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Stop, Drop, Duck, and Cover…

Posted on: August 10, 2012

The launch codes have been entered and all we can do is stop, drop, duck, and cover.

It ‘s weird to watch teevee like this…

For the next ninety days we are going to be witness to MAD — mutually assured destruction between President Obama and Gov. Romney.  If you like dystopian science fiction — sit back, hydrate, and ration your Twizzlers and Raisinettes — this is going to be an ugly three months.

It seems as though when Geppetto created Gov. Romney — he used some type of uncommon wood with an extraordinarily large amount of bark.  In fact, bark seems to be the primary ingredient of Romney as Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry can all attest since they were the targets of this bark’s bite during the Clown College Reunion that doubled as the Republican Primary.

Then we have President Obama giving the launch codes to David Axelrod who is as discriminating about their use as a hungry “used car salesman moonlighting as a fry cook” (which by the way is exactly what Axelrod reminds me of).

The first two salvoes have been, let’s say, indelicate and uncharitable — nice southern descriptors of two ads that could peel paint at forty paces.  First, there was the Obama Super PAC ad by this year’s version of Joe the Plumber, Joe Soptic the Steelworker, who was a victim of a Bain “drive-by adventure in capital extraction and creative destruction.”  It would have been okay at that point, but Axelrod wanted to add some tactical nuclear tonnage by trying to tie the loss of his job, to the loss of insurance, to his wife’s cancer, to her going undiagnosed, to her eventual unfortunate death.  That’s more leaps than Rafalca faced in the Olympics especially since Romney had taken his leave from Bain at the time of most of these events.

Then there was retaliation by the Romney empire with the now infamous “welfare” ad.  This one upped the ante in my book — it is one tick away from reciting the thread count of the sheets at the nearest linen white sale.  It accuses a DHS waiver giving states more leeway in administering “workfare” as the ultimate plot in the President’s socialist agenda — taking the work out of workfare.  The ad seems to be the brainchild of Newt Gingrich who continues to have visions of welfare queens dancing in this head.  It is a textbook example of the politics of resentment — we are going to be seeing lots of it in the coming months.

What does all this bode for our future?  One thing for sure — we are in for a nuclear winter no matter who wins.  The polarization will be driven so deep we will have to have a natural gas driller engaged in fracking to even approach the depth of divide.

And don’t be surprised if you see some fragging on both sides of this fight — shooting from behind by one’s own

Did you say the ads were over?

soldiers.  We’ve already seen examples — Harry Reid, who has always thought Obama was too meek, weak, and accommodating, threw the “somebody told me” grenade of Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years.

Then Wednesday night, Ann Coulter unhinged her jaw and almost swallowed Sean Hannity (the dumbest man to have ever been paid to talk on teevee) — declaring it is a waste of time to work for Romney if he’s going to have morons working and speaking for him.

Then add to this combustible mix the “mad tri-corner hatters” of the Tea Party — which is the equivalent of hiring a chain smoking arsonist as a night watchmen at a fireworks factory.  With the likes of Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and Steve King — the Congressional Cloakrooms are going to be the new testing labs for air bags.  These folks will blow things up for the mere fun of watching it burn as long as they are in the teevee shot.

So my friends, stock up on Twizzlers and MREs — and remember, it is always darkest right before everything goes totally black since there’s going to be little hope for any positive change in the next ninety days.

This is an “all skate” open thread.


30 Responses to "Stop, Drop, Duck, and Cover…"

If dystopia were to have a dystopian nightmare, this might be it. Not much to look forward to, is it?

Mediocrity vs less than mediocrity, the choice is yours.

Even Flo the Progressive Lady would have a hard time “selling” these two as bargains.

We can’t discuss “jobs” because they are gone overseas and not about to return.

We can’t discuss Wall Street because that may offend the donor class.

We can’t discuss the environment because they would upset the “god” people.

We can’t discuss healthcare because that may distress the insurance industry.

We can’t discuss campaign finance reform because that may dry up our donor base.

We can’t discuss gun control because we might insult Wayne LaPiere.

More proof of the clear-cut differences between these two candidates:

“Justice Department drops Goldman financial crisis probe”

from the article:
“In January, President Barack Obama announced a new task force to investigate misconduct that fueled the financial crisis, and the Justice Department has said it has issued more than a dozen civil subpoenas and has multiple inquiries underway.
So far, no cases have come out of that effort, and some critics have dismissed the task force as an election-year stunt.”


Here’s a visual — two rabid chihuahuas gnawing at the ankles of Mt. Rushmore (if Mt. Rushmore had ankles).

Shutting down the computer now as we have just been issued another serious tornado warning for here in Western MA. Was just a little over a year ago that we got hit bad.

vtrucs@4: Do I detect a whiff of snark there? 😆

I can’t wait to see what Taibbi writes about this one.

Prolix you have to admit that a Romney spokesperson who says:

“well if she had lived in Massachusetts with Mitt Romney’s health care plan, she would’ve had health insurance.”
is pretty funny. When I saw that I like to have fallen out of the chair!! I’m sure that’s going to be played by Obama’s crew constantly, whether the Obama commercial was factually correct or not.


Oh, just a tad :>

Prolix, love that visual!

vtrucs@9: We know the Securities Exchange Commission (we can’t abbreviate that here in the south cuz folks will think we’re talking about football!) is spineless and can’t do squat so when Holder and D.o.J. did this, it’s all over as far as punishment goes. So Goldman Sachs and the rest of the crews will get off scot-free and with tons of taxpayer money! 👿

It seems as though when Geppetto created Gov. Romney — he used some type of uncommon wood with an extraordinarily large amount of bark.

Thank goodness G*d created Prolix with an extraordinary amount of snark!!! 😆

Amen Mad, amen!!


I laughed out loud at that and had to read it aloud to show I was not crazy!

That sentence had those within earshot laughing out loud too.

Oh, you guys, I couldn’t get out of MN this week! All the flights to NY were canceled. I had to stay overnight in a hotel with no clothes, beauty products or (the worst part of all) adapters!

I just got back about an hour ago. Apparently the East Coast flights are all subject to cancellation if there’s a gust of wind at LaGuardia.

I am hoping I can convince my PM to let me finish out the project at home. I just can’t go through that every week not knowing if or when I’m going to make my flight.

@14 – Vtrucs – me too! 😆

I marvel at the cleverness of “our” Prolix!

Prolix belongs to all of us now, Beata. I hope he doesn’t mind. 😉

Hey, MB, don’t be caught wandering around naked in Minny. We don’t want to have to take up a collection to bail you out of jail.

MB said: I just got back about an hour ago. Apparently the East Coast flights are all subject to cancellation if there’s a gust of wind at LaGuardia.

And don’t forget it just goes down the liine..L.G. Newark, Philly etc. Ah the joys of the hub and spoke system of airlines.

Beata: We are all a part of Madamab’s “stable” here. LOL!!

@19 – LOL! what a thought! As if a modest middle-aged woman like myself would dare!

I appreciate the offer of bail money, though. 😉

@20 – Fredster – do you read James Lee Burke? I’m reading his latest now. It’s all about the oil explosion in the Gulf in New Orleans.

a hungry “used car salesman moonlighting as a fry cook” (which by the way is exactly what Axelrod reminds me of).

This is the line that did me in.

MB: I have read Burke’s books, esp. the Dave Robichaux ones. My Dad loved them dearly and everytime there was a new one out I got it for him and then he passed it to me to read.

I had read about the new one and the tie-in to the oil spill. May have to pick that one up.

One year Burke did a signng at Garden District Bookshop in nola and I was able to get a personalized signed copy for dad. He just beamed when he opened it up and saw that. 🙂

@24 – That was my second favorite!!!

@25 – Now, those are a lot of words that shouldn’t be strung together…Newt, Kathie Lee, Style…

@26 – Fredster, Burke has truly surpassed himself with Creole Belle. Sometimes I wonder if I am reading prose or poetry. He makes NOLA the most magical, tragic, comic, terrible, beautiful place in the world.

MB: That’s a pretty good description of the place you used and probably sums it up totally.

Romney to pick Paul Ryan as veep. (Poor lil Bobby)

Can’t wait for offishul announcement.

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