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Cappy Dick, Brazil Nuts, Paul Ryan, and Dancing Horses…

Posted on: August 3, 2012

Morning Widdershins — hoping TGIF stands for your “thoroughly great incredibly fun” day.

Growing up I always looked forward to the Sunday paper because of Cappy Dick — it was in the comics section and was a page devoted to young’uns.  It was discontinued in the 1980s and of course today it couldn’t exist because there would be all types of interests groups declaring it a sinister plot revolving around an uncircumcised porn star.  In any event, one of my favorite parts of Cappy Dick was “Fun Facts to Know and Tell,” and so today, as an homage to ole Cappy, here are some fun facts to know and tell.

Did you know that there is a phenomena in the packaging of mixed nuts called the Brazil Nut Effect?  When you package a can of mixed nuts, due to granular convection, the biggest nuts actually rise to the top because of the agitation of packaging and shipping.  In other words, the biggest nuts always find their way to the top.

The Brazil Nut Effect answers so many questions — like why did Ted Cruz win the Senate primary in the Lone Star Can-o-Nuts State?  Answer:  The biggest nut always rises to the top.  Why are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity on the public airwaves — the biggest nuts rise to the top.  You get the picture — the Brazil Nut Effect is the “go to” answer for so many of life’s little questions.

Did you know that Paul Ryan, the Justin Bieber of pie-eyed conservatives, has never worked in the private sector? This is except for a few months when he returned to Janesville, Wisconsin to work in the family business in order to burnish his resume before being handed the keys to a House office by the prior occupant who was running for the Senate.  Yes, the man who decries government spending,

I’m driving the GOP agenda…

who preaches that we should put the country on an austerity trajectory that has half the EU teetering, who says that the private sector is the answer to all that ails us — that same guy, has never worked a day in the private sector.

From Janesville, in his six bedroom, eight bathroom, historic register home, he says that he needs to “tweak” the new conservative message so that it is more palatable to voters.  I don’t envy his “tweaking job” since it’s a tall order to convince a single mother who makes $22,000 a year that she needs to pay more in taxes so that the rich can have another tax break.  (This is an excellent article and I highly recommend it.)

Did you know that 93% of economists believe that the stimulus plan worked?  What can you say in the face of that?  I might start with what Krugman said all along, “It needed to be twice the size.”  Or I might say, “Given that the government can now borrow money at near zero interest — why aren’t we rebuilding roads, bridges, and wiring up communities with technology thereby putting people back to work?”  Or I might say, “In the age-old dichotomy of supply and demand — if there is no demand, you can bet there will be no supply since it is nigh impossible to demand anything from an unemployment line.”

Did you know that under Romney’s tax plan, low and middle-income earners will pay more while the richest would pay less?  This one is pretty simple, middle-and lower-income households — the 95 percent of the population earning less than about $200,000 would have higher taxes in order for the top 5 percent to further lower their tax burden.   Without contravening the veracity of the Center for Tax Policy study, the Romney campaign says that it was a partisan study — which is the equivalent of saying, “They may be telling the truth, but I don’t like their bumper stickers.” 

When they said, “Arabesque position,” I thought they were talking about the cute stallion…

Did you know that this is the first time in history that the nomination of a Vice President is being coordinated with the schedule of a dancing horse?  Everyone had been expecting Gov. Romney to announce his Vice Presidential running mate upon his return from his Olympic exhibition of “foot in mouth” contortions, but since Ann Romney’s dancing horse is still competing, no announcement is forthcoming.  As long as Rafalca is a’dancin’ there won’t be any announcin’ — I’m sure you join me in hoping Rafalca brings home the gold since we can always wait for a vice presidential announcement that will be the equivalent of, “we only have vanilla.”

With that, this is an “all skate” open thread.


12 Responses to "Cappy Dick, Brazil Nuts, Paul Ryan, and Dancing Horses…"

Prolix: What a terriffic concept for a morning post!

The Q and A, especially the Paul Ryan segment, is a great way to start the day with a giggle rather than my usual groan.

Romney, who it appears has been able to get away without paying his fair share of taxes on money he “earned” from playing Bingo wants to raise the rates on the rest of us which would be hilarious if it the outcome plays out.

Ann Romney may be the owner of Rafalca but Mitt is the horse’s ass!

Pat, if Rafalca was a biped instead of quadrupedal, it would be a beneficiary of the Romney tax plan since it costs about $267,000 a year to keep it in the style to which it has become accustomed.

There’s quite a bit of speculation about the Romney offshore accounts — one that is interesting is that the Cayman Islands are a haven for oil speculators. Now there is not a thing in the world wrong about doing such things legally, but it might be a little untoward to criticize gas prices when one is the beneficiary of rising prices…just sayin’…

I still say the tax blowup has something to do with the damned horse.

In honor of the horse doing so well I baked it a cake.

Prolix, Paul Ryan’s resume’ sounds quite a bit like lil Bobby Jindal’s.

Fresh out of Brown and Oxford he went to work for some consulting firm, and then went into govt in Louisiana courtesy of then guv Mike Foster. Then Dubya appointed him to some job in HHS, he ran for guv and flopped so then he ran for the House and won and in the 2nd term ran for guv and won that. Since then he’s been reelected and has been ever busy tearing apart what’s left of the social services of La.

I looked into getting involved in dressage but even scrimping, this was all I could afford for a “horse”.

Fredster, you know what they say, “The clothes make the man,” but in your horse’s/mule’s case, you’d have to say, “the rest of the horse would make the horse.”

Was it something I said, have I single-handedly run everyone off?

I was trying to be light and easy for a Friday post and it seems as though I said nothing of interest, everyone yawned, and hit the snooze button.

And another thing, in the great synchronicity of the universe, it seems as if Paul Ryan actually posed for the picture in the little car, it was only taken on Tuesday of this week — almost as if he was doing me a favor by providing the pic for this post.

prolix@6: Nope, nothing you said or didn’t say. I know Chat has been sick with respiratory problems and she has medical problems with that to begin with.

We know mb is working somewhere *out there*, last place mentioned was Columbus OH. Perhaps while there she auditioned for the Ohio State marching band and she’ll be the one to “dot the i” when the band spells out Ohio. 😆

DYB is MIA again. But his schedule is so strange when he’s working.

Mr. Varvel…hmmmm, where is you Mike aka Fuzzy?

HT ???

and for what it’s worth, I think we all wonder that when we do a post and no one shows up…at first. Folks will be around.

Sorry Fuzzy is stressed…. Oh and Fredster I think you have mail….

Fuzzy@9: Will check it out now. My internet has been running sooooo slowly this evening, I gave up on it. Fix a cup of camomile tea and try to relax. If that doesn’t do it, then have a good shot or two of something potent.

Fuzzy: Got it and we’ll get it set up.

Great post. Love the bit about the brazil nut effect.

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