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Posted on: August 6, 2012

First of all, let me apologize to Anita (“Ani”) for my delay in putting this post up.  But, I finally have Ani!

I’m not going to do this post so much as a book review per se, but more of a description of what’s in the book and basically what it’s about.

Anita is  a Hillary supporter and admirer of both Hillary and Bill.  She was as disheartened and disgusted as we all were by the outcome of the 2008 election.  However, Anita decided to do something about it afterward.  She tears apart the 2008 election and provides an excellent analysis of what went on “behind the scenes” and at times, right in front of us…on national television yet.

Anita got an early introduction to the patriarchy and male attitudes toward women courtesy of her father.  He was, it seems, a petty tyrant who ruled over the household, but wasn’t the breadwinner.  That duty fell to her mother who at times worked 60 hours a week to support her husband, Ani and Ani’s step-sister.  Meanwhile, her father berated the woman who put the food on the table.

Anita covers every aspect of the election from the caucuses, to the debates between Obama and Clinton, to the DNC debacle and to the convention.  She writes about working in call centers, writing to her elected representatives over injustices done (and getting no responses).  Some of her best comments and statements are reserved for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  The final chapter of the book is titled “The Media Confessional and Other Ruminations” and really gave me pause when reading it and thinking back to the election.  It did nothing to change my jaundiced view of the MSM but rather confirmed a lot things.

I think my favorite chapters were Chapter 8: “Women Who Ran from Hillary” and 14: “Is Maureen Dowd Necessary?”

Altogether, it is an excellent book on the 2008 election in general and what the media and politicians and her own party did to Hillary Clinton and her candidacy.

You can get the book here and for our ebook readers there is a Kindle version available too.

Some background information on Anita:

As an actor and native New Yorker living in Los Angeles, Anita Finlay has worked primarily in television for over twenty years, on such network series as “Castle,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “24,” “Hannah Montana,” “Boston Legal,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Vanished,” and “Judging Amy.” She spent seven years on “The Young and the Restless” as Dr. Nora Thompson and starred in a number of feature films and made-for-television movies including “Alternate Endings,” “The Last Place on Earth,” “Two Voices,” “Prison of Secrets, ”and “Visions of Murder.” She will soon guest star on “Perception” for TNT. Anita has done scores of commercial campaigns and worked in the theatre as a solo artist, writing and performing “The Devil Takes a Wife” to acclaim in Los Angeles theaters. She has also performed in regional theatres throughout the United States and had long running spokesperson contracts for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Moved to action by the biased coverage of the historic 2008 primaries, she became a staff writer for NoQuarter, a website recognized for its excellent political coverage. Her work has been featured on Real Clear Politics, MemeOrandum and several other widely read political blogs. She is currently on the writing staff of The New Agenda, a bi-partisan organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls.

Her website is here.

Just tweeted with Ani and she provided me with some additional info.  You can see it here

Amazon ranking of the book Dirty Words on Clean Skin by Anita Finlay

Ranked #2 in Best Sellers in Women in Politics Books!!  Way to go Ani!! Congrats!!


25 Responses to "GO READ THIS BOOK"

Looks fantastic.

Thanks for the recommendation, Fredster. I just bought the Kindle edition and I’ll read it when I’ve finished the book I’m currently reading. I have to admit that I get a little nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about reliving 2008. Probably a touch of PTSD after everything that happened. 😦

Thanks for the tip Fredster. It will be good perspective.

I’ll definitely get this for my Kindle as well. Although…do I want to relive 2008? Hmm…

OT, but this is funny.

@janicen and DYB: I know what you’re saying, however, Anita goes into more than just the election although that’s the main theme. She also discusses women in politics and the effects of the patriarchy on them. Also, maybe it’s a good time to read this book. Sorta as a reminder of what Obama and the DNC pulled on us the last time. I saw James Roosevelt on the tube the other night and I swear my b.p. started rising just looking at the jerk.

Prolix: Don’t know if this one will find its way to the libraries or not but I did see that kindle version available if you have a kindle.
I have the app for it with the new phone, but I think it would be difficult to read on an adroid cell phone! LOL!

DYB@4: Almost fell out of the chair watching that one!

@4: LOLOLOL!!!!!

Wasn’t that funny as all get out?

@8> I guess the big question is: will the evangelicals vote for Romney? They stayed home in 2008. Will their hatred of Obama get them to vote for a man who is a) Mormon and b) too liberal for them (!)? And how motivated will the base be? I think turnout on election day will be crucial. What seemed like an impossibility once (Romney getting elected) doesn’t seem like an impossibility anymore.

@11 – I always thought Romney had the best chance against Obama, but until recently I pretty much thought he had no shot. Romney is just horrible.

However, what is truly hurting Obama is the economy. He hasn’t done anything in four years, and since he has proven he can’t get Congress to agree on anything, there’s no indication he’ll do anything if given four more. Romney is trying to pretend he has some “top secret plan” to save the middle class, and I think the sound bites are having some effect. Never mind that it’s just more Austerity, which both Parties seem to think is the answer to all our problems!

As haughty and out of touch as he is, Obama can’t even pretend to care about the middle class or the poor – he’s been screwing us over ever since he took the Presidency.

Great post, Fredster. I will definitely be buying Anita’s book…especially since I know now she was on the Young and The Restless! (I have high standards, ya know.)

MB and all: She’s on TNT on Percepition right now (she is an actress too!)

me@14: Finally got it right! Grrrr

DYB: Romney just seems to stumble with every action he takes and Obama is ahead in a couple of key states. I don’t know how legit the poll was regarding sample size demographics, who was sampled etc. Personally, unless something *huge* happens, I think a lot of people will be waiting until the last month or two weeks to make up their minds.

Fredster> What’s scary to me is that Romney has stumbled a lot – and yet remains in the running! Even my right-winger Republican friend – who refused to vote for McCain because he was too liberal (until he picked La Palin as his Veep) – is excited to vote for Romney to throw Obama out. And that’s scary!

DYB: I think that might be the ultimate reason for Romney’s support: ABO-Anyone But Obama.

Rats! I missed Anita on Perception…but I like the show. I’ve seen it once and Eric McCormack is very good in it. (I wish the FBI agent didn’t look like she was 14, though. Not credible.)

Yes, I think the “ABO” factor is very strong this year, especially because of the economy. Because of Bill Clinton recently, and Democrats like FDR in the past, people generally think that Democrats are strong on the economy. Dubya reinforced that perception by turning Clinton’s surplus into a deficit and destroying the job market. Then, Obama whiffed with the unpopular, too-small “stimulus package” that was created by Dubya. He sent trillions to the banks and did nothing to create jobs.

Romney is at least sending some message. I don’t know what Obama’s is. His campaign slogan is boring, and his only economic plans seem to center on tax cuts and Austerity. People have heard this all for the past four years and they’re really sick of it.

Romney is at least sending some message
Agree. I don’t agree with his message, but he’s sending one.

The last chapter in Anita’s book is on the media and how sooo many who were up O’s behind in the election started afterwards with their characterizations of him as a wimp, easily rolled over and the rest. Where o where was it before the election? He truly has no energy or anything this time and the theme seems to be “elect me, the other guy is worse”. 🙄

I hope it goes without saying that I don’t agree with his message either!

We called it a long time ago: Obama is going with the 2% less evil strategy. My stepmother, who is working for the Obama campaign again, sent me a link on youtube that basically says, “You would vote for these guys again? Really?”

MB@21: Oh I know you don’t agree. I think it’s a given with all of us here.


Stopping my to say thank you so much for the nice write up of my book and for your kind support. Dirty Words is ultimately a very empowering journey and despite the painful subject matter, it was a privilege to write. It is the road THIS woman took to find a voice!

Sending all best wishes to you!!

Ani, thanks for coming by! I was pleased to finally be able to do the write up. I haven’t done that type of post before and it was difficult in that I didn’t want it to sound like a “book report” so I found that the best way for me was to write up a description and then the chapters I found *very* interesting for various reasons.

Although as janicen said, it might give us PTSD recalling the horror and disgust of that election, I found it also reinforced some decisions I had made as a Dem or former Democrat. Let me put it this way: I’m still a Democrat but don’t know how much the party is the Dem. party anymore.

I hear you, Fredster and I deeply thank you for giving my work a shout out!! 🙂

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