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Posted on: January 12, 2013

america-the-beautiful-2What’s “best” for America?

*Guns in every classroom.

*Denying climate change.

*Eliminating social programs.

*Limited access to healthcare.

*Forcing women to bear an unwanted child.

*Deregulating industries.


*Redefining rape.

*Rewriting history.

*Abolishing collective bargaining.

*Curtailing voter rights.

Crazy? This is exactly what is happening across this nation thanks to congressional Tea Partiers and GOP packed legistlatures led by GOP governors and it seems to be working. Not a day goes by when some state manages to vote legislation that chips away at the very idea of equality and commonsense.

The House is chock full of these people, enough so that their “will” seems to dominate the conversation with some of the most radical members urging a government shutdown over the debt ceiling as a case in point.

In the aftermath of one of the most horrific events since 9/11 gun control legislation which should be a “no brainer” is being vociferously opposed in the wake of the Sandy Hook School massacre. Morons are being offered a forum to argue their specious support that every man, woman and child be armed and the purchase of magazines capable of shooting 30 rounds per second be protected.

Enough idiots saw fit to return Michele Bachmann to congress. Michele has a tendency to make up her facts as she goes along but hey, what’s the big deal here as long as she has enough supporters who are capable of overlooking the facts along with her?

A small minority of lunatics have seized control of the public debate and have reduced government service to an exercise in futility. A nation of over 300 million people have found themselves in the grasp of groups of public servants who lack the notion that “we are all in this together”.  Instead we are being governed by petty little people whose hatred of government as a whole may eventually bring this country to its knees.

It’s embarrassing to watch these fools taken seriously. But the truth is that they are. Draconian proposals that would effect each and every one of us considered within the 98% are essentially helpless as long as the power remains in their hands. Critical thinking has “hit the skids” when equality is challenged as civil rights are disregarded by the “know nothing” crowd.

The “beauty” of any culture lies within its government.   The judgment operates on how we treat one another.

The current state of affairs says otherwise.


True, The spacious skies are filled with smog, the amber waves of grain owned by corporations, the majestic purple mountains are being dynamited for coal pockets and the fruited plains leveled for high fructose corn syrup. Sheesh.

Righteous! Just add privatizing education through underfunding and that charter stuff and removing environmental protections (drill baby drill – keystone alright!), VAWA (what violence against women?), PLUB (pro life until birth). There I think that’s got the Tea Party agenda covered, however I’m sure the later commenters will add a few more.

Don’t know if there is that much to add.

However, lil Booby in La, has proposed doing away with the income tax and corporate taxes and replace it with the sales tax which would be increased. Also, they would add to the number of items that would be subject to sales tax. Of course a sales tax is the most regressive of taxes but that’s probably the exact reason lil Booby likes it. If he raises the state sales tax to 7 or 8 %, and then factor in parish sales tax of 4 to 5% or more (how most parishes raise their operating revenues) then you are looking at 12 to 15% in sales tax. Yeah, go buy a car and pay those taxes on it. ($30,000 x 15% = $4800 sales tax) Of course, from the man who stopped hospice for people on medicaid, nothing much surprises us about lil Booby anymore. The only thing about lil Booby that made me smile this week was when one of the talking heads referred to him and a couple of other prez wannabes as “2nd or 3rd tier candidates”. Bless his heart. 🙂

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