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It’s not just  about abortion rights.

It’s not just about “job creation”.

Nor is it about saving or decimating the middle class.

It goes deeper than that and it has been simmering for a very long time.

The GOP has been fighting back against change since the civil rights act was passed in 1964. And just as predicted by Lyndon Johnson upon passage, certain segments of the population was lost.

Fast forward to Jerry Falwell and the creation of the Moral Majority railing against the liberals and a certain mindset found purchase. That mindset found its outlet through the formation of the Tea Party. The fear and anger in having a person of color as Commander in Chief set the ball rolling and a political party was born within the ranks of the GOP itself.

Moderates were pushed aside and a party of irrational behavior took root.  The “age of ignorance”  was met with approval. 

It was through government intervention that pushed through civil rights legislation. It was the government that put in place all those safety nets that funded “welfare queens” and the like. It was the government that opened the door to women enjoying the freedom of choice that began during the “swinging sixties”. It was the government that pushed for school integration. It was the government that regulated industries and pushed for more control over the environment. It was the government that passed Affirmative Action. It was the government that eliminated prayer in schools. It was the government that is at fault in introducing a more progressive way of life that goes against every religious belief these people cling to.  It is the government that is the “enemy” and they are determined to fight back.

And now is their time to act.  When congress and state legislatures are holding the majority of power capable of “turning back the clock” before these policies existed. The “good old days” when everybody “knew their place”.

You hear this in their rhetoric and plans to dismantle or eliminate government programs.

The 60s sexual revolution scared the hell out of them. Gay rights disgusts them. Civil rights frightens them. They do not desire equality. This is not their mission. Legislating morality is the name of the game; the right to tell everybody how to live, love, and obey on their terms.

They see equality and the right to choose as a personal assault against their religious views. They have been indoctrinated into the beliefs of “religious prosperity” in suggesting your misfortune is your own fault perhaps because your “belief system” is not strong enough. They dismiss the U.S. Constitution as having no meaning in governance.

Listen to what they say. They deny evolution and science. They mock education. They scold those who seek control over their bodies. They denounce regulations. They dismiss climate change. They suggest “god” is behind natural disasters based on his anger towards liberalism. They want “personhood” for a clump of cells. They would stand in the way of affordable healthcare because it is “your fault” for not planning ahead. They refuse to accept reality, preferring instead to rely upon biblical renderings for their basis in law. They live in a world that is different than yours or mine. And they like it that way.

The danger is that they have now risen to the heights of power. They are listened to by many others who share these same fanatical beliefs. They are here to “banish the evildoers” who do not measure up to fundamental screeds. For them that “evil” resides in a progressive and liberal government. It must be vanquished. This is what “The Rapture” is all about.

These are the people created from the C Street enclave. They are the crux of “The Family” they depend upon to carry out their agenda “to cleanse the world of sin” in preparation for the Final Days.

This goes far beyond the issue of abortion but a selective plan for that “One World Government” that brings them together as an advance army. It is actually the Dominionist Theory in its early stages.

Todd Akin pulled that curtain aside allowing us a closer look at what they have in store.

This is their “divine mission”.

This is what makes them so dangerous.


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