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Posted on: November 6, 2012

Okie-doke folks today is the day.

If you have you ranted and raved against Obama, now’s your chance to throw the bum out and vote for his opponent.

If, on the other hand, you’ve taken a gander at what the two R’s offer and are appalled at it, now is the time to give Obama another four years.

And, if you feel like a pox on both of them, then there are a host of third party candidates you can pull the lever, darken the circle or whatever, for.

However, the most important thing is…to vote!  If you don’t get your butt out to vote for a candidate, then you have NO SAY in how the election goes.  If you don’t exercise your right to vote then you cannot gripe, bitch, complain or anything else about what happens in the next four years.

And that is exactly what it is:  Your right.

For those of you who have voted early, congratulations for exercising your right to vote.

For those of you who haven’t either voted early or do not intend to vote,  all I can say is this: Too many men and women have given up their lives to give you that right to say who you want to lead this country. If you do not exercise your right to vote then you make a mockery of what these folks fought and died for.

It’s your duty damnit!


This is an open thread.

Note to our Florida Widdershins:  If you are going to vote today…pack a lunch and maybe dinner too!  🙂



62 Responses to "TODAY IS *THE* DAY"

Great post, Fredster!

The outcome will speak volumes of who we are and where we are going as a nation and the only way to express that is by through our vote.

Good morning, Widdershins! I’ve changed my profile picture after I realized I was posting last night about drinking with a photo of a baby in my arms!

MB, it’s great to see you back on the blog. I’ll have chorus rehearsal tonight so I won’t be checking in till 10:00 or so. Yes, I will have to stay dry until late tonight so I can drive home.

To our long-time friends, Fredster, Pat, Chat, Beata, DYB, HT, LaTiDa, I’ve missed you all while work has overtaken posting.

To Prolix, SoCal Annie and anyone else I’ve missed, I’ve been checking in briefly and love your posts.

This is the most supportive community on the interwebz. Thanks to MB for making it possible.

OK let’s try that again with the photo. One of these days I’m going to have to spend an entire day getting wordpress figured out. Not today thought.

Mary, the only way to get through the “suspense” for me is to have a drink in my hands, baby or not!

My anxiety meter is off the charts because I serioulsy loathe Mitt Romney and the GOP but the results are out of my control.

As I see it, a “win” for them would sink this nation and I am so against rewarding liars and cheats that I am not sure of my reaction should this come to pass.

What it would tell me is that lying and obstructionism works and that is an assault against my ideals and principles.

My hope is that enough like minded people get themselves to the polls to reject their agenda with a sound heard round the world.

Until the last vote is counted I will be at the edge of my seat.

Yay! Finally the suspense will be over. I’ll be off to vote shortly. I could not agree more with Fredster – Voting is our duty and our right!

Hi Mary – great to see you and everyone. I’m finally winding down with my project and have the time to stop by and write again.

Everyone in NYC is up for a very interesting voting experience today. From broken machines to voting in tents to affidavits for displaced voters, it’s going to be even worse chaos than usual. Cross your fingers and toes!

Pat, I’m with you. Tonight is going to be a nail-biter!

Pray for me = I’m off to the polls and then to the grocery store for snacks

@6 – Good luck Chatblu!

I hope that poor chat is not still standing in line down there through Thanksgiving!

Florida and Rick Scott should be ashamed of themselves for the crime they are commiting agaiinst their citizens.

Even NY and NJ, up to their hips in crisis, are trying to make voting as easy as possible for those who have been effected.

Go Florida! Go NY and NJ! You guys have grit!

Good luck to all of my American friends. Take heart Pat, somehow I feel that it will all be good, and from me, that’s a positive statement. My son calls me the eternal pessimist.

HT, they were looking for you earlier over at Sky Dancing.

I’m going to distract myself for the rest of the day since this is such a nailbiter.

No doubt Obama takes MA but I am hoping that Warren gets the win as well. It would be refreshing for once to have a solid female acting on our behalf here in the commonwealth.

I voted already and the line, though long, was only a 20 minute wait. Painless compared to other parts of the country.

I am waiting for the new Alice Munro book to arrive so I can take my mind off the election. The reviews are very positive (and why not, she is wonderful!) so an hour or two away from the suspense is welcome.

Ohio voting machine drama: The use of the machines may be halted. I certainly hope so! I have no doubt that election fraud will be perpetrated by the Repubs as long as they can get away with it.

Good lord. More questionable computer voting systems. This is ridiculous. Go back to counting them. And whats up with Florida?

Socal – here’s an update on voting issues today.

Here in NY, our polling place was busy but well-organized – of course, we went at a less crowded time of day, so who knows….

I am surprisingly calm today. 😯 I have my Vermont Country Store catalog and I am perusing it for some Xmas present ideas. Even their fruitcakes look good.

Well it looks like you may have some good news, Beata. Mourdock looks like he won’t win. 😀

Beata has been predicting all along that Mourdock would fail but it’s always pleasant to be proven right. Go Beata (all that positive thinking might actually work!) Question: will he retire gracefully, or come back like a zombie. Second question – if Romney doesn’t win, will he continue to insert himself into the puclic in order to prepare for a 2016 run?

@4 Pat, you are so right. I think it’s hard for us in MA because we’ve been through what he and his people will do, and we really know how bad he is.

PS: Baby is my beautiful grand-daughter. And no, she won’t be here drinking with me.

@17 – These Republicans NEVER give up. That is the secret of their success. They don’t care about the will of the people, they just want to win. So yes, I am sure that if Mourdock or Romney don’t win, they will continue to find a political half-life elsewhere.

@15 mmmm….sounds good, Beata. I’ll have to get that catalogue.

Voted at mid-day. No problem. There was a steady flow of people, but it kept moving.

Andy Borowitz on the Republican’s closing argument:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—With only one day until the election, the Republican Party today released its official closing argument to the American people.

In its entirety, the argument read as follows: “We’re strongly opposed to FEMA and health care, but basically O.K. with rape.”

Truer words…

regarding chat. You know, they should have a special line for those with physical issues (do they? I don’t know). She has that portable compant O2 thing and even though it is light weight, I’m sure it’s a major pain and hindrance if she has to stand for any lenght of time.

No, they do not. I’m home, and I;m taking a nap.

@23 – Oh chat! I’m so sorry. Take care of yourself!

chat@23: Oh that sucks!!!! 👿 However, why would I expect anything less from Rick Scott who cut the number of early voting days. Asswipe!

Speaking of FL, the folks over at the “not dumb” blog are having a field day with FL and early voting. And of course it’s not the faul of Rick Scott who cut days off of the early voting period.

Our early voting experience in S. Fla. has been surreal, hours and hours of waiting on line has been the norm. Two County Supervisors of Elections already have lawyers. One, in my county, allowed voters to get absentee ballots, fill them out on the spot, and turn them in, hours after the polls had closed, and in this case, a full day after early voting had legally ended. As of this a.m. she has a lawyer too.
It has been chaotic all over the region, with large groups of people showing up at polls that are miles from their communities and which have their own early voting polling places.
To the jaded eye, it appears the O’s are spreading groups around the area, in a futile effort to keep them under the radar.
Sorry for being non p.c…but the cheaters are counting on our fear of not getting to be Prom King and Queen..

Now, I looked at WFOR in Mia and also the Herald and could not find any story about “large groups of people” voting outside their precincts. 🙄 Of course that’s the new norm over there: throw something out and see if it sticks.

The Dade county supv..of elections did open up early voting on Sunday even though she wasn’t supposed to but because of the large number of people voting, she decided to open early voting on Sunday and added an extra day.

How ’bout this one from The Onion. I’ve heard this one too!

A friend introduced me to these two ladies. They are funny as all get out!

Ugh, that place has become ridiculous. There is very little evidence of any instance of voter suppression instigated by Dems, although Obama did have some intimidators (allegedly) in 2008. The Repubs do love to accuse people of the very things they are doing themselves.

@29 – I love the last paragraph:

I suggest we offer immigration reform in the form of an immigration exchange program. If you are caught trying to suppress or otherwise discourage voters, we can deport you in exchange for an immigrant who wouldn’t dream of taking democracy for granted. I mean it. Really.

Helen for President!

I love Margaret and Helen. Feisty ladies with pithy commentaries.

OMG! Romney just landed at Logan Airport and WCVB is reporting from the Boston Convention Center- with secret service. I suppose they have to be there but it chills my blood, Apparently he bought another house in Belmont, which he’d moved away from several years ago so he could set up “residence” and campaign headquarters in MA.

I still have to go to chorus rehearsal. Pat, please start drinking for me. I’m getting a sick feeling that this thing might not be a “squeaker”. People I talked to around Boston this week were really angry at Obama. This state can be more conservative than most people think.

@23 Chat, feel better. Time for the single malt.

Laker just told me that Rmoney said he had his victory speech ready, and then when a reporter asked if he had the opposite ready, just in case, he said no. For once, I actually believe something he says.

I will have to serve, not indulge, tonight. Am battling a sinus infection.

MB, hope you get well quickly. I’m fighting something off myself. Going to go back on my special herb mix to get strong again.

The Margaret & Helen site is awesome! Love feisty senior women.

5:00. Happy Hour time in Cali. BBL.

MB@30: Sometimes I go over there just for some needed laughs. You know when you start citing Daily Caller, Drudge and the others of that ilk, you have really started scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Wow, per Rachel Maddow, voting has been extended thru Friday in New Jersey.

HT and Socal: Like I said, a friend of mine clued me in to Margaret and Helen and now I have to check them every day. I think we need to consider adding them to the blogroll.

Voting til Friday? Wow. Interesting if there was a tossup for prez.

@42 – I agree, Fredster. We should add them for sure!

I’m watching MSNBO also. It looks like there are now TWO Independents in the Senate: Bill King in Maine (whoops – had to edit that!), expected to caucus with the Democrats. Hooray for third-party Senators – as long as they are liberal! 😉

Also, it looks like Chris Murphy has beaten evil Linda McMahon in Connecticut. I’m so happy about that – Linda has spent $100 million of her OWN MONEY trying to get into the Senate. A truly horrible woman.

@43 – Yes, although I keep hearing that if the repubs don’t win Florida, they don’t have a shot at winning.

@44 MB, Exactly!! (Murphy v. McMahon)

MB@44: Yes I love that McMahon went down. Shows she couldn’t buy the election.


SophieCT: Your comments went into spam. I realeased one and the other was a duplicate right?

Ugh, I forgot how annoying pundits are. Goddess help me stay tuned to this nonsense. 😀

SophieCT: Got your comment out.

Yay SophieCT! I just emailed my good friend in Connecticut congratulating her. She and I spoke recently about how much we disliked “Linda” and her dishonest, nasty campaigning.

I’m not even watching yet. Doing work and making sake margaritas as soon as hubbie gets home. Laker was watching bsnbc and panicked when he saw all the red states getting called already. He has some kind of federal grant that pays his tuition now (we never got a dime for him, from any govt agency, nor any special ed stuff like occupational therapy when he was under 18, btw) and is paranoid he’ll lose it if RR get in. He’s so funny.

@52 MB, It’s been horrible. Every 6 minutes another BS ad. Murphy is really one of the good guys. He’s my Congressman. BuhBuy Linda!

Hmmm… TW doesn’t like me tonite…another comment disappeared…And I brought Scotch–a single malt even!

Sorry so late looking good Romney goes down…

socal said: He has some kind of federal grant that pays his tuition now

Tell Laker he’s gonna be part of that 47%. 😉 Just teasin’ of course.

Michael@55: Let’s hope so!!!

Republican’s will retain the house…sorry everyone

Michael, move up to the new post.


But Women are Winning…that is the real story look at New Hampshire!

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