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Posted on: August 13, 2012

I was playing around with some  stuff on the computer, or rather trying to add things to it and somehow I made a big ole mess!  😯

I’m on a borrowed computer right now to get this done and I think mine is trying to fix itself after a couple of restores and such.  I only hope I don’t loose a lot of docs and things.

However, I will have a post up later today come hell or high water.

Sowwy.   😦



Oh I understand.

Oh no! I hope it works out Fredster!

It has taken me at least 15 minutes to post this comment.

@2: Good to see you.

Stuff happens — we will all be here when the stuff unhappens so take your time.

Hey chat!

Female news correspondents to moderate some Presidential/Vice Presidential debates.,0,5837308.story

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