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Posted on: August 14, 2012

Looks like they pulled out all the stops when putting together their convention speakers. Rick Scott, Jeb Bush, Condi Rice, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Susan Martinez, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum. Be still my beating heart!

So far, the only Fruit Loop who has yet to get an invite is Sarah Palin and that may change between now and then since, as the Queen of the Tea Party, they may feel the need to attract those “fans” in the battleground states where it could make a huge difference.

But let’s consider the Who’s Who of this blow out who can be counted on to lift our spirits and send us scrambling to the voting booth come November to put their words into action:

Rick Santorum: will speak on the corruption attached to contraception, gay marriage, and women’s healthcare. Rick will be there to remind us that it just those policies that have decreased the morale of this nation and has even managed at one time to insert his belief that abortion has helped to decrease the revenue for Social Security.

Mike Huckabee: feels much the same way as Rick so expect a mouthful of mush to be served in equating liberalism with Satanism as a jumping off point to get this baby going full blast. Oh, and he hates gays and Muslims!

Jeb and Condi: both serving as reminders to those glory days of yesteryear when we were forced to live through the stupidity known as the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld 8 year debacle that stands today as one of the worst times in our nation’s history. Though their names – like Valdemort – will never be mentioned, their presence will be hovering throughout.

Rand Paul: who better to explain that civil rights is merely a “theory” and not available to just anyone? Thanks to Daddy, he would never have been invited on his own steam but as a token of thanks to a man who never met a government program he could support.

Scott Walker: look for him to explain the need to eliminate unions and collective bargaining that have “crippled” the rich from even greater profits and calling for the overthrow of industry regulations that stand in the way of the “job creators”.

Susan Martinez: will speak on “behalf of women”. (I almost choked on this one.)

Paul Ryan: Preaching a sermon on “personal accountability” while shorting the sheets on Grannie’s bed. Nothing says “government” than the elimination of what it means.

Somewhere after these “bright lights” have had their turn, the nominee himself will take the stage and – as some have been reporting – finally “reveal his true self” (Clark Kent?) – to the waiting crowd. After 15 years and umpteen debates the time for the “real Mitt” to emerge will come sometime in late August 2012 if anyone cares enough to tune in. Just don’t expect him to “reveal” his tax returns.

There will be much Obama bashing to be sure.  A lot of “restore our freedoms”chanting and breast beating over who is the “real American” delivered under a deluge of balloons and a panoply of flags. I plan to raise my glass each time the word “god” is mentioned since this may be the only way to watch this travesty but through a haze.

Because missing from this spectacle will be any form of empathy or progress this nation will need to survive. Forcing a senior from a hospital bed, denying a woman her rights to medical access, withholding healthcare from a child, denying education assistance from a student, “exporting” gays from the system, turning our environment into a strip mall, risking our air, food and water supplies – these are just some of what is proposed in an agenda that supports the rich and punishes the poor.

If science and education is not your “thing” this is the crowd you. If what you prefer is to be “ruled” rather than “governed” than here is your chance to stand up and be counted. If “ignorance” makes you feel “superior” than you should feel right at home with is mob of “Know Nothings”.

They don’t need Sarah Palin to make them look any dumber than they already are: they have successfully shown they are quite capable of doing that on their own. Remember, this is the same crowd who applauded the death penalty and booed a gay serviceman.

I give you the “stars” of the Tea Party who emerged with the last “message” we sent in 2010. 

Feel better now?



The fact that they aren’t having a former POTUS from their party as a keynote speaker says volumes. Jeb and Condi are pallet cleansers on this christofascist menu.

They just added Chris Christie to the list of keynote speakers so if you were afraid of not getting a heap of “in your face” screaming, he’ll be there.

It’s beginning to sound more like a revival meeting than a political convention replete with Elmer Gantry.

They really do take stupidity, absurdity and idiocy to Olympic levels every 4 years. Oh who am I kidding! We never have to wait 4 years to evaluate their stupidity.

What a horrifying lineup. Makes me want to vote for Obama! Or buy a condo in Iraq. The real estate is no doubt more affordable.

Even better – the mayor of Tampa wanted toban handguns from the Convention Center area, along with the already banned bats, water pistols, slingshots, pea shooters and the like. The Governor denied the requestl. Go figure.

Oh, BTW, Chris Christie will deliver the keynote!

Have they restored the water and electricity to Iraq yet? I know it was taking forever for that to happen and you don’t hear much about that portion in the world lately but it is swarming with “consultants” busy rebuilding a nation that shoudn’t have had the problem in the first place.

How much is this excursion into nation building costing us? Enough at least to cover the healthcare insurance of every man, woman, and child in the US if my guess is correct.

The GOP Republican Convention: one step closer to “Idiocracy”.

@6 To date, the Iraq War, has cost us three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars, which is about One Hundred Billion more than Paul Ryan, in his “profile in courage” budget (or so they say), wanted to cut out of Medicare and use it for deficit reduction while at the same time giving another tax cut to the top 5% of wage earners, corporations, and increasing defense spending. In other words, cut Medicare in order to cover tax cuts and defense increases.

Here is another interesting fact to know and tell — Ryan, as the self-described budget oracle, allowed not one, but two wars to be fought “off the books” — meaning that the cost of the wars was never in any of Bush’s budgets, they were all supplemental appropriations. In addition, the drug benefit plan wasn’t paid for. And finally, in the first time in human history that I know of — we sauntered into two wars and gave everyone a tax cut — it was a historical first probably because it is batcrap crazy to even consider such a thing.

Ryan was there — played a large part in this Enron-style accounting debacle and now we are to listen to hogwash about how he and Romney can right the financial ship of state. Next thing we will hear is that Bernie Madoff is being granted clemency so that he can be Sec. of the Treasury.

Pat Tampa is less than 2 hours and 20 minutes from me…

Thank goodness DYB mentioned Chris “I hate education” Christie as the keynote speaker. We mustn’t leave him out of the Froot Loop Brigade!

prolix: I hope all of that comes out either in the veep debate or in some commercials or something.

Also not to be dismissed about Ryan: his views on choice and other womens’ issues:

I put up those links at Uppity’s place and myiq was quick to point out that a commenter at Smart’s place said something about yeah they’ve threatened womens’ choice for years and abortion is still legal. 🙄
To which I say yes at the federal level but the states are trying to tear it apart.

$750,000,000,000 up to now. Include the costs they’ve already committed to, like veterans’ benefits, and it will be on the order of three trillion. (Calculated by Stiglitz et al.)

As you’ve pointed out, luckily we have no problems so it’s not like we needed the money for anything else anyway.

Quixote – sorry you got thrown into Spammy. I have no clue what happened.

FWIW: Maddow did almost an entire show on Ryan and some of the stuff was interesting to say the least. Then on O’Donnell, he had a bit about how Ryan railed against the stimulus pkg but then wrote to the Energy Dept. asking for $$$s for a thing for his district as part of the stimulus pkg. !

Hmmm…did she cover how Obama put Ryan on the Catfood Commission?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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