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Today we have a guest post by our favorite Florida bear, Fuzzy.



Dear Mr Cathy:

I want you to know I dedicated 7 years of my life in the Navy and Naval Reserve so you would be able to exercise your First Amendment Rights. I did this so you would never have to fear government censure, arrest, trial, imprisonment, or capital punishment for any thing you have said regardless of how reprehensible it was or how much I disagree with your opinions.

If you will notice I said I will protect your or anyone’s right to speak from the above intrusions by government. My oath as a military officer was to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. It only compels me to protect your right of free speech against government intrusion.

I nor any American is compelled to protect your speech from the forum of public debate. In fact I have an obligation to ensure that everyone has a right to speak their mind and participate in public debate even if it is in regard to your chosen opinion or complete disagreement with your opinion.

Disagreement with your opinions is not a violation of your right to free speech. The fact that millions disagree with your opinions demonstrates the First Amendment is working as it was intended by our founding fathers (probably working too well in your opinion).

Because I have not seen any government body attempt to arrest, try, convict, imprison or hang you for your words, I can only conclude that your First Amendment Rights are not being violated nor are they being endangered from the protections guaranteed under the First Amendment.

If you should notice the national guard surrounding your home and attempt to forcibly remove you from your home and place you under indefinite detention for the awful and hateful things you have said I will be there to protect you. If the Police or Swat teams attempt to arrest you for the evil bile you say in support of hate groups I will give my life to prevent you from being arrested.

Until then please stop feigning persecution and whining about the fact so many Americans don’t share your values. It is unbecoming of an American to open his mouth and not accept the consequences his actions.

Please speak your beliefs. It is good that every American knows where you stand and can chose to patronize your stores or not. It is hypocritical to take money from those you hate. Now you don’t have to worry about that when you face your god.

M P Varvel LT, SC, USNR-R


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