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The comment attributed to Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution has been debunked but it still stands as an apt description of the French Court during a time in their history when the rich and powerful lorded it over the majority of their citizens who were starving to death under a government populated by the “haves” of their time. 

The result was in the overthrow of the monarchy along with the public executions of those who benefited from their reign.

The people rose up in protest and “off with their heads!” became a rallying cry.

The current GOP seems ready to embark on much the same policies. That is, throwing the majority of its citizens to the curb as a means of “balancing the budget” and privatizing every public agency created to prevent just that.

 In other words the declaration of “you’re on your own” is close to becoming a reality. Whatever befalls you on your life’s journey is your fault so quit looking to the government for support, assistance, or a sense of fairness.

Though we may hate to admit it most of us are “ordinary people”.  We go to jobs, we do not create them. We have found ourselves at times “behind the eight ball” for a variety of reasons unique to ourselves.  Job loss, divorce, unexpected medical bills, we spend a portion of our lives “taking from Peter to pay Paul” in a lot of instances but we muddle through because it is all we can do.

Though most of us are able to see the waste in many government programs, we also see the benefits as well.  Knowing there are “safety nets” available at least offers a measure of assurance when times get tough – as they most assuredly will at one time or another – because life does have a way of biting us on the butt.  Like it or not, we most definitely are “all in this together”.

But what happens when those safety nets disappear?  What happens when social security, unemployment insurance, Medicare and Medicaid are no longer available?  What happens to seniors unable to care for themselves who are ineligible for nursing home care?  What becomes of children born into low income families who are denied the necessary treatment to overcome illness?  Where do the children of the 98% go to seek financial aid for a college education? What happens to those working poor struggling to make a living who are denied food stamps to feed a family when things get tough?  How does denying women their reproductive rights make us a stronger nation?

Cutting funding for environmental safety puts us at further risk of deterioration.  Refusing to fund research programs is inviting disaster.  Outsourcing jobs is an assault against the idea of the American Dream.  Sanctioning billionaires to “buy” their own leaders is one of the most immoral aspects of the current state of politics as we have ever seen.

Allowing lobbyists representing corporate interests to fashion laws that go against the public welfare designed to fatten the wallets of the Greedy Bastards will further weaken our economy and it will not be long before we too become “French Revolutionaries” who violently struck back against the status quo.

How long before some anguished parent reacts to his own child being denied medical treatment, or is financially unable to meet the needs of an aging parent? In a society steeped in as much violence as ours has become it will come as no surprise.

You can deny the population for so long.  You can take away their voting rights, their right to collective bargaining, their need for healthcare access, and their right to choose their own destiny before the urge to fight back becomes strong enough to explode.  You can pollute the environment for only so long before the hazards begin to manifest themselves and the cries of “enough” begin to be heard.  You can manipulate the system for only so long before it becomes unlivable.  The calls for a “revolution” in whatever form it materializes will not go unheard.

The most disgusting argument offered is in not expecting the rich to pay their fair share. Why not?  They travel the same roads, breathe the same air, are protected by the  troops, and drink the same water as the rest of us.  What is so “special” about this 2% of the population that their wants and needs are placed above our own?  How much more do they need before they reach the level of satisfaction?  What places them in a “protective class” that must not be tampered with?  There is really no answer that would make sense.

We are embarked on a dangerous path of self destruction if these safety nets are eliminated and the effects begin to be felt.  It will just be a matter of time.

“Let them eat catfood” – today’s answer from the 2% living in their own version of Versailles.  

And how long did that last?


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