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Posted on: April 6, 2013



Good day Widdershins and I hope you will be enjoying a nice spring day with lots of sunshine and warm temps.  If it’s a Saturday, it’s light news day and we’ll take a look at some of the odd or humorous things that caught my eye.  No heavy lifting.

(and also those handicapped spaces)

It seems that 67 year old security guard Michael Burke had “crated” off two handicapped spaces for women who were going to be coming to the game at a retirement community event.  That apparently did not faze Donald Handa who arrived, promptly removed the crates, parked and was heading in to the big game.  That did  not sit well with Burke.

When Burke tried to stop Handa and get him to move his car, he says Handa whipped out a can of pepper spray and sprayed him with it.

Marion County Sheriff’s deputies say Handa told them that he’d had problems with Burke for two weeks, and sprayed him because he felt threatened when Burke started chasing after him.

Burke admitted that the two had squabbled recently. He chose not to press charges.

According to a report obtained by Click Orlando, Handa agreed to “leave the parking spot vacant for the less fortunate” in the future.

Now maybe Donald had a reason to be worried about Michael “chasing” him since Donald is 84 and Michael is a spry 67, but uh, I’d have to see the chase on tape.

another senior fight in New Hampshire

So what is this with the aggression at the senior bingo games?  Did they already hear about chained CPI?

I’m just going to add the quoted text here for this one.

A bingo game at a New Hampshire senior center broke out into an F-I-G-H-T after two women started arguing over Avon products.

Officers in Portsmouth, N.H., responded to call on Friday afternoon reporting of “some pushing and shoving” over the sale of Avon products, reported.

It seems that one of the women, a regular bingo player, was upset that the other woman in the altercation had set up a table to sell Avon products, according to Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn of the Portsmouth Police.

“The altercation appears to have been started over the fact that one resident was upsetting another by (selling Avon and disrupting) the scheduled bingo event that occurs,” he told

The officers broke up the bingo brawl, only to get a call two hours later when one of the women said she’d like to press charges, reported.


This isn’t the first bizarre bingo-related story to roll out of New Hampshire.

Back in 2011, a woman who took an urn of her mother’s ashes to bingo games for good luck had a streak of bad luck when the urn was stolen from her car. It was later returned.  (note to the woman:  keep mom’s ashes at home)


Man seeking cocaine robs man to prove to dealer he isn’t undercover, NOPD alleges

So the guy is at a bar on Bourbon Street and decides he wants to buy some coke from a dealer he doesn’t know.  That’s brilliant from the start right there.  But then the “dealer” isn’t too sure the guy isn’t a narc so he tells him to go beat up someone to prove he’s not a cop.  Yeah, I feel good about this transaction already.  🙄

A Mississippi man was arrested Sunday morning after brutally beating a man outside a Bourbon Street strip club while trying to prove himself to a drug dealer and get money to buy drugs, police said.


According to records filed in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, Busker told officers that he had been trying to buy cocaine inside of a strip club on Bourbon Street shortly before 6 a.m. on Sunday when the man from whom he was trying to buy drugs stated that Busker needed to first prove that he wasn’t an undercover police officer.

Busker told officers that the drug dealer then proposed that Busker rob someone to prove himself and that he would then sell him cocaine for the amount of money that he was able to get out of the victim’s wallet, court records allege.

Busker told detectives that he then followed a man outside of the club and down Bourbon Street and grabbed his wallet. The victim, 31, and Busker, then began to fight, records show, and Busker proceeded to punch and kick the man several times in the face, pummeling him until he was bloodied and unconscious.

[but it gets better]

Meanwhile, Detective Michael Flores, assigned to NOPD’s 8th District Investigative Unit, was crossing the street near the intersection of Bourbon and Bienville streets when he heard a single gunshot ring out. Flores saw a crowd of people rushing by and a woman yelled out to him, “Hurry, officer! He is beating his a–. He is trying to kill him. They are shooting.”

Flores then drove to 325 Bourbon St., where he saw Busker bending over and punching a man who was on the ground, lying in a pool of blood and unconscious, according to court documents. Flores saw Busker running away from the scene followed him in his car while another 8th District officer attended to the wounded man.

Okay it’s not that far from Bienville to the 300 block of Bourbon and the cop had to drive?  (hopefully my map link works)  Perhaps this cop is a tad on the chubby side or something (like moi) or he figured he’d need the car to lock up the perp.  Who knows!


I don’t think this was so much a case that her managers or supervisors were suspicious as much as she was running out of relatives.

It seems this woman, Rachel Miles, who was a social worker in England, had such a string of deaths in the family that she took over 60 days of “compassionate leave”.  She said in that short time she had lost her ex-husband, mom, dad, uncle, aunt and brother.

Her first claim was in 2010, two weeks after she joined Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, in the West Midlands.

She said her dad had been in a car crash and, later, that he died.

Next month she claimed her mum had been sectioned and, months later, had a fatal operation. (sectioned is apparently committed to a psych hospital)

In 2011 she said her brother had died, then that her ex-husband had hung himself.

In November 2011 she asked for time off, telling bosses her uncle and aunt died seven days apart.

The council launched a probe and tried to move her to other work but she quit.

Well hell, I wouldn’t have wanted to be moved to another job either!  I mean, I felt guilty as hell when I did fake a day or two on FMLA, with the momster.  However, I did take those days as non pay.   But I’m not done with Rachel yet because we do have a great ending.  Apparently a panel was convened for Rachel.

But a panel found she gave “false information” to get paid compassionate leave.

Chairman Alexander Yule said Miles showed “little remorse into the affect her actions had on her employer and, potentially, service users – many of whom were vulnerable”.

But in a statement to the Health and Care Professions Council, Miles said: “As I have no recollection of the events mentioned I have to rely on the witnesses’ integrity.” ( I guess when you are confronted with overwhelming evidence, just play dumb)

this means you MB

lav-new_2525941bIn an effort to to make your flying experience even more enjoyable, the airlines (Delta is first) have now decided it would be a GREAT idea to downsize the lavatories (but only in coach it seems).  But they insist, insist I say, that you won’t notice the difference.  Uh-huh.  Then how come you aren’t doing it in first class too?  (little smirk here)

You may have thought plane lavatories were small enough already – but a new design will make a mid-air loo stop an even tighter squeeze.

The lay-out will shave off so much space that airlines will be able add more seats to their economy class sections, the Wall Street Journal reports.

B/E Aerospace, a Florida-based manufacturer of aircraft cabin products, has designed the new lavatories for Boeing’s 737.

It has reduced the standard 3 x 3 foot size of the economy class lavatory, allowing more space for the plane’s cabin.

Delta Airlines will become one on the first airlines to use the new design, which will reportedly allow it to add four economy class seats to its 737-900s.

The airline insists that passengers will not notice the difference, saying that the new design uses space that is currently wasted behind the sink.

Those sitting in front of the lavatories will also still be able to recline due to sculpted exterior walls.

The smaller-proportioned rooms will be in use later this year, but only in economy class.

It is likely to precipitate a battle among rival manufacturers to make similar space savings in their own designs.

All I can say (looking at that little pic) is good luck in changing a baby in that place OR getting a wheelchair in there.  Actually I think it s a secret plan to cut down on bathroom sex, a la the Mile High club.    😉

So how is your Saturday going?  Let me know in the comments below.  Of course it’s an open thread.



The overweight may just need to hold it.

This reads like an Onion page! There really are many stupid people out there, huh?

And indeed, if nobody would notice the difference in lavatory size – why not stop wasting space behind the sink in 1st class, hmmm? Crickets?

DYB! you have been missed.

DYB said: There really are many stupid people out there, huh?

Need you ask? And I second chat’s statement: we’ve missed you!!

DYB said: And indeed, if nobody would notice the difference in lavatory size – why not stop wasting space behind the sink in 1st class, hmmm? Crickets?

Why that’s where the put the fine selection of French-milled hand soaps for the 1st class flyers to use. (I never knew what “French-milled meant) Use once and throw away. Honestly, I’ve never thought of those lavatories as spacious to begin with but I think for Delta (and soon the others) it’s about being able to add those extra seats.

Pat: I had not thought about Klinger and his excuses until you mentioned that. LOL!

On the guy who was buying the cocaine, I was so busy editing out superfluous links, that I edited out the main link to the story. Here ya go:

I’ve noticed something about the readers on When they see a story about a real loser like this one, they start searching to see if the fool had a facebook page to see how much of an idiot the perp was. Usually they’re very entertaining. LOL!

I already know that GMO products have detrimental effects on the physical health of people with sensitive and allergy prone physiology (my daughter’s issues and all of the people in her support groups), however I’m beginning to believe there is something in the water too.

By that I mean that there are just too may goofy, crazy people running around loose.

I missed ya’ll too!! I’m just busy being unemployed. It’s amazing how little time there is in a day when you’re not working!

Hey, DYB! Good to see you. Pat says hi!

DYB said: It’s amazing how little time there is in a day when you’re not working!

The time just flies doesn’t it?

Hey Beata!!!!

D: All you need is an assistant. (unemployment assistance)

Hey DYB, do not lose faith. Unemployment is not a permanent fixture unless you are my age, which you are not. Just ensure that your resume is up to date and reflects all the wonderful things you have done. Take care of yourself buddy.

Beata> Ha! But remember, Elaine and friends ended up in prison for being horrible people! 🙂

Fredster> That’s amazing! I’d never seen that video before. It’s going up on my facebook page.

HT> Thanks for your kind words! I do have a gig booked; it’s just not starting until the end of April. In the meantime I’m just bumming around.

DYB@16: I had seen that vid a good while ago, so naturally when I wanted to find it, it took forever, but now it’s in my favorites. Glad you enjoyed it!

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