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Posted on: January 19, 2013

Rush-LimbaughFor reasons that boggle the mind, this man, this hateful, twisted, rhetoric spewing asshole is allowed to remain on the air, trumpeting his garbage fueled rants to an audience of like minded Neanderthals who give their daily blessing to this creep.

Just when you think he has hit an all time low he manages once again to eke out another vile depiction that is breathtaking to behold.

It wasn’t enough to mock Michael J. Fox, a victim of Parkinson’s Disease.  Or to refer to Sandra Fluke as a “slut” for addressing congress on behalf of birth control access.  Or describe women as “feminazis”.

It wasn’t enough that he attacks women, minorities, and liberals in general by referring to them as “parasites”. His latest diatribe was mocking the children who stood on stage with the president asking for more commonsense measures to banning assault weapons and the magazines that can kill multiples within seconds. Rush found this amusing enough to utilize his “whining voice” to cast aspersions.

This from an overweight moron with multiple marriages and a history of illegal drug use that caused him to lose his hearing. This from a spokesperson for the Republican Party whose influence is sought out by those members who rely on his “support” in elections. This from a hatred spewing “entertainer” who is allowed to use the First Amendment to “rile up” enough of the populace who have come to view him as their “leader”.

Mocking children? Is this what it has come to when the nation is still reeling from the last mass assault? Does it get much lower than this?

Rush and his ilk “feed” off the paranoia of those who prefer to see themselves “under siege” by their own government. Enough of this garbage filtering into the minds of the unstable is frightening. Along with the likes of Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and a few others who have managed to capture a listening audience of “make believe warriors” have managed to divide this nation with hints of a “call to arms”.

This man is paid megabucks to taint the dialogue. There is nothing sacred enough for Rush to ignore. But children? Has he lost all sense of shame in choosing children as a way of inflaming the discussion that is pertinent to their well being?

His “blame game” lies with anything that may hint of liberalism. Or commonsense. He is nothing but a well paid shill for a party that has sunk to new lows in its treatment of women, seniors, and children. A well paid shill advances the theories the Lunatic Fringe promotes. But in doing so he also manages to tread in dangerous territory with those who accept these fantastic theories as fact.

Why he is permitted to sound off day after day and who are those people who find reasons to agree with him? His rantings have lost all sense of proportion, more so now then his capability of using children to mock and deride as the latest “prop” for ratings.

He is an indecent man with indecent ideas supported by indecent sponsors and politicians who fail to stand up to the indecent rhetoric flowing from his indecent mouth.

Listen carefully and you will hear a man calling for an insurgency. Listen carefully and you will hear a man whose appeal is for those who would obey. Listen carefully and you will discover that there is nothing decent about the message that comes fully loaded with enough harm and danger that can only escalate if left unchallenged.

If Rush Limbaugh is the “face and voice of the Republican Party” then be warned.   This man is a  classic psychopath leading a parade of the witless.



Pat, all I can say is amen and you speak for me.

No one in my family can stand this horrible tool and his evil fuckery. We have hated him since the 90s when he started in on the Clintongs, & my mom & I have called him Lush Rumball since then. I think that some day we are going to see something really awful happen because one of his morons, the dittoheads, goes out and commits some atrocity after having their brain turned into pudding from listening to his insane rants. I am disgusted that he skated on that drug thing he did, sending his maid out to score for him. Also, when he was poor, he was on food stamps or welfare or something. Fine for him, but not anyone else. Yecccch!

I’ve only ever heard this man in youtube clips posted at blogs however the few times I listened was more than enough – these days I don’t bother clicking on the clip. Who needs that kind of venom? I cannot understand how anyone can spend precious minutes or hours of their lives listening to his bilge. What is worse is that there is no pushback when he attacks those who are innocent, like these children. His only thoughts are for his bankbook and what will bring in the most wealth. No morals, no ethics, no class, no manners, no brain – sums him up in my estimation. And quite honestly any man of 62 who needs and has needed little blue pills for a few years to get an erection and goes on sex tourism jaunts is more than a little sick in the head.

Here’s the thing regarding Limbaugh: If he wasn’t getting the ratings, he wouldn’t be on the air. Now, are folks listening to him because they believe his crap or are they listening to him just to see how outrageous
he can be? Who knows. But, if the ratings disappeared he’d be off the air.

off topic but: It appears that Oprah wasn’t the *only* one who had a Lance who was fessing up to some things. Jimmy Kimmel had a Lance on also.

Fredster – that is priceless. Thanks for the giggle.

Ht@6: I’m getting to the point I like watching Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe I’ve just had an overdose of Leno and Letterman.

Fredster @7 – as I don’t have cable or satellite and all my entertainment comes from the internet I don’t waste my gigabytes on any of these late night folks other than watching Johnny Carson clips on youtube. Back in the day I found Leno to be fatuous, Letterman to be condescending. I did like that Irish guy for awhile – something Ferguson. Anyway, I don’t watch anything on an ongoing basis – I suppose I miss a lot, but it appears to me that what I miss mostly wasn’t worth the time expended watching on an ongoing basis.

OT, but I saw a clip of Bill Maher (yes, he’s utterly gross) say something I agreed with, about people worrying about their second amendment rights:

“It’s not your second amendment rights that are under attack, it’s all the other ones.”

According to Maher, invasion of privacy is the norm in our new “quasi-police state”, and it happened while a significant chunk of the population was at home guarding their guns and the rest of us simply weren’t caring (everyone except Jodie Foster, obviously).

“The only thing that still has bipartisan support in Washington is not giving a shit about privacy.”

He also pointed out how the senate voted to continue FISA last month, and no one noticed:

Whether traveling, or in the sanctity of our homes, Big Brother knows and keeps track of virtually everything about us.

Oddly, one of my gun owning relatives said much the same thing – that she has given up quite enough rights.

Rush is one of the nastiest, most disgusting pieces of scum on the planet. He’s an infection upon the world.

With Maher – I’ve sort of almost kind of maybe started to ignore his shit from 2008. Oddly I still haven’t forgiven Maddow and the rest of the MSNBO gang. Maybe I’ve managed to oversee it with Maher because he’s non-partisan offender. Plus, he calls Anne Coulter crazy to her face.

socal@9: And I think the House did that (FISA extension) last year?

Don’t know about you, but when I was at the doc’s office some time ago (back in Nov.?) I had to sign a new HIPPA agreement because they had done some changes to that. The lady at the desk said something about changes to disclosures or something and I said “Oh just adding the CIA, NSA and everyone else to the list of who they’ll tell my medical conditions to” and she shrugged and said “Probably”. 🙄

chat@10 said: Oddly, one of my gun owning relatives…

I’m so glad you didn’t say gun toting relatives.

DYB said: Oddly I still haven’t forgiven Maddow and the rest of the MSNBO gang

Eh, I’ve tried to let it pass, however, every once in awhile while watching her I’ve had to yell at the tv “Shut up!!!”, when she really gets going on an Obama thing. Lawrence O’Donnell on the other hand, I just have to turn off. Can’t stand that smug s.o.b. 👿

Well, it must be nice to get discounts on Apple stock, like Al Gore has just done.

@15> Wow, that is really outrageous. Why does a millionaire many times over need to get such very special treatment on this stock?? It’s really appalling. But that’s how these things work. More money for the rich. It’s disgusting and Gore should be ashamed of himself.

Yes, the Al Gore stock thing is really outrageous. I’m used to watching the rich & famously undeserving getting comped in restaurants (and half the time not even leaving a tip), while the rest of us working class pay high prices for everything, but Al Gore and all of his scams are really over the top. What a crook.

I’ll occasionally watch Maddow when she has something on about women. She did a piece on abortion rights on Friday, I think, that was good.

I must admit I know not one person who owns a gun and it makes me itchy to think that other people have one in their place of business or home. Different cultures of course and different ways of addressing the issues. Mind you, there is a lot of gu violence from illegal weapons (usually brought across the border) but it’s contained. To my feeble mind, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck and their ilk are guilty of encouraging people t do terrible things. When and where will it end?

@16 and 17: Isn’t that just totally disgusting? Makes me wish the stock would just tank and he’d be holding worthless paper.

HT said: Different cultures of course and different ways of addressing the issues.

Well HT, now somebody up there had to have some guns. How the hell did they kill them bars (bears?) back in the day. 😉

Fredster – while his fame is exagerated and you’ve probably never heard of him – he is one reason why. We have always had guns to hunt and still do. We just do not have a “gun culture”.

A lot of other innocent people own that stock though. He’d still be a millionaire; the non-millionaires would lose their shirts. That’s the tragedy of it.

God, that pic of Lumball that Pat put up at the top of the post is absolutely hurl-worthy. What a cretin.

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