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Lazy Sunday Music: Enough, Already

Posted on: August 19, 2012

I honestly cannot recall feeling so down this close to an election since, well, 2008.  Prior to that I have always been involved and energized.  I am a registered Independent, and a supervoter, so everybody wants me and my silly little vot, and has lost little time in so advising me..  My phone rings day in and day out with people asking me if I care about the future of Medicare, our children and/or the republic.  I’ve been nursing a case of sinusitis, but I honestly think that there’s an overlay of the general blahs involved as well.

Pat said it all yesterday – it’s about running on empty.  It’s about nothing left to give.  It’s about being devoid of feelings.  It’ s about watching the cavalcade of debris that marches across the television set and pops up in banners on my computer with regularity and not even really caring.  Today’s Lazy Sunday will celebrate the ambient negativity and maybe afterwards we can get up and running again. 

Here are my “stop it” songs of the day, and I look forward to yours in this otherwise open thread.

(1) It’s Too Late – Carol King, 1971

(2) I Don’t Care Anymore – Phil Collins, 1983

(3) Forget You – Ceelo Green, 2010

(4) I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better –  The Byrds, 1965

(5)  Heart of Glass – Blondie, 1978


37 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Enough, Already"

It’s hard to find songs about the feeling of pessimism that pervades everywhere with regard to the political and ruling class, so I’ll add one that’s about hope. I suppose that hope is all we have left – and no I’m not religious.

Great choices as always.

Does this version have cannons?

Another Day in Paradise – makes me wonder if all those fans waving lighters and arms every listen to the lyrics.

And a classic protest song.

And another great protest song.

I am impressed, y’all.

As you all know – I’m a muppet fan – Muppets forever!

The Muppet fix!

here’s another flashback – back when republicans actually cared about people. Note the words, this is the place where the hopes of the hopeless and the dreams of the lost….well that was then, this is now. Sadly, the republican party has lost it’s soul.

I’ll be happier here.

Some teen-aged angst:

With the way this election is going, do we all feel “alone again”?

@15: Stop trying to cheer us up already, HT.

@18: Good one, Fredster.

Beata@21: Thank ye!

Beata, I try, oh do I try to cheer up people, but I haven’t been able to accomplish much, particularly lately. However Muppets forever – they will always do the trick.

HT, I hope you know I was just teasing. Trying to cheer us up is a noble effort and appreciated. I love the Muppets.

I’ve had several very bad weeks lately. The mama is not doing well, among other things. I’m feeling extremely depleted. Sundays seem especially hard emotionally.

Okay can you believe this tool well any one who Doubts the Republican war on women need look no farther than this. I hope McCaskill takes him down on this…God those words leaving my mouth I never thought would happen!

Fuzzy@25: What a douche!

Beata – you’ve had a very bad year. I won’t offer platitudes, as I’m going through one hellhole of a year too. One more death will just about finish me. However, you are important to a lot of people, as am I. We just cannot give up – not yet at any rate. Shall we dance?

@27: That was beautiful. Here’s one of my favorite feel-good songs:

@28 I love, love Fred and Ginger. There is no one else like them for giving all of us fans a glimpse of what should be, rather than what is. I know it’s all fantasy, but in my world, as in yours, fantasy is a welcome reprieve.

Beata said:

I’ve had several very bad weeks lately. The mama is not doing well, among other things. I’m feeling extremely depleted. Sundays seem especially hard emotionally.

Oh Beata!! ♥ ♥ We’re here if you need us.

We are, Beata/

Hi Beata!!! Hi HT!!!

Here’s something to cheer everyone up – the divine Martina Arroyo and Regine Crespin being all catty and stuff.

DYB you are ever the font of all wisdom. Tonight I touched the two garbage bags that the unmentionable packed and gave to me – my brother’s clothes. they’ve been sitting in my front hall for a month, and I haven’t touched them or moved them. I can understand what Beata is going through because in a different way, I’m experiencing the same sense of helplessnes and loss. I wonder why we can’t just all get along, and emphathise with one another. Tonight, I touched my brother’s things through the garbage bags that the unmentionable chose to put them into. Tonight I cried.

HT: I still have some of the momster’s clothes. It’s the ones that she packed and brought with her from Katrina. Those to me are “her”. I’ve got them packed up and in a small suitcase. I’ll take ’em back with me to Looziana and I’ll get rid of them in time. Also kept one pair of her shoes.

@25> Raving lunatic, that’s what that guy is.

Fredster, I know how much you loved momster, and over the years, I also have a soft spot for her. She must have been incredible – she gave us you after all. My brother, Glen has only been gone for 6 months, and it’s still rather raw for me. He was far from perfect, but he was my almost twin and I feel such a terrible loss now that he’s not near to me. I know it takes time but geebus I miss him so much. I will go through those garbage bags – someday. somehow I think deep down if I don’t open them he isn’t gone – stupid I know. I wish he and I were in Glocamorrah.

beata hope your mother improves my heart is breaking for you….

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