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Posted on: November 24, 2012

It starts as early as September.  The “Christmas rush” is on!

Beginning sometime after Labor Day, commercials slowly point the way toward the holiday season of buying and spending in a 3 month frenzy of ads aimed at December 25th, designed as an appeal for emptying pocketbooks and loading up the charge cards.  There’s no escape from the bombardment.

And what could be more satisfying than declaring the annual “Black Friday” sales begin at 8pm on “Thanksgiving Thursday”?  If “40” is now considered the new “30” what’s the problem here?

Walmart is one of those first in line to push this theme.  An “event” that will stuff their coffers from those willing to abandon hearth and home for the opportunity of purchasing more “stuff” made in China at a preposterous discount for those willing to stand in line for hours as if their very lives depended upon it.  Nothing says “Happy Holidays” more then watching a bunch of fools camped out for hours to be first in line to grab themselves a “deal”.

But caught in the middle of all this unnecessary frenzy are the store associates working for minimum wage and few benefits expected to “serve” the greed of the public by giving up their own Thanksgiving holiday to spend time beating back the crowds with a smile on their faces.  How “fair” is that?

The Walton family annual income is somewhere around 6 billion dollars.  Their money is kept within the family.  These are the powerful 1 percenters who “live the good life” as their employees scramble to maintain a living on part time hours and low wages.  Powerful enough to beat back any hint of unionization and collective bargaining as many of their employees must look to food stamps to supplement their pitiful income.  How much does the Walton family need to ensure their opulent lifestyle?

These are the people who must rely on Medicaid for medical access.  The same program the 1% feels is necessary to cut as a means of balancing the budget.  Some must work at other jobs to support themselves and their families as most are hired as part time employees.  This guarantees that they are not eligible for benefits.  Paid slightly above the minimum wage these associates find themselves easily replaceable.

This is the philosophy that Mitt Romney went out of his way to protect during the campaign.  Why share the profits when you can have it all?  Then condemn those who must live under the yoke of corporatism in suggesting they only want “stuff”.

The “stuff”, as I see it is the crap that is being sold to the masses as “must have”.  How many “broken hearts” will we see from those unable to grab that discounted piece of junk they have been told they cannot live without?  Idiots all too pleased with themselves in giving up one holiday for the sake of another to be “first in line”.  And if it means getting there by pushing, shoving, and elbowing each other out of the way then is that not a “success” in itself?  Just listen to the sounds of cash registers in the background signaling the sounds of Christmas. Music to the ears of the Walton family raking in even more profits on the backs of their employees.  Goodwill to all!

There’s “stuff” and then there is “stuff”. Stuff is the waste of money on gifts forgotten hours after the package has been unwrapped.  Stuff that requires giving up time spent with family in a rush to obtain it.

The other “stuff” is having the means necessary to live with a sense of dignity without having to rely on the government to take up the slack because benefits have been slashed to protect those whose bottom line is having more than they could ever spend in a lifetime.  Stuff is a living wage, medical access, and collective bargaining.  Stuff is a share in the work they provide a company by dint of their labor.

Mitt Romney and the party of “family values” don’t see it that way.

Walmart and their competitors illustrate all that is wrong with the American system of corporate power. They have managed to sell their souls at the altar of greed.

Black Friday, Early Thursday, says as much. 

Unmitigated greed on full display.


21 Responses to "“STUFF” AND STUFF"

This and Prolix’s post yesterday – you’ve really summed up the problem – excellent.

OT but related to Firefox Update complaint in last thread. You can change the About:config at the url line, or you can go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, ADVANCE, UPDATE tab. You can choose NEVER CHECK FOR UPDATES or…….you can choose to be ASKED if you want the update. Note if you chose ASK, they will haunt you. They claim that there is a security risk to not updating, but frankly, I think that’s bulls!t. Just make sure you have a good and current antivirus and firewall program, because if you don’t, no browser, current or old, is going to protect you.

Well said! “…a living wage, medical access, and collective bargaining” is what we deserve. Not lemming-like rushes for more crappy stuff we don’t need.

Does anyone know how the anti-Walmart protests went yesterday? I’m not seeing anything on the news, so I’m guessing it didn’t go well?

HT: I was thinking the same thing about how theses two posts were so perfectly paired.

I think so far I’ve seen or heard of: one shooting, another gun drawn over being shoved, numerous fistfights and the guy who supposedly picked up a 51″ tv while his kid was in the car but then he left the store and left said kid in the car and went home. This last one smells a tad fishy.

Yes, I saw the story about the guy with the TV who left his kid in the car and went home. But the story made no sense. He said he lost his kid (actually, I think it was his step-son), so he called a friend to come and pick him up with the new TV and went home. But…he left the kid in the his own car. Did he forget where he parked his car? It makes no sense. Last I heard there were no charges filed.

I am avoiding Walmart like the plague it is on the American Landscape!

As I’ve said before, I do go to Walmart because I tend to go after midnight and the stores normally close at 9 p.m. I’ve always been greeted by very courteous folks who unfailingly are able to help when I’m looking for an item and can’t find it. I always thank them profusely. I know that doesn’t give them full time work or better benefits but I try to be nice to the folks there.

On the other hand, who says they don’t get to have their own revenge?

Warning: NSFW

DYB said: Did he forget where he parked his car? It makes no sense. Last I heard there were no charges filed.

Remember this D: They reproduce *and* they vote! 😯

Great post Pat. What a revolting spectacle. We don’t have a Walmart where I live. They tried to put one in, but were refused. There is a Target the next town over, and a Costco the town over in the opposite direction.

Re: the idiot that left the 2 yo and went home with the 51″ tv, I read that he couldn’t find his car (!?!) and called someone to pick him up.

socal@11: You know, I think I *did* hear something like that. What a a jerk! 👿

Hmm…seems that the most outrageous of the “Black Friday” videos all came from Walmart.

Well, our young sub QB is hanging on; 1st half almost over and its 13 -10 ND. Come on Trojans!

Still doable in the 4th qtr with 19/10 if they get it together.

Well UCK FOO Notre Dame!!!

Sorry Socal, I know that was not a good one for y’all. 😦

Ugh! It was dreadful. Lane Kiffin stinks. Hubbie doesn’t think they’ll get rid of him though! Gadzooks, I can’t imagine another dreary season with this guy.

Well, we’re rooting for the Dawgs now! Hope they’ll beat the red tide and then ND in the final!

socal said: Hubbie doesn’t think they’ll get rid of him though!

Well, *they* could say he’s been hampered by the recruitiing restrictions on the number of scholarships he can offer and stuff like that from the past NCAA violations. For me, I just never thought he was that good.

So does this wrap up your season?

I think so. Unless they get to play in one of those “other” bowls!

Fredster, how are you feeling?

socal@19: Meh. Still having to stay off my feet a lot because of the swelling. I go back to the doctor Monday (dressing changes) and then see the specialist on Thursday. It’s very difficult (and infuriating!) to try to keep your feet up on 3 stacked pillows, or on a wedge pillow with another pillow on top for height and another on the bottom. I’ll wake up and feel my feet/legs flat on the bed and start mutterng and cussiing and then have to get up to rearrange the entire mess. 👿

Bummer. I’m sorry you have to go thru that! We’re all wishing as hard as we can that you’ll be on the mend asap!

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