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Activist Wednesday: Get Rid of Bob Marshall!

Posted on: February 13, 2013


Okay everyone, this is going to be a short post because….I’m not going to lie to you, I’m tired. I can’t wait for my days off, starting Thursday evening!

In the meantime, I promised you info about Bob Marshall’s opponent, Pat Casula. Well, the website is up and running (although not completely finished)! (I’ve also put a link to it on the right side of the blog.)

Full disclosure: My family is quite involved with this candidate – my father came up with his slogan and my stepmother is Pat’s campaign manager. So, you will be helping not just the state of Virginia, but giving props to MB by donating to Mr. Casula – or, just sending him an encouraging note, liking him on FaceBook, etc.

Just in case Not Being Marshall isn’t enough, here are Casula’s normal, non-insane views on women’s and LGBT rights, as well as gun control and taxes.

Meanwhile, this is the openest of threads. Take it away, Madeline. (By the way – I’m not tired for the same reason she is. Just clarifying that for those who are curious. ;-))

17 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Get Rid of Bob Marshall!"

Rest up Madamab, I will definitely Check out the “sane” candidate running in Virginia….

Has anyone seen the Tea Party Response to the State of the Union? I want this evening hope it is up on YouTube. Pat do not worry I have my Vomit Bucket handy.

Hope everybody enjoyed the Hillary2016 commercial on the last thread.

Also Freshman Senator Marco Rubio’s Response to the President’s SOTU Speech was an Epic Fail in my book. Creepy and Nervous is all I saw it was so distracting that I could not grasp what he was saying.

So I turned off my monitor and listened to it again so I could focus on the words (aka Dribble) coming out of his mouth. Mr. Rubio is not ready for Prime Time, Late Night or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

If Hillary Runs in 2016 she will Swiffer the floor with him, Kick His Ass, and send him back to preschool where he belongs.

I am embarrassed he is my Senator Florida Deserves Better.

well random thought period is over for me have to get to work.

Here is my Widow Ratzinger joke: What is Benedict giving up for lent? The Papacy….oh and Toblerone he is mad for it and cant go a day with out it its his biggest sacrifice….

Does anyone need one hundred pair of red satin Prada Shoes size 12 The Vatican Gift shop has them deeply discounted!

Pat, you’re making me suddenly wish I was Widow Ratzinger!

The big joke I heard about his resignation is that protecting child raping priests is a young man’s job.

Rubio is getting whacked for taking that sip of water. Haha.

I confess, I didn’t watch Obama’s speech or the response. I’m sorry not to hear that Ted Nugent made a scene though. BTW, apparently Widow Scalia does not attend Democratic Presidents’ SOTU addresses? Classy.

On the three week notice to God by the Widow Ratzinger, the best tweet I saw was, “I did Nazi that coming.”

Haha! Prolix, good one!

i watched none of the three of them. However, it is my understanding that this did look a tad awkward.

Ah, yes. Marco’s working class neighborhood. Check it out:

Can you believe this, I’m still in a meeting. Oy vey!

I love the Pope jokes. After the documentary I saw on PBS, I am glad he resigned. Cover up much? Meanwhile I have been seeing people with ash crosses on their foreheads all day long, I will never understand that.

Yes, the fact that he resigned, and has such a questionable background shoots the whole infallible thing in the foot.

@3 Pat, he can’t watch TEP if he follows church teachings. I know you hate the film, but that scene in the pantry with Ralph Fiennes’ hand up Kristen’s white dress? Seriously? The hottest scene ever filmed with no articles of clothing actually removed! 🙂 Oh, and then there’s the euthanasia. In the old Legion of Decency days, wouldn’t those two scenes alone have gotten the film on the “condemned” list? Oh, and the adultery- but if I recall correctly, that only gets it “objectionable in part for all”. I guess he’ll have to watch an endless loop of ‘Happy Feet” or maybe “Princess Diaries”. Some people would call Les Mis torture but as a singer I’m rooting for Hugh all the way, even though i know DDL will walk away with a third Oscar.

@11 it signifies, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. I don’t know what part of the bible it’s from. I actually heard it today as part of a Baptist funeral service I attended. MB you would have loved the gospel singer. She was vocal perfection. She sings in “Black Nativity” which is well known is Boston’s Christmas cultural scene every year-for those who want something different from “The Nutcracker”.

Lord, I remember having to check the LOD list before I could go to the movies.

@15 Chat, even my mother, the devout Irish Catholic, made an exception for “Gone With the Wind”! (can you believe in those days GWTW was “objectionable in part for all”) Was it the kissing the married man scene? Or Rhett carring Scarlett (his wife!) up the stairs for a night of hot sex? Maybe it was because Scarlett enjoyed the sex-finally. Or was the infamous “I don’t give a damn” that upset the Hayes Hollywood censors so much? Mellie gives her life in childbirth, so that should have made up for extramarital smooching, right? Yup it must have been because Scarlett enjoyed the sex and finally figured out Rhett was hotter than Ashley!

Prolix @6 ROFL!

On ashes, back in my acolyte/sacristan days, I got to be the one to “make” the ashes. This is done by burning the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. Hint: Lay them in a pan in the sink (for quick access to water if need be) and torch them with the creme brulee torch. Rub into a fine mesh sifter.

Dogmatic fact: Sundays in Lent do not count–whatever you gave up for Lent can be enjoyed on Sundays!

SophieCT said:

Dogmatic fact: Sundays in Lent do not count–whatever you gave up for Lent can be enjoyed on Sundays!

A freebie!! 🙂

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