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Almost perfect in its immorality…

Posted on: August 17, 2012

WANTED: Vice Presidential Running Mate.


  • Must have voted for two Bush tax cuts, two wars, unpaid for prescription drug benefit, Bush Bank Bailout, TARP, Obama Stimulus, GM/Chrysler Bailout, and then be seen as a deficit hawk.
  • Must have dangling man junk.
  • Must believe in the philosophy of a Russian atheist until you don’t.
  • Must believe that running mate be taxed at a rate of near zero (extra consideration for a rate resulting in a refund).
  • Must have never held a private sector job.
  • Must have no military service.
  • Must have no experience in foreign affairs.
  • Must believe in the inviolate preservation of ejaculitizens (full constitutional citizenship bestowed upon zygotes marked in time by the words, “Oh baby, oh baby, oh…“).

I don’t know anyone other than Paul D. Ryan, proud representative of one-eighth of the great state of Wiscottsin who

Coincidence, I think not…

fulfills these qualifications.  Oh, one more qualification — must believe that poor people can find food in the forest.

Here’s a thought — the prior job holder, Sarah Palin, is decried as abysmally ignorant of most everything beyond breathing where Paul Ryan is supposedly a wonkish cypher brainiac — but there isn’t a single issue upon which they disagree.  Go figure.

Here’s my theory on why young Paulie got the call — Romney was told — you are going to come in second in a two-man race — you gotta do something even if it’s wrong or hope the Mormon god visits from Kolob.

Conservative Think Tank Brainstorming Session…

Interestingly enough, the conservative intelligentsia — Rupert Murdoch, Bill Krystol, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Rich Lowry, Erick Erickson, and Roger Ailes (mostly champions of Palin) had begun telling Romney in a public way to dutifully sway and obey; otherwise, Tampa Bay was going thermonuclear rendering the sandy beaches long puddles of glass.  In addition, the Tea Party had hinted about, and was likely to stage, an uprising (which by the way is in the recipe for a traditionally successful tea bagging).

The conservative intelligentsia has never liked Romney and I think they are serving him up on toast; thereby, opening the door for Ryan to be seen as the next great thinking Republican.  (Newt Gingrich has a new gig as stunt double for the Michelin Man as well as an endorsement deal with Pillsbury.)

Ryan is philosophically malleable and situational in his beliefs — given his love of P90X, he’s also the perfect “pocket-size conservative” to be trotted out on cue to “have an adult conversation” about cutting loose the safety net containing tens of millions of humans courtesy of the Dubya disaster years.

Everyone has focused on Ryan and his Medicare proposals — that, in my humble opinion, is not where an analysis

Some say budget, I say my ticket to ride…

should begin or end with Messrs. Romney and Ryan.  It is this — in Ryan’s budget, he cuts some 30 million poor Americans loose by reducing Medicaid funding — these are the chronically poor, the “ain’t no rainbow and unicorns” poor, the “I’ve fallen and ain’t never getting up” poor.  His budget was so devoid of humanity, the Catholic Bishops even called it, “unjustified, wrong, and failing a basic moral test.”  It unmercifully cut food aid to the poor and to the most vulnerable of all — children.

What is amazing — utterly amazing — I mean truly gobsmackingly amazing, is this:  All the Medicare cuts, all the Medicaid cuts, and all the other social services cuts go toward creating further tax cuts for the one percent crowd and corporations — they don‘t go at all toward deficit reduction!  Here’s the kicker — the Ryan budget doesn’t balance until the 2040s even under the most outrageously rosy economic assumptions.  In short, another thirty plus years of political slogans masquerading as economic theory where wealth continues to accumulate in the one percent crowd.  The Democratic budget version balanced within ten years because there weren’t additional trillions in tax cuts for the wealthy.

Lest there be some mistake, I’m sure that Paul Ryan is a perfectly nice man who is a good father, loves his wife, family, brats, and beer — but, there’s something out of kilter and it is troubling in a big way.

The title of this post is from Gore Vidal’s quote describing Ayn Rand’s philosophy, “Almost perfect in its immorality.”  Ryan has consistently credited Rand as one of the reasons he is in public service and central to his own personal philosophy.

The second act is the hardest…

Here’s what’s troubling — if you are as smart as Paul Ryan is supposed to be, how do you not know Ayn Rand was an atheist and that her objectivist philosophy was predicated on man’s highest moral calling being to himself through seeking pleasure and happiness?  Either Ryan isn’t that smart or he is philosophically rudderless claiming to be sanctimoniously pious.  He can’t be both.

This is an “all skate” open thread.


22 Responses to "Almost perfect in its immorality…"

Ryan is being touted as a “deep thinking philosopher”.

We had to endure the press forcing the idea of Obama being the “Next Coming” while Bush was tagged as a “compassionate conservative” and not as dumb as he looked. Mitt is the next “job creator” even though “outsourcing” was his biggest contribution to Bain.

They tried to impress us with Sarah Palin being a “truel feminist” when not comparing her to Hillary Clinton (as Hillary tossed down vodka shots trying to get that image out of her head) and McCain as a “maverick” as he watched his hopes implode for choosing this dumbass as a running mate.

Rudy Giuliani was described as “America’s mayor” and Fred Thompson was “Mr. Conservative” with everybody enjoying comparisons to Ronnie Raygun along the way.

Other than “creating a budget” that would have millions of people forming breadlines outside soup kitchens, there is nothing much else to recommend Paul Ryan to the public at large.

His grasp of foreign policy is as strong as Palin’s grasp of American history (in other words: none) that they must “sell” him as something other than the blood sucking leech that he is.

It’s how it’s done for those people who have lost the ability to think.

The one thing that amazes me is that Ayn Rand was a narcissist, who chose Aristotle over Plato, in her forays into history. Aristotle was a homosexual, as was Plato and Socrates, and she had xtramarital affairs yet Ryan, with his Xian moralities still thinks she is the biscuit. (BTW, if you ever get an opportunity to listen to Lynne Truss’ BBC radio comedy – Acropolis Now – do so. It’s hilarious, and Plato and Socrates are scewered, as is Aristophanes and Heraclitus)
One other thing about Ayn, she signed up for Social Security and Medicare (according to her supporters against her will, but really that is a weak excuse) and she died on the government dole. And Ryan still thinks she is the dog’s biscuit and is working to deny other more hard working people the access to these benefits that at least, they contributed to, unlike Ayn.
Ayn Rand was a thoroughly narcissistic taker. I doubt that she ever truly did anything for anyone other than herself and by that I mean that I doubt she would ever put herself out for another person that did not have a payback that would benefit her. I notice Ryan is desperately trying to distance himself now.Too late. Wasn’t Ayn the reason he got into politics (from his own mouth)?
How can so many people vote against their own interests. I just do not understand it, and frankly I’m not sure I ever want to understand.

Very thought provoking post Prolix. Sorry for rambling.

A little thought experiment — what if two democrats, neither having served in the military, held a “coming out” announcement on a retired aircraft carrier with “Fanfare to the Common Man” or the soundtrack for “Air Force One” playing in the background? How long before the conservative intelligentsia went into apoplectic seizures?

People all the time want to say, “There’s no difference between the parties,” — yes they are — there is a huge difference primarily because the Ds are a bunch of wimps who won’t stand up to the bullies.

HT — rambling is encouraged by the management.

That military thing is another area I do not understand. Kerry got scewered because he served and gotwas awarded medals, by a man who never truly served and his supporters – yet no effective blowback other than Dan Rather who got sucker punched for providing backup information that was impugned – and the Democrats backed down.
Funnily enough, our Liberal party parachuted in Ignatief as leader, a man who had spent the previous 30 years as a professor at Harvard and had no idea of how the country had evolved. He did everything wrong – crippled the Liberal Party which lead to a Conservative victory – for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, the Conservative party had been taken over by regressive neocons – so now we’re cutting social benefits and beefing up military incursions into other countries. Ignatieff gelded the Liberal Party and it may take decades before they can regain any of their previous position. Hope the same doesn’t happen down there.

While I will not claim to be channeling Charles Krauthammer, his piece this morning begins touting Ryan as the philosophical leader for the next generation. Here’s the article:

It is interesting that two of the examples he uses to reinforce his point are the Bushes and Nixon. Hmmm, very much like being the winner in an ugly baby contest.

Interestingly, when Ryan was chastised by the Bishops, he then turned around and gave *them* a lecture:

Ryan didn’t turn the other cheek. He showed up at Georgetown on Thursday to deliver a previously scheduled lecture, and lecture he did. He said the faculty members would benefit from a “fact-based conversation” on the issue. “I suppose that there are some Catholics who for a long time thought they had a monopoly . . . on the social teaching of our church,” he said, but no more. “The work I do as a Catholic holding office conforms to the social doctrine as best I can make of it.”

I recall very vividly when my Mom died. She was an Anglican and to my shame I had no idea of what she was doing outside of my own insular and quite frankly selfish life. After I had semi recovered from her death (I had to take a leave of absense because I could not function) one of the fellows who reported to me told me about a mass at his church for my Mom. A whole Catholic mass for my Mom. I never knew the extent of her activities, and when at her funeral two priests and 6 nuns appeared, I was absolutely flummoxed. My point, my mother was not of the Catholic faith. My mother never once let anyone know that she was an outreach manager for the Anglican Church. My mother supported gay and women’s rights. My mother was the most saintly person I will ever know or hope to know. My mother would be appalled by what passes as political discourse. Obviously, I measure most things by my own intelligence coupled by what my mother would have advised. My mother would have asked – has the U.S. lost it’s marbles. She wasn’t perfect – far from it. She was a wonderfully brilliant person whose intelligence was constrained by the era in which she was born, yet she fought subtly to overcome that. I would like to think that she would be proud of me, even though I have not been as activist as she was – behind the curtain.
We need more people like my Mum and Fredster’s Mum and all of our Mum’s.

All of that to say, My mum would have passed Ryan off as a piece of lint. Irritating, yes, but employ the vacuum and voila, lint gone. I hope that the examination of the man and his ridiculous policies will continue. If the Democrats want to go anywhere, this is there battle this year – Defeat Ryan based upon his own words. Mitt as well, but he’s not nearly as important in the future of the Tea Party scenario – he’s a Mormon Bishop after all – not a Xian, but useful at the moment.

HT@9: I think Ryan will continue to get some analysis by the political wonks crew and will be found lacking. Maddow and crew have already dug out where, while he badmouthed the stimulus program, he also wrote letters to the Dept. of Energy asking that a company in his district be given funds from said program, meanwhile all the time badmouthing the program. Hypocrite much?


Because we’ve had posts on these issues and so many comments on them, I’ve put up two links to the proposed medicare plan by Wyden/Ryan and to Ryan’s proposed budget. I didn’t want to add a new category (means I didn’t want to screw anything up!) so I put the two links in the Activism category on the right-hand side.

Note to Mad: If you want to remove them, I understand and if you want to move them to something else, please do so.

My attitude about this blog.

HT said: My attitude about this blog.

Bring more…Lots more!!! 🙂

Fredster, you should never ask me for more – ever. I’m in one of my insomniac periods.

One last link to drive you nuts – one of my favourite of all time interpretors of poetry in music – Charles Aznavour. Goodnight Fredster, pleasant dreams.

G’nite to you too HT. Enjoyed the selections.

Awesome post. I read this creeps “roadmap” when Uppity posted it a couple of days ago. It made me hate him all the more.

Socal: That’s why I wanted to put up the links to those things over here. Upps did that post about the plans so I didn’t want to just copy that. Figured putting them up here would be good enough and hopefully just point people to them.

Fredster, I posted a link on U’s to a gossip site that had a blind item that bark is going to replace Imbiben with Hillary. Upps doesn’t think anything of it. The WH press sec says its not true, but bark did apparently have a meeting with H & B today; not that he wouldn’t have any number of reasons to meet with them. Anyway, a lot of people in my neck of the woods are clamoring for this.

Socal: Yes, I saw the link over there. I would tend to think not on Hillary as veep because I think it would harm her chances in 2016. Of course that’s just my opinion.

Not too much has been said about this, but I was excited by this comment by Chelsea.

That’s a great photo of her also!

One thing I haven’t seen being discussed in the religion angle in all this. First of all Rev. Pat has been railing against Mormons for years for being a “cult”. Now, personally I don’t think Romney’s religion or lack thereof should really matter. I mean after all he’s not running for the head of the Church of the USA despite what many conservatives seem to believe. But if you’ve ever read anything from the Book of Mormon well, it’s just plain creepy and in reality a history of the Native Americans jazzed up as “religion”. Anyway, back to the main point. After all these years of telling people that Mormons were a “cult” these same people are expecting them to show up, people who think we’re a theocracy anyway” to vote for an infidel? And added to that, there’s a number of these same people who think Catholicism is a cult too, a cult left over from the middle ages that still exist today—I kid you not. So these evangelicals have a double whammy looking at them in the face. And to top it all off, Paul being a Rand advocate, did you know that Anton LaVey based the Church of Satan on Ayn Rand’s theory or “objectivism”. And what kind of stupid picks a running mate who actually lessens the appeal of the ticket instead of increases it?

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