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Okay, I admit it: I am a sucker for pop culture.

If nothing more, it is a welcome diversion at times to the real events that effect our lives to the point of frustration.  What better way to work out the angst than to “weigh in” on unimportant topics about people we don’t know?

The tabloids have been outdoing themselves over the recent break up of two Hollywood stars I can’t claim to know.  Two actors who apparently met during the making of a series of vampire movies, fell in love, moved in together and whose “love story” the fans went crazy for.  But the female half of this team was caught having an affair, or a flirtation, or something, with her married director and some of their escapades were caught on film.  This break up has caused the fans to chime in and magazine sales to erupt with promises of the “inside story” about all concerned.

The Jackson Family, who it seems cannot go more than a few months without an outbreak of family drama, are accusing one another of kidnapping, child neglect, and manipulation. The basis being money, money, money!  Who gets to control the money appears to be the genesis of charges being thrown back and forth along with custodial hearings to determine the future of Michael Jackson’s 3 kids.  This one is just heating up as these kids reach the age of emancipation and come into millions of dollars that will more than likely be depleted within a matter of time.

The weekly tabloid speculation grinds on over whether or not Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is or is not pregnant.  This item is a weekly question and will not be put to rest until she agrees to “do the right thing” by announcing that the next future king/queen is expected.  Until then all focus is on her tummy trying to determine if the mound of flesh around her hips signals “baby bump”.

The Kardashian’s never fail to “impress” as Kim wings her way around the world with rumors that she may soon become “engaged” to her latest beau, Kanye West.  Of course the problem here is that Kim is not quite divorced from her last husband from a sham marriage that lasted all of 72 days.  Meanwhile,sister Kourtney has just given birth to her second child with a man she refuses to marry.  The latest Kardashian “indignity” has Kourtney at odds with her “pimp manager” mother, Kris Jenner, over her attempts to persuade Kourtney to sell photos of the newest Kardashian, Penelope.  These people never quit!

Bristol Palin’s reality show is an apparent “bomb”.  But fear not.  Though no one appears to be watching the latest Palin endeavor, Bristol will be reappearing on the next “Dancing With the Stars” where one wit described the efforts of her professional partner to lead her across the dance floor as “watching a tractor pull”.  Bristol, who seems to have about as much personality as a blank wall, is determined to achieve “fame” in one way or another as a “reality star”.  Good luck with that.

And are there two any more “fascinating” to watch than the Olsen Twins?  Gaunt, vacant, and insipid, these two appear to live in a world of their own spending their billions (yes, billions) and featured as “fashion icons” in clothes not seen since worn by Little Edie in “Gray Gardens”.   Amazing.

I will admit that there are times when I have idea who these newest celebrities are.  Thumbing through magazines I am often struck by how little recognition I have about some of the faces who keep popping up on the red carpet at one event or another.  From the celebrity coverage of Paris Hilton it seems that one need not even worry about the fact that talent is no longer a necessity – or possessing a personality for that matter – to achieve success.  Some of these people’s names and faces draw blanks but this does not prohibit my “fascination” with pop culture that means nothing but has found a place in our public consciousness nevertheless.   I wear my “shallowness” like a badge.

“Pop culture”, bad as it is, offers a release from the turmoil of politics and who doesn’t appreciate the latest Lindsay Lohan “fender bender” as she makes her way home from another night out in Hollywood?

I promise to alert you all to Kate Middleton’s pregnancy as soon as it happens. What’s a friend for anyway?

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