poor, children, women, and those unable to care for themselves. As long as it keeps the demigods of Wall Street in the high grass muttering their platitudes of regret, all is as it should be.

RIP, Annette Funicello.

The only optimism I can offer here is that these zealots are goose-stepping themselves and their party banner right off a cliff like so many lemmings.

Don’t bet on it. I have a feeling they’re only starting and stopping them will take extraordinary measures.

Excellent post Pat.

Sorry I’m so late getting here today. Only had time to do a “like” on the post, since I had a doc’s appt. and I’m just getting back. It seems that OTC Allegra has decided to stop working for me and the pollen is so heavy you can write you name in it on your vehicle. Suffice to say I’m sneezing my head off, along with the runny nose and irritated eyes.

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